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Strategy Status 


In order to take advantage of CROP deliverables in FY18, an Outreach Strategic Plan must be completed, approved internally within the structure/organization, and concurred by the applicable Regional Stakeholder V.P. team.

Person Completing Form:

Glenn McKnight

Outreach Strategy

Outreach Plan
Description and

FY 17 Plan   is listed  here  NARALO Outreach Strategic Plan


-Coordinate  the outreach and engagement to larger events

-Listen to feedback from community on the types of trips and who should be going

Outreach Plan Description and Details:

1.0 NARALO CROPP PLAN  FY'18 Overview

NARALO's  Outreach and Engagement Plan for FY 18 takes a four part approach,:

  1. We will build on the  ARIN RIR Relationship at ARIN on the Road and ARIN events
  2. We will leverage the trips in accordance to larger events in the region i.e. ICANN PR in March 2018
  3. We are polling our  community to help define what our  priorities should encourage members to step forward to suggest viable trips.
  4. We are examining the GSE plans for FY 18 and look for harmonization  

Changes in approach for the FY 18

In  FY17 we implemented the concept of encouraging only new travellers/ALS members to take advantage of the trips and explained the process. That is except for the ARIN meetings where our current ARIN Liasion attended. We have been providing regular updates on all CROPP trips on our monthly NARALO calls.  Despite repeated requests we failed to obtain  all five new travellers for trips. The last trip saw Judith Hellerstein proposed a trip suggestion and was approved .  This resulted all five of the trips successfully completed and reported upon.  

Another important feature of the NARALO trip strategy is encourage participation very early in the trip cycle which has resulted in adequate time allowances for ICANN staff to process the request. 

1.1  Observations and Gap Analysis We observed from the FY 17 trips in the gap analysis the following suggestions

  • Strong encouragement for NARALO participation at the two yearly ARIN events in North America-  2 out of 5 trips

  • Recruitment of  unaffiliated was very successful with ten new unaffiliated members and efforts need to taken for orientation and recruitment

  • Gaps

    • No reps from Southern, and South Western states in the US (ALS in 7 locations: Mass, Cal. NC, NY, ILL, DC and CO).

    • No reps from Canadian Prairies (Two 4 locations)(ALS  Ont, Quebec, BC, NS)

    • No Francophone ALS’s outside of ISOC Quebec

    • No reps in many of the Western and North Western states of the US, only 1 ALS in California

    • No Canadian First Nations group (E Manitoba decertified)

    • Only one Indigenous US group, (NPM) Seeking additional ones.  

    • Other Cities considering the acquisition of a TLD might be interested in forming an ALS

1.2   NARALO Community Priorities Suggestions

Here is the list of priority areas where we hope to do outreach and also increase the engagement of current and new ALSes in NARALO as well as educating the populace about ICANN, At Large, and NARALO issues.

  • The Puerto Rico ALS are implementing a major outreach effort corresponding to the NARALO Mou signing  in June 2017

  • Leverage the efforts of ISOC PR for the first North American School of Internet Governance

  • Mentoring of the SF-Bay Area Chapter  to become the second North American School of Internet Governance for the following year in San Francisco

  • Commitment to building a strong relationship with ARIN and their bi-annual events

  • Participation at  RIGHTSCON  in Toronto  March 2018

  • Participation in the Digital Inclusion conference put on by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance

1.3 Clarity of Plan

To identify the opportunities to enable some of the NARALO members to outreach to a specific audiences to educate them on the value of ICANN, At Large, and specifically NARALO. In addition in underserved sectors we will deliberately do outreach for recruitment for new organizations to become new ALS's.

1.4 Attributes of Participants

  • Positive attitude to proactive marketing

  • Confident and supported by RALO

  • Focused and purposeful

  • Proven track record

  • Preparation of the target market to educate

  • Awareness of the ICANN ecosystem

  • Expertise in core NARALO/ICANN issues

1.5 Environmental Factors

  • Research completed on existing ALS participation, absence and issues

  • Event has opportunities to promote, speaking engagement and networking  opportunities

  • Match of NARALO goals and event's mission

  • Endorsement of NARALO of event schedule

1.6 Skills of Participants

  • Assumption that the sponsored NARALO member is willing and able to present to an audience, conduct interviews, do radio interviews and more

  • Understand importance of social media reporting

  • Prompt reporting of event and follow up

1.7 Plan Implementation Timelines

April/ May  2017   Draft plan prepared and discussed at Outreach & Engagement

June    2017          Plan Submitted to NARALO for Approval. Adoption of Plan

July                       Earliest possible First Cropp Trips

July  to June 2018  Completion  of the Five CROPP  trips( All trips completed prior to June 31 of that year)

1.8 Proposed  Trips

This trips listed below are suggestions based upon interest expressed in the past by NARALO Members

Trip One and  Trip Two   Event  ARIN  Meetings

Location     San Jose, California               5-6 October 2017
                    Miami, Florida                          15-16 April, 2018

Traveller    TBA

Note:  Open discussion again on the  key ARIN-NARALO Liaison person

Gap Analysis:   ARIN MOU relationship

Trip Three:  National Digital Inclusion Alliance Conference

Dates: May 2018. Place not announced

Gap Analysis: Lack of ALSes from the South, North, and Western Areas of the US, North/South and Western areas of the US, Seattle/Portland areas, Indigenous Communities, Lower Income Communities

Traveller: Native Public Media, SF Bay ISOC, Other ALSes interested in Digital Inclusion


Trip Four

Event  North American School of Internet Governance( San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Date  March 7-9 2018

Traveller Traveller from one of the two upcoming NASIG cities to be identified who may be speaking at the conference

Gap  Analysis:  Ongoing creation of NA School of Internet Governance


The 2019 NASIG is being planned for Canada and the 2020 NASIG for Washington DC with the 2021 NASIG for San Franscisco Bay Area. The organizers have Glenn McKnight and Judith Hellerstsin shadowing the  NASIG Planning team in PR as these two cities will be the next sites for NASIG

Trip Five      Event RIGHTSCON (Toronto)

Date  May 16-18 2018

Traveller:  TBA

Gap  Analysis:   
The RIGHTSCON folks had an event in San Francisco and members of NARALO attended the event.  In  FY 17 event was held in Brussels 
Spoke to the organizer  Nick   and interested in a proposal for a speaking opportunity due in August

1.9  Conclusion

The  FY 18 strategic plan is so submitted after community consultation that started pm April 23 to the NA Discuss lists and the NARALO Chat in Skype.   

The feedback from the community included:

Date Submitted:12-Jun-2017
Acknowledgements Section

Note: To be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.

The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROP requirements.


Glenn McKnight


The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan.


Glenn McKnight


Discussed at the June and July Meetings

The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.


Chris Mondini



CROP Outreach Strategic Plan Template (May 2017)

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