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Diversity in ICANN Leadership Bodies (Part 2)

EURALO - Diversity Pt 2 ABR


See ABR Request


Diversity in ICANN Leadership bodies (Part I) was supported as an ABR in FY22. It is a follow-up.

As we are late in Part I, a part II will be very useful.

The description in the document link above is still accurate.

The diversity includes a broad range of data. To enhance diversity, we need to be able to collect those data.

It will be useful to gather the data both from an historical point of view and from a current and future situation.

All the ICANN leadership bodies can be concerned but the first one to be discuss (as a large part the data are already collected and in the last mile to be analyzed) can/must be the Board of ICANN.

 But we will take this opportunity to update it and split in 2 parts.

 Part I

 Finalize the collection of the data of all the members, since the creation of ICANN, of the ICANN Board.

Analyze the data collected.

 Part II

The other ICANN leadership bodies will be studied.

Gathering the data in setting up a survey open to all leaders.

Analyze the data collected by SO/AC.

In addition, if the data allows, it will be interesting to do a deep dive to all the people who take leadership position in more than one body.

It will be link with the work that SO/AC will have to undertake regarding continuous improvement proposed by ATRT3 (and supported by ICANN Board)

 During both part workshop can be organized.

Workshops’ themes:

- What is Diversity (based on the WS2 ccwg-ICANN accountability document)?

- What are the data that need to be collected?

- Evolution of diversity in various ICANN leadership groups

- How to enhance diversity in ICANN leadership groups?

- Role of the NomCom to enhance diversity?




Online Workshops for a small task force

EURALO/At Large/ other SO/AC joint Cross community face-to-face workshop at one ICANN meeting (when they resume).

But the output of this work can be also used for national, regional and global meetings and/or activities such as IGF.


ICANN Accountability (WS2 on diversity), Internet Governance, multistakeholder


  • Research



The whole ICANN and other that are interested on ICANN diversity.


  1. Diversity data
  2. Analyze of the data
  3. Better understanding of the diversity within ICANN
  4. Proposed way to enhance diversity in ICANN leadership bodies



We have started to gathered data, start to analyze them and discuss some possible way of enhancing ICANN diversity.


A picture of the diversity (history) in (one or more) ICANN body

Some way forward to enhance diversity of ICANN body/bodies


Collection of data can be continue each (one, two or three) year to update the study.

This is a recommendation for support on the condition that both the findings from the FY22 study are published and the related virtual workshop takes place by 30 June 2022.

If these conditions are not met, then the estimated support will not be allocated for FY23.

ICANN org agrees with EURALO that enhancing diversity in ICANN community leadership bodies would benefit from additional data. ICANN org encourages EURALO
to work with the Policy Development Support function and Public Responsibility Support team to evaluate and analyze the data collected in the FY22 study about diversity in the context of the Work Stream 2 recommendations of the Cross-Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability.

The approved request must incorporate a virtual
workshop series open to the broader ICANN community. Findings from the study must be published. EURALO is required to submit an initial report by 31 December 2022 and a final report by 30 June 2023 to

Estimated support: $14,000

Responsible Staff:

Heidi Ullrich and Ergys Ramaj

At-Large Lead: 

Sebastien Bachollet


2023-05-16 EURALO Round table 2 by EURALO

The 2023 Roundtable 2 (by EURALO) on ICANN: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is scheduled on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 17:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

This panel will discuss opportunities and challenges ICANN faces in establishing a truly diverse workforce and community of stakeholders. We will discuss ICANN's diversity policies, leadership and multistakeholder diversity, and community perception

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