Summit Working Group Workspace no longer active

This work space is no longer maintained and remains read-only. The work spaces of the Summit working groups have been copied over to the working group space. Please find them under the following links:

Working Group on At Large Engagement in ICANN

Working Group on The Future Structure and Governance of ICANN

Working Group on At-Large New gTLDs

Working Group on ICANN Transparency and Accountability

Working Group on DNS Security Issues within ICANN's Remit

Working Group Documents

The central storehouse for working group documents. This is linked to the main ALAC documents page


Professional Meeting Planners Engaged to Assist Summit

ICANN is happy to announce that KCA Meeting and Event Planning has been engaged to support the At-Large and ICANN Meetings staff in helping to ensure that the At-Large Summit is as successful as possible.

KCA will be taking the lead in ensuring all logistics, vendor relationships, meeting setup and scheduling, and handling questions from attendees on travel and other related arrangements for Summit attendees.

A special telephone line has been setup for Summit attendees, available from Noon MST, 1900 UTC: +1 480 403 4612, email to:

Summit Preparatory Working Group Meetings & Events

_ Meetings of the team preparing the summit as a whole._

Five Summit Working Groups

There are five thematic working groups as a part of the Summit programme. The above pages link to their activities until these are uploaded to the main site

Summit Participants Receiving Travel Support from ICANN

Sub-Working Groups

I. Logistics Sub working group

II. Content Sub Working Group

Core Summit Working Group

Draft Sessions Schedule for Summit

Summit Questionnaire Results

Preparatory Working Group Members

Additionally, there is a Budget and Sponsoring working group
Responsible: S Bachollet (EURALO) together with ALAC's budget subcommittee

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