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Item #CategorySource of RequestDate of RequestAction Item RequestAction Owner

Anticipated Completion Date

Progress NotesCompleted ResponseCompletion Date
365General8211 Sep 2019Jennifer to share the proposal to meet face-to-face on 16-17 January in Washington, D.C. on-list and ask team members to raise any concerns by the end of this week.ICANN org11 Sep 2019
Shared via email. 18 Sep 2019
363General814 Sep 2019Staff to send a Doodle poll to gauge team availability for a face-to-face meeting in mid-January 2020.ICANN org9 Sep 2019
Doodle poll shared via email.6 Sep 2019
362General797 Aug 2019Penholders to complete the actions assigned to them (see email here for list of penholders/actions)Review Team14 Aug 2019
Russ sent a follow up email to list with 28 August deadline.19 Aug 2019
361General797 Aug 2019

Team members to share feedback on the compliance text discussed on the call. See the text in documents here and here.

Review Team14 Aug 2019
Compliance items to be discussed again on 28 August per Russ's note to team.19 Aug 2019
356General7711 Jul 2019Penholders to move recommendations text from the draft document to the recommendations document for team review.Review Team17 Jul 2019 
New action items list shared via email2 Aug 2019
360General7817 Jul 2019Staff to ask ICANN IT if there are alternative options to Zoom.ICANN org25 Jul 2019
Information shared via email.22 Jul 2019
359General7817 Jul 2019Staff to circulate a Doodle poll to the team to find out who is planning to be in Montreal on what dates.ICANN org18 Jul 2019
Sent via email.17 Jul 2019
358Workplan7817 Jul 2019Russ to share the proposed timeline via email for team feedback.Russ17 Jul 2019
Sent via email.17 Jul 2019
343Outreach7019 May 2019Staff to draft communication regarding review team's progress post Brussels and Marrakech.ICANN org10 Jul 2019
Review Team discussed new work plan dates during 17 July plenary call. Communication will be developed as appropriate once new work plan is agreed.17 Jul 2019
357General7711 Jul 2019

Staff to ask ICANN IT to address the security issues with Zoom on Mac.

ICANN org19 Jul 2019
Blog from ICANN IT shared via email.16 Jul 2019
355General7413 Jun 2019

Kerry-Ann and Norm to add references to the strategic plan to their draft recommendations.

Kerry-Ann, Norm23 Jun 2019
Changes incorporated into recommendations Google doc 1 Jul 2019
354General7413 Jun 2019

Russ will add the names of the penholders to each of the recommendations in the Google doc for ease of reference.

Russ17 Jun 2019
Changes incorporated into recommendations Google doc 1 Jul 2019
352General736 Jun 2019RT members to finish editing the draft recommendations. Review Team27 Jun 2019
Changes incorporated into recommendations Google doc 1 Jul 2019
351General736 Jun 2019KC to provided suggested rewrite for recommendation 9 by next week.KC27 Jun 2019
Changes incorporated into recommendations Google doc 1 Jul 2019
346General7019 May 2019Staff to send a summary of DNS Symposium activity relevant to the review team's work.ICANN org17 Jun 2019
Shared via email.19 June 2019
353General736 Jun 2019Staff will copy the Google document to the SSR2 team drive ICANN org7 Jun 2019
New document shared via email.7 Jun 2019
347GeneralEmail29 May 2019Provide answers to follow-up questions regarding Compliance ICANN org27 Jun 2019
Answers provided via email.7 Jun 2019
350General7230 May 2018

Denise to follow up with Eric and Laurin to confirm they have no updates to the work plan. Once confirmed, leadership team to advise staff to post the updated work plan to the wiki.

Denise / ICANN org31 May 2019
Shared with leadership for final review via email. v8 Workplan posted to the wiki.31 May 2019
349General7230 May 2018

Jennifer to work with KC to recover recommendation ‘L’ text to the document.

Jennifer / KC31 May 2019
Resolved off list31 May 2019
348General7230 May 2018

Angie to follow up on email with people assigned to the recommendations that are not included in the v3 recommendations document here.

Angie6 Jun 2019
Follow-up note sent to team. 30 May 2019
345General7123 May 2019

Jennifer to re-send the two Google document links to the team with a reminder of the work request.

