Independent Examiner’s Final Recommendation

Using the same qualification system as for policy rapporteurs, ALAC should select 5 rapporteurs to contribute to ICANN’s plans for a demand driven multi sectoral approach to outreach, and learn from the work of the ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement group. Rapporteurs would serve for one year (3 meetings) to encourage turnover and more genuine grass roots input (Recommendation # 15).

Issue Identified

Does ALAC Support Recommendation?

Reject with qualification. This is an exact duplicate of Recommendation 15

If Not, Please Provide Reasoning.

See Recommendation 15.

If ALAC Does Not Support Recommendation, Does It Suggest an Alternative Recommendation?

If so, please provide a suggested alternative Recommendation.


At-Large Comments

Possible Dependencies

Who Will Implement?

Resource Requirements

Budget Effects impact?

Implementation Timeline

Proposed Implementation Steps

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    Status: Duplicate of Recommendation 15.