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To facilitate the development of the At-Large Review Recommendations Feasibility Assessment & Implementation Plan, which is expected to be submitted to the ICANN Board in late August, a wiki workspace and a Google document have been developed, using the template provided by the Multistakeholder Strategy and Strategic Initiatives (MSSI) Staff.

Please note that the template table for each recommendation on both the Wiki and the Google Doc has been filled out partially. The content on the Wiki and the Google Doc is identical – it is largely based on relevant content in the ALAC Statement on the At-Large Review Draft Report. Relevant content has been copied directly from the Statement, adjusted due to the change from a rebuttal aimed at the ITEMS Team to advice to the Board, and then included in the corresponding areas within the table.

The ALAC Statement received a lot of input from across the At-Large Community, so it serves as a great starting point to fill in the template table. However, the current content in the template table is not what the ALAC and the Working Party would say in the final submission.

There is important work for the ALAC and WP members to further refine the content and provide input, and eventually develop the feasibility assessment and implementation plan for the Board review. In particular, the “Proposed Implementation Steps” and priority sections in the template are largely blank and need input from all.

Lastly, during the process of developing the Board submission, the ALAC and the WP will be reviewing the RALO Statement on the At-Large Review Draft Report. Relevant content in the RALO Statement should also be incorporated. 

How to Comment

To provide your input, you have two options based on your personally preference: 

  1. Use the “comment” function at the bottom of the wiki page for each recommendation
    • Important: Please make sure to log into the wiki in order to use the comment function. If you have difficulty accessing your wiki account, please contact
  2. Comment directly via the Google Document 
    • Important: All members on this mailing list have been given commenting rights to the Google Doc, and you should have received an email from Ariel Liang, inviting you to comment. If you have difficulty accessing, please contact
    • Important: If you have a google account, please log in. If you do not, please indicate your name before your comment for identification purposes.


(tick) 10 July - 16 July: Completion of Templates for Input

(tick) 17 July - 18 August: RALOs to provide input and discuss the Feasibility Assessment & Implementation Plan during their meetings

  • 31 July - 06 August: WP call focussing on priorities (and resources)
  • 06 August: Deadline for the first round of input solicitation
  • 07-10 August: Small Drafting Team have a final run-through of comments
  • End of the week of 07 August: Final draft document to be distributed to the WP
  • 15 August: RALO Leadership teleconference to review the final draft document; RALO leaders and regional working groups to provide remaining input

(tick)18 - 21 August: Finalize the Feasibility Assessment and Implementation Plan  

(tick) 22 August at 14:00 UTC: ALAC Monthly Teleconference ratified the document

(tick) 28 August - 3 September: Submission to Board by the end of the week

(tick) 22 September: Presentation by ALAC of the Feasibility Assessment & Implementation Plan during the Board Meeting

Final Report: Review of the At-Large Community


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