Report of December 2015

A year has gone by without updates of the monthly reports for this working group due to several factors:

As a result, with little spare time to update this space, the best way was to follow the information linked from each of the weekly At-Large IANA Issues & ICANN Accountability calls.

These are all reference from this working group's home page at: At-Large Ad-hoc WG on IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability

Status in December 2015

CWG IANA has drafted its proposal and proposed it for sending to NTIA: Final Proposal for Chartering Organizations' Consideration (11 June)

It is currently pending proposal from CCWG Accountability.

CCWG Accountability has a proposal open for Public Comment: At-Large CCWG-Accountability - Draft Proposal on Work Stream 1 Recommendations Workspace

At this stage, with timelines often changing, it is expected that the comment period closes on 21 December and ratification takes place in early January 2016.

Current Projected Timeline (as of 18 December 2015)

Report of 23 December 2014

ICG Activities

The ICG has issued the RFPs for each of the communities:

  • Names: ICANN
  • Protocols: IETF
  • Numbers: RIRs (NRO)

It is waiting for the proposal to reach it by end of January 2015


At-Large ad-hoc WG on the Transition of US Government Stewardship of the IANA Functions activities


Report of 24 August 2014

The working group has supported its two representatives on the IANA Coordinating Group via its mailing list and through weekly conference calls.

ICG Achievements:

  • Held first face to face meeting in London in 17-18 July 2014
  • Has decided that an independent Secretariat was needed
    • Still finalising Request for an Independent Secretariat
    • Secretariat is to be paid by ICANN
  • Selected leadership structure of 1 Chair + 2 Vice Chairs
  • Selected its first leadership team by voting:
    • Alissa Cooper (IETF)
    • Mohamed El Bashir (ALAC)
    • Patrik Fältström (SSAC)
  • Still finalising Charter
  • Still finalising Request for Proposals from Sub-Communities
    • disagreement over what communities are to submit proposals
      • affected communities (which include At-Large etc.) or,
      • operational communities:
        • Protocol parameters: IETF & IAB
        • Numbers: RIRs (although it looks like each RIR might produce a separate proposal)
        • Names: GNSO (probably ICANN) & ccNSO (probably ICANN)
      • Concern that ALAC, GAC, SSAC, ICC may not be able to submit a proposal
      • Concern that there is no mechanism for a proposal on overall accountability
      • discussion ongoing

At-Large ad-hoc WG on the Transition of US Government Stewardship of the IANA Functions achievements:

  • Conducted weekly conference calls
  • Has identified source of contracts for:
    • Protocols (IETF)
    • Names (ICANN)
  • Still searching for proper source of contracts for numbers, as it may be that each RIR has its own contract(s)
  • Has found NTIA contract with ICANN for IANA Functions main
  • All contracts & documentation on Ad-hoc Wg homepage
  • Has identified locations for discussions in the various communities that will submit proposals:
    • IETF
    • ICANN
      • Cross Community Working Group on IANA Stewardship Transition (see more later)
    • RIRs
      • several RIR mailing lists
        • discussion/work having not started /
        • some mailing lists in formation
  • Report from volunteers on the Charter drafting for Cross Community Working Group on IANA Stewardship Transition
    • Members: Tijani Ben Jemaa; Leòn Sanchez; Julie Hammer (for SSAC)
    • Final Draft complete & proposed to the ALAC for ratification
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