The At-Large Regional Welcome Package is an online resource to serve as a guide for new and current members of the At-Large community across all Regional At-Large Organizations.  The dynamic and easy to use format. Content will include such information as key documents, infographics, videos, links, names, and  application forms to provide a complete source of information on how best to start working in At-Large as a member or leader.  

What information is available in the At-Large Regional Welcome Package?

The Welcome Package is an easy to use guide for new community members (Individuals or ALS members) as well as existing At-Large community members who would like to increase their participation. 

Information on the following topics is included: 

  • to understand the mission, rules, working methods and purpose of the At-Large Committee, Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs), At-Large Structures (ALSEs), and Individual Members making up the At-Large community
  • to understand the key policy views of the ALAC, current policy, operational and governance, and mobilization work tracks
  • to get to know the ALAC Members, ALAC Liaisons, RALO Leaders and Working Group Chairs and other key members of the At-Large community
  • to increase knowledge about each RALOs' At-Large Structures and individual members in order to expand local and regional networks, ask substantive questions, and to identify the opportunities for mentoring support
  • to have access to the training and capacity building resources developed by ICANN and the At-Large community. 
  • to follow the ICANN, At-Large, RALOs news on all communication channels


The At-Large Journey

Learning Resources

How to Participate

At-Large at Meetings

ICANN Meetings

Global Internet Governance Meetings 

ICANN's Multi-Stakeholder Model and the Role of At-Large

Would You Like More Information? 



At-Large Organizational Structure

  • Use shades of ICANN blue
  • Update look
  • Use At-Large logo

At-Large Structure Map

  • Use shades of ICANN blue
  • Make interactive allowing each ALS to be clickable leading to ALS wiki page
  • Update look

Topic Structure

  • Is it possible to made the boxes clickable for use on a wiki? Clicking them would lead to a wiki page. 

People around the world

  • Include links to ALAC/RALO history (clickable if possible)
  • Use RALO colors for regions (Africa - orange; Asia-Pacific - Red; Europe - blue; Latin America and the Caribbean Islands - green; North America - yellow) 


  • Make each section clickable leading to ALAC and RALO wiki pages
  • Use RALO colors with each RALO space leading to the RALO workspaces
  • ALAC color (purple) leads to ALAC webpage


ICANN Multi-Stakeholder Model

  • Eack block should be clickable or include a link to lead to the SOAC pages, Board, etc. 

Journey Example

  • This is an example of the At-Large journey illustration. 
  • Content is needed to chart journey 

Learning Resource Cards

  • Aim is to make each of the learning resource cards clickable to lead to ICANN Learn, the At-Large capacity building tool, 

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