ISOC-Yemen is a chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) based in Sana'a, Yemen. Locally, it is a registered not-for-profit organization aiming at achieving the goals of ISOC within the Republic of Yemen and contributing towards achieving ISOC's goals in the region and the world.

ISOC-Yemen was founded and officially registered with ISOC in August 2013. It was a result of hard work by a group of Yemeni Internet experts and information technologists eager to help Yemen enhance its Internet services and usage.


ISOC-Yemen has implemented multiple activities and projects like Introductory Forum of Internet Governance, e-commerce project, YouthMobile project, Internet in my School project. In addition, it held awareness and training workshops on digital security, information security, web development, and has also participated as an InterCommunity hub. 

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Chair: Sharaf Azzain, 777 707 272

ALS Contact: Abdulrahman Abotaleb,, +967 777 247 184

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