The At-Large Summit II Working Group (ATLAS II) will work with the ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee on developing the request for the second At-Large Summit. If the request is approved, the members of the ATLAS II will work together with the At-Large community  to organize the  meetings, plan activities, and plan the logistics of the second At-Large Summit.

16 June 2014, 1300 UTC,  ATLAS II briefing call: ATLAS II - What to expect? A practical briefing call for ALS representatives participating in the ATLAS II  



Mail list:

To Subscribe to the mail list for this WG (or read the archives / manage your subscription) please visit


Members of the various At-Large Summit II working groups, organized by regional affiliation, are:




AFRALOTijani Ben JemaaLeadership Team
AFRALOVictor Ndonnang 
AFRALOPastor Peters Omoragbon 

Baudouin Shombe

AFRALOBeran Gillen 
APRALOCheryl Langdon-OrrLeadership Team
APRALOSivasubramanian Muthusamy 
APRALOSiranush Vardanyan 
APRALOJungbae An 
APRALOSatish Babu 
APRALOAli AlMeshal 
EURALORoberto Gaetano 
EURALOSandra Hoferichter 
EURALOJordi Iparraguirre 
EURALOAdela Danciu 
EURALOOlivier Crepin-LeblondCo-Chair, Leadership Team
EURALOWolf Ludwig 
EURALOJean-Jacques Subrenat 
EURALOWolfgang Kleinwächter 
EURALOChristopher Wilkinson 
EURALOYrjö Lansipuro 
EURALOManuel Schneider 
EURALOMatthieu Camus 

Juan Manuel Rojas

LACRALOFatima Cambronero 
LACRALONatalia Encisco 

Sylvia Herlein-Leite

LACRALOMaria Gabriela Gijon 
LACRALODev Anand TeelucksinghLeadership Team
LACRALOSergio Salinas Porto 
LACRALOHumberto Carrasco 
LACRALOJohnny Laureano 
LACRALOCintra Sooknanan


LACRALOMaricarmen Sequera 


Eduardo DiazCo-Chair; Leadership Team
NARALOEvan Leibovitch 
NARALODarlene Thompson 
NARALODharma Dailey 
NARALOGarth Bruen 



ATLAS II OC - 12 June 2014

ATLAS II OC - 05 June 2014

ATLAS II OC - 22 May 2014

ATLAS II OC - 15 May 2014

ATLAS II OC - 02 May 2014

ATLAS II OC - 17 April 2014

ATLAS II OC Part 1 - 26 March 2014 - Singapore

ATLAS II OC Part 2 - 26 March 2014 - Singapore

Joint ATLAS II OC, Capacity Building WG and Regional Secretariats Meeting - 26 march 2014 - Singapore

ATLAS II Working Groups 

There are ATLAS II Working Groups responsible for different aspects of preparing for the ATLAS II. Interested in assisting in the ATLAS II preparation? Membership information is available on each page.

ATLAS II Summary: Purpose, Goals, Themes and Messages

Pre-ATLAS II Capacity Building Webinars

ATLAS II Master Action Items List

ATLAS II Organizing Committee - Meetings

Master List of all ATLAS II Meetings

ATLAS II Organization Timeline

ATLAS II Draft Agenda

ATLAS II Participants



First At-Large Summit Webpage

At-Large Summit (ATLAS) - Workspace of the first At-Large Summit



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  1. I would like to join this committee

    Dev Anand Teelucksingh

  2. I want to volunteer myself to lead this project.


  3. I would like to joint to this WG if is this would be possible!

    Sylvia Herlein


  4. Anonymous

    I would like to join this Committee.




  5. Sorry  that  I have done the previous post as anonymous.



  6. hello,

    I think being involved.

  7. Defining strategic goals and priorities for ATLAS II

    I guess we all agree: ATLAS II is more than an exercise to keep us busy or just another Showcase or demonstration that At-Large is more than a traveling circus (one of the early prejudices). One of the strategic goals for ATLAS I was to get two At-Large voting Board members at ICANN (and we achieved Seat No. 15).

    Likewise, we need to define and formulate our next strategic goals and steps we want to achieve or drive forth with ATLAS II. In this respect, a listing and prioritization of our strategic goals is needed to serve as guidelines or "frame of reference" for the ATLAS II Survey and the whole next Summit program planning. Here are some first suggestions (to be completed in a collaborative effort).

    • To achieve a better and powerful representation of User interests at ICANN.
    • To organise and empower Internet users, consumers or civil society to make their voices heard in ICANN’s policy development processes.
    • To strengthen ICANN as a model case for multi-stakeholder participation.
    • To improve At-Large’s role and efficiency in policy development processes, shaping of public opinion, establishment and consent finding.
    • To strengthen At-Large as a reservoir for civil society allies pursuing like-minded goals in terms of public interest.
    • Making At-Large broader, inclusive and stronger (like one ALS per country).
    • Improve inclusiveness and participation of existing and new member ALSes.
    • Bridging knowledge gaps between At-Large insiders and the broader membership and RALO organization.
    • Exchange of members / ALSes experience and strengthening of bottom-up approach.
    • To better understand concerns, ideas, working areas and expectations of our members.
    • Empowerment of members and user representation.
    • To help the At-Large community to learn more about ICANN’s work, functioning and current issues.
    • To choose the subjects for ATLAS II and in general to know what subjects within the mission and scope of ICANN are of most interest for our members.

    As said before, these are just some ideas and inputs to be accomplished!

    The clearer we are in defining our strategic goals and priorities among those, the easier it will be to draft and ask the right questions in our ATLAS II Survey and to come up with a proper agenda setting and programming for the next Summit.

  8. Anonymous

    Wolf Hello, Hello everybody,

    I read, reread and pondered your suggestions. Frankly, I find realistic and constructive.
    This is a very nice framework on which we can work and enrich as and as we move into the  advanced exchanges.

    1. Wolf Hello, Hello everybody,

      I read, reread and pondered your suggestions. Frankly, I find realistic and constructive.
      This is a very nice framework on which we can work and enrich as and as we move into the advanced exchanges.

  9. I agree with what has been said in the meeting in Durban, about  the agenda being established in advanced and that we have to work hard on previous capacity building before going to London. I would like to suggest that a practical part is included, such as mentorship. There are many members with a lot of experience that can teach how to move in the Icann world. As we know, theory is not always the same as the practice. So, I think it would be very useful for newcomers ALS representatives and others to complement the experience with having someone telling them how everything really works from inside.