The primary contact - Katarina Gevorgyan,
The secondary contact - Kristina Hakobyan,

ISOC Armenia is a non-for-profit NGO of Internet users of Armenia. As a Local Internet Community ISOC AM members of National Academy of Sciences, major ISPs, university and library networks, academic, research and school networks, individual Internet users as well as the government representative in their personal capacity.

Among the objectives of the organization is to assist to the development of Internet in Armenia. The Internet Society is to serve the Armenian Internet community and provide leadership in addressing key issues about the roles and uses of Internet.

The mission of ISOC AM is to lead and support the Armenian Internet community in making best use of the Internet contributing to Armenia’s socio-economic development and growth. ISOC AM is to provide support and information on all Internet related-issues in Armenia, to enable individuals, businesses, professionals, and organizations achieve their goals more effectively. The mission of ISOC AM also includes the management of the Armenian Internet, organization of the national Internet community, management of the Armenia Network Information Center (AMNIC), helping the development and operation of the Armenian Registry, development of  domain naming policy in Armenian domain, provision of  travel grants to members for participation in the international Internet-related conferences and workshops, organization of trainings in Internet and networking,  fundraising for the solution of urgent problems in Armenian domain, promotion of qualification and professional knowledge of organization’s members.

ISOC Armenia is a ccTLD manager of .am Top Level Domain and .հայ IDN Top Level Domain. As a ccTLD Manager for Armenia, the NGO formalized relationships with ICANN by signing accountability framework and exchange of letters documents.

ISOC AM is a member of the ccNSO of ICANN, a member of Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR), a founding member of the Armenian Internet Exchange. It is also an Associate member of Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD).


ISOC Armenia plays an important role to bringing together representatives of many organizations forming Armenian Internet community. It often steps out as a catalyst of ideas and initiatives aimed to the development of Internet in Armenia. ISOC Armenia’s members represent research and education institutions, universities, NGOs, Internet service providers, libraries, government, constitutional court, businesses come together in the society to form a joint opinion on the management and development of Armenian Internet. Because of its nature it is easy for ISOC Armenia to help provinces to develop community Internet centers.

With grants from international organizations, ISOC Armenia has trained about 700 network administrators for Armenian schools, personnel for community Internet centers in the regions of Armenia, organized e-riders’ activity for regions of Armenia helping to maintain equipment and introduce IT to the regional NGOs.

ISOC AM is a co-founder of the Armenian Internet Exchange (ArmIX) and helped the establishment and management of the center.

AMNIC functioning within ISOC AM provides secure DNS services. The Interface for customers to submit IPv6 was introduced in early 2010 and the Interface for customers to submit DNS records was introduced in summer 2011. National domain disaster recovery measures include backup DNS server installation and two independent Internet communication links.

ISOC Armenia is the Secretariat for the Multistakeholder Internet Governance Council of Armenia (IGC) and a co-organizer of the annual national Internet Governance Forum - ArmIGF, launched in 2015. It also runs an annual School of Internet Governance - ArmSIG, launched in 2017.

ISOC Armenia became a certified At-Large Structure within ICANN on February 23, 2012.

Members benefits

ISOC Armenia members are informed about the ISOC activity through mailing list and regular meetings. Some of them take part in national, regional and global IGFs, and bring their experiences for serving the community. ISOC AM provides  travel grants to its members for participation in the international Internet-related conferences and workshops, organizes Internet-related webinars and workshops as well as provide networking opportunities promoting of qualification and professional knowledge. ISOC Armenia members participate in making decisions on national domain regulation policy and the management of the national Internet domain.

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