This section is reserved for the following At-Large RALOs: AFRALO, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, & NARALO

At-Large RALO Status Report

Trip ProposalApp DateTravelersEvent NameRegionReturn DateAssessment DueComplete Date
AFRALO Trip Proposal 110-Mar-20141Africa Internet Summit'2014Africa08-Jun-201429-Jun-201405-Jul-2014
AFRALO Trip Proposal 203-May-201411st National IFG of GabonAfrica21-May-201411-Jun-2014

AFRALO Trip Proposal 3


AFRALO Trip Proposal 4


AFRALO Trip Proposal 5


APRALO Trip Proposal 115-Apr-20142QITCOM 2014Middle East30-May-201420-Jun-2014

APRALO Trip Proposal 2


APRALO Trip Proposal 3


APRALO Trip Proposal 4


APRALO Trip Proposal 5


EURALO Trip Proposal 104-Apr-20145EuroDIG-European Dialogue on Internet GovernanceEurope14-Jun-201405-Jul-201422-Jul-2014
EURALO Trip Proposal 2


EURALO Trip Proposal 3


EURALO Trip Proposal 4


EURALO Trip Proposal 5


LACRALO Trip Proposal 109-May-20142The role of users on Internet GovernanceLatin America and Caribbean08-Jun-201429-Jun-201410-Jul-2014
LACRALO Trip Proposal 209-May-20142The role of users on Internet GovernanceLatin America and Caribbean08-Jun-201429-Jun-201411-Jul-2014
LACRALO Trip Proposal 3


LACRALO Trip Proposal 412-May-20141ICT Summit Paramaribo 2014Latin America and Caribbean08-Jun-201429-Jun-201403-Aug-2014
LACRALO Trip Proposal 5


NARALO Trip Proposal 129-Jan-20141ARIN - the American Registry for
Internet Numbers
North America17-Apr-201408-May-201422-Apr-2014
NARALO Trip Proposal 2


NARALO Trip Proposal 316-Jan-20142NTEN 2014North America16-Mar-201406-Apr-201418-Mar-2014
NARALO Trip Proposal 405-Feb-201412014 IEEE Canada International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC)North America04-Jun-201425-Jun-201423-Jul-2014
NARALO Trip Proposal 5


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