Jennifer23 May 2019
Email sent to list.23 May 2019
344General7123 May 2019

KC will send a note to the team with a proposal for recommendation 18.

KC23 May 2019
Email sent to list. 23 May 2019
339Work plan6314 Mar 2019

Review team plans to update the workplan document in Brussels.

Review Team19 May 2019
Updated work plan circulated to leadership for approval, will be shared with review team ahead of 30 May plenary.21 May 2019
342SSR16314 Mar 2019

Denise, Laurin, Zarko will look through the team’s SSR1 recommendations work for quality assurance and report back to team.

Denise, Laurin, Zarko17 May 2019
Denise and Laurin reported no response from Zarko.19 May 2019
354General682 May 2019

Team to collectively discuss how to address items that are blocked

Review Team17 May 2019
Team addressed all items during Brussels face-to-face19 May 2019
356General699 May 2019

Staff to follow up with SMEs on the outstanding answers to get these ahead of the Brussels meeting.

ICANN Org17 May 2019
Outstanding answer provided via email. 18 May 2019
357General699 May 2019

Review team members to work on topic item write-ups to be ready for the Brussels meeting.

Review Team 17 May 2019
RT members worked on write ups ahead of meeting.17 May 2019
353General6618 Apr 2019

All team members to keep working on their topic items.

Review Team17 May 2019
Replaced by action 357.9 May 2019
355General682 May 2019Request to increase the meeting duration to 90 minutes for the Compliance call on the 14thICANN org9 May 2019
Completed - call extended to 90 mins9 May 2019
351General6725 Apr 2019Team members to fill in the status table where items are blank by next week’s call. For red items, team to work on progressing off of red where there are no roadblocks.Review Team2 May 2019
Table reviewed during meeting.2 May 2019
350General6725 Apr 2019Staff to share the questions with Compliance and set up the meeting with SSR2 RT members.ICANN org10 May 2019
Meeting scheduled for 14 May30 Apr 2019
337GeneralEmail 12 Mar 2019Review Team request to meet with ICANN compliance to discuss contractual compliance as it relates to SSRICANN Org17 May 2019
Replaced by action 350. 25 Apr 2019
349General6725 Apr 2019Laurin will send the questions to staff to share with Compliance.Laurin25 Apr 2019
Shared via email.25 Apr 2019
345General6428 Mar 2019Laurin will take the lead to coordinate with the group to develop and formalize questions for complianceLaurin17 May 2019
Replaced by action 349.25 Apr 2019
352General6618 Apr 2019

Boban to send a follow-up question today for staff based on the written responses provided to previous questions.

Boban22 Apr 2019
Sent via email.23 Apr 2019
340General6314 Mar 2019

Review team members to continue working on the items in the table, in time for Brussels.

Review Team17 May 2019
Replaced by action item 35318 Apr 2019
343Outreach6314 Mar 2019

Staff to draft a note for Russ to send out to community SO/ACs to ask for time on the agenda to present the recommendations in Marrakech.

ICANN org29 Mar 2019
Shared with leadership via email.15 Apr 2019
348General6511 Apr 2019Russ to send a note to each of the team leads to ensure items are moving and ask if there are any roadblocks they need help with.Russ11 Apr 2019
Note sent to team.11 Apr 2019
346General6428 Mar 2019

Staff to contact Noorul to remind him he is the 'lead' on the future challenges item: Root server system protection: assess the threatscape of top threats (e.g. DDoS to the root system)

ICANN org29 Mar 2019
Noorul sent email off-list1 Apr 2019
347General6428 Mar 2019

Staff to send a reminder to everyone to check volunteer document to see their involvement and be ready to provide an update on next week’s call.

ICANN org29 Mar 2019
Email sent to RT members.29 Mar 2019
334General639 Mar 2019

ICANN org to find out re: ITHI - how is it different from ODI, where does it get its data (from internal collection or external data) and where is its data.  

ICANN org29 Mar 2019
Questions recorded in Q&A Google doc. Response will be shared in the doc when available21 Mar 2019
333General639 Mar 2019

ICANN org to ask ICANN Ops about ODI to determine current status and location of ODI related items

ICANN org29 Mar 2019
Questions recorded in Q&A Google doc. Response will be shared in the doc when available 21 Mar 2019
344Admin6314 Mar 2019

Staff to share contact information with each of the review team members individually. 

ICANN org18 Mar 2019
Email sent offlist18 Mar 2019
335General639 Mar 2019

Lead RT members bolded in the doc here to reach out to other volunteers listed for the topic and drive the process for developing text.

RT members14 Mar 2019
Team members are continuing research on topics within volunteer group, to report back to team. 14 Mar 2019
331General638 Mar 2019

KC to take the lead in research on any follow up from SSAC074, Denise offered to help.

KC, Denise13 Mar 2019
Team members are continuing research on topics within volunteer group, to report back to team. 14 Mar 2019
338GeneralICANN6413 Mar 2019Review Team members to raise any objections to Danko Jevtovic as an additional Board liaison memberRT members14 Mar 2019
Danko Jevtovic added to RT14 Mar 2019
298SSR15610 Jan 2019

KC, Denise, Laurin, Alain, Scott to have a discussion with the RSSAC and SSAC regarding recommendation 23 (team members to volunteer if they want to participate). KC will talk to RSSAC/ SSAC chairs to set this up

KC to lead7 Mar 2019
Team members are continuing research on topics within volunteer group, to report back to team. 14 Mar 2019
330General638 Mar 2019

Denise to work with staff to set up a meeting with CCT RT members in Kobe, and any other groups/individuals the review team may wish to find time with in Kobe. 

Denise, ICANN org13 Mar 2019
Meeting took place on 11 March 2019, closed meeting11 Mar 2019
336Admin639 Mar 2019

Staff to send calendar invites for the writing time slots and room locations.

ICANN org9 Mar 2019
Calendar invites sent9 Mar 2019
332General638 Mar 2019

Staff to go through the volunteers document and list how many questions are outstanding for each of the topics.

ICANN org8 Mar 2019
Google doc updated.8 Mar 2019
329Outreach638 Mar 2019

Jennifer to finalize the slides. Content is finalized, formatting only required.

ICANN org8 Mar 2019
Final slides shared to list8 Mar 2019
328General6121 Feb 2019

Team members to continue working on the text for ICANN SSR, Future Challenges and DNS SSR worksteams.

RT members8 Mar 2019
Ongoing with action 3359 Mar 2019
325Future Challenges6014 Feb 2019

Volunteers to do own research on future challenges topics

RT members6 Mar 2019
Ongoing with action 3359 Mar 2019
324Future Challenges6014 Feb 2019

Future Challenges topic: Coalescence of registrars/registry/backend operators for multiple TLDs - Norm to research

Norm6 Mar 2019
Replaced by action 3359 Mar 2019
322Future Challenges6014 Feb 2019

Kerry-Ann to work with staff to arrange a meeting with the workstream volunteers for future challenges.

Kerry-Ann, ICANN org6 Mar 2019
Replaced by action 3359 Mar 2019
327DNS SSR6121 Feb 2019

Eric will put straw man text together for the DNS SSR items reviewed the call, and send to the volunteers for each item for input.

Eric28 Feb 2019
Doc shared during face-to-face meeting day 2.9 Mar 2019
313General5827 Jan 2019

Staff to Identify a couple of hours on the 12th and 13th March in Kobe for the SSR2 Review Team to work on the report.

ICANN org5 Mar 2019
Times shared to the list. 8 Mar 2019
326General6014 Feb 2019Add to leadership agenda on the 20th : opportunities for writing sessions in Kobe ICANN org20 Feb 2019
Discussed during leadership meeting.20 Feb 2019
323Future Challenges6014 Feb 2019

Cryptosystems topic moved to Future Challenges - ICANN org to update team documents accordingly.

ICANN org19 Feb 2019
Google docs updated.19 Feb 2019
315General5827 Jan 2019

Team members to share any preferences for countries in Europe that are easy to meet based on your visa requirements. 

RT members7 Feb 2019
Request shared via email. Location suggestion shared with leadership via email.12 Feb 2019
312General5827 Jan 2019

Create a page that captures all Google documents that the team is working on to identify the most current versions.

ICANN org1 Feb 2019
Shared via email.11 Feb 2019
308SSR15827 Jan 2019

SSR1 workstream: Laurin to fix intro to SSR1 section and recirculate to the list go through the SSR1 recommendations, circulate to team for final review.

Laurin7 Feb 2019
Shared