National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association (NIIEP)

Ku Wei Wu


(104) 7th Floor, Taipei 317, Sung Chiang Road


Become one of the world economy, the occasion of the world into a global village, the advanced countries to enhance their international competitiveness, have been strongly promoting the National Information Jibenjianshe (National Information Infrastructure), to create industrial development and social progress of the overall environment. NII Industry Association in a service industry, promoting the National Information Jibenjianshe serve as a bridge between the Government and civil society's mission, many industry leaders and community leaders to obtain support and assistance, was established in 1996. NII Industry Association covers the current forward-looking ideas and solid upstream as, without prejudice to the basic principles of free trade the world to seek government funding to support upstream research and extension, and then required to provide the industry's major interface in ICT, including long-term attention to the global ICT trends, the latest developments in the global information collected for domestic use in industry, government and academic communities. Telecom liberalization has been successfully assisting the establishment of the Taiwan International Electronic Commerce Center, the completion of small and medium organizations, information and communication security, maintenance, information technology applied to disaster prevention and response, XML standards for specific applications, water resources, distance learning, e-commerce, telecommunications, solid network, information content and 3C integration project.

First, urged the Government to continue to press the National Information and Communication Jibenjianshe (NII) the promotion of community-driven model, to vigorously promote that extended to all industries and accelerate the pace with the advanced countries.

Second, to help promote the welfare of the people with the promotion, and a high degree of business opportunities Gonggonganquan applications and services projects, particularly those closely linked with the public Richangshenghuo, special focus on software development.

Third, the government and the private sector act as a bridge between the role of three methods adopted in the telecommunications, to assist the Government, the Government commitment to fruition, successfully reached the goal of public expectations.

Fourth, to urge the Government to create enabling environment for industrial development, such as assistance financing, tax incentives, nurturing talent, and set out standards and amendments to related laws and so on.


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