The following have been identified, discussed and approved by consensus by the ATLAS II Organizing Committee.

ATLAS II Purposes

  1. Strengthen the bottom up structure of the At-Large community by building capacity and awareness of At-Large policies and process of the 150+ At-Large Structures (ALSes);

  2. Further develop the At-Large Community’s capacity for engagement in ICANN by increasing its knowledge and understanding of the key issues confronting ICANN and ICANN’s roles and responsibilities

  3. Plan for the next stage of the ALAC/At-Large community’s development;

  4. Allow ICANN to showcase a key component of its bottom-up multi-stakeholder environment to the rest of the world at a time pivotal to ICANN and the Internet multi-stakeholder model. 

ATLAS II Overarching Theme

"Global Internet: The User Perspective"

ATLAS II Public Relations Messages

  1. At-Large is the primary organizational home of the Internet end user within ICANN

  2. At-Large contributes to providing a broader user-centered view to ICANN

  3. At-Large strengthens ICANN as a model case for multi-stakeholder participation

  4. At-Large helps to engage the world to ICANN and ICANN to the world 

  5. The At-Large community in ICANN is the voice of the end-user around the world into the policies that govern the Domain Name System

ATLAS II Strategic Goals

  1. Achieve a better and powerful representation of end-user interests in ICANN 
  2. Organize and empower Internet end-users to actively participate in ICANN’s policy development processes
  3. Improve AT-Large's role and efficiency in policy development processes, shaping of public opinion, establishment and consent finding 
  4. Strengthen At-Large as a reservoir for civil society allies pursuing like-minded goals in terms of public interest

  5. Make At-Large broader, inclusive and stronger (like one ALS per country)

  6. Improve inclusiveness and participation of existing and new member ALSs

  7. Bridge knowledge gaps between At-Large insiders and the broader membership and RALO organizations

  8. Exchange of members / ALSs experience and strengthen of bottom-up approach

  9. Better understand concerns, ideas, working areas and expectations of our members

  10. Help the At-Large community to learn more about ICANN’s work, functioning and current issues

ATLAS II Thematic Sessions

  • The future of multistakeholderism

  • The globalization of ICANN

  • Global Internet: The User Perspective

  • ICANN Transparency and Accountability

  • At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN

ATLAS II Social Event

"ATLAS II Faire of Opportunities"

Comment:   (the comment window did not load, but the edit function worked) 

Any communication, meant for a wider global audience about ICANN At-Large could begin with the 'context' for the very existence of At-Large. That is to say, it could begin with an easily worded, non-technically described write up about the Internet history, its eco-system, names and numbers, the role of ICANN as also with a short narrative about Internet Governance, the multi-stakeholder model of Internet Governance and ICANN - all explained and narrated for the common man.  Then ICANN At Large could be briefly explained with information about how At Large structures are formed, the worldwide presence of At-Large through AT Large Structures, the work being done, the challenges ahead. It is in this context that the ATLAS meeting in London could be described and its goals explained.  The goals of ATLAS could also be listed as broader goals of ensuring good internet governance and that of the focused goal of providing end-user perspectives to ICANN and participating as a stakeholder.

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