The Organizing Committee Group will be responsible for coordinating the overall summit. It collaborates with ATLAS II sub- working groups to manage all activities in a coordinated effort.

  • OUTCOME: a list of major action items conducive to the final execution of the summit.  

To join the ATLAS II Survey Sub-Working Group and to follow its discussions, please sign-up for the mailing list

Team Members of the ATLAS II Organizing Committee Group


Eduardo DíazCo-chair    X 
Olivier Crepin-LeblondCo-chair/ALAC Chair   X  
Cheryl Langdon-OrrCo-chair/ROI Chair  X   
Dev Anand TeelucksinghCo-chair    X
Tijani Ben JemmaCo-chair/Events ChairX    
Beran GillenMemberX    


Next meeting: 12 June 2014

Previous meeting: 05 June 2014

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