Primary Contact:

Phyo Thiri Lwin

Secondary Contact:

Jenna Fung

Organisation Name: NetMission.Asia
Address: 12/F Daily House 35-37 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


NetMission.Asia is a network of dedicated young volunteering ambassadors devoted towards promoting and contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance as well as a respectable and harmonious Internet environment. The mission of the ambassadors is to engage and empower more youth on the Internet governance discussion. The program recruits a group of students from top local tertiary institutes and universities in Hong Kong every year. They were trained on various Internet governance issues. Supported by DotAsia Organization, the ambassadors will be subsidized to attend International conferences such as ICANN meetings, IGF, and APRICOT, etc.  

The NetMission Ambassadors Program has already received encouraging feedback from the community. The program was awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009 at Best Digital Inclusion Award (Service). With such encouragement, NetMission hopes to branch out its program to involve other regions in Asia as well.

There are many community projects are initiated and driven by the ambassadors to contribute to digital inclusion works. The flagship program of NetMission is Youth IGF featuring a role-play model which is held annually in parallel with the Asia Pacific Regional IGF around the region and the ambassadors will moderate the discussions of other local university participants as a peer facilitator. In addition to the Youth IGF initiative, NetMission has also spearheaded the idea of a model ICANN meeting for youth participants to experience the ICANN discussions and relevant topics. Partnered with ICANN APAC Hub, the first pilot program of NextGen@ICANN was held in ICANN Singapore meeting in 2014 which now has become a permanent feature of youth engagement under the ICANN regional outreach strategy. In 2016, NetMission also supported the initiation of APIGA (Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy) and moderated the model ICANN sessions. Toolkits have now been developed by the NetMission team to allow other organizations to replicate the models and engage their youth locally. The toolkit can be found at:


Ongoing Activities: 

  • ICANN Policies workshop at NetMission Academy (Active since 2009)
  • Annual Asia Pacific Youth IGF (Active since 2010)
  • Model ICANN meetings at APIGA on a yearly basis. (Active since 2016)
  • NetMission APRALO Study Group (Established in January 2024)

For more other activities and projects of NetMission, please check out: [].

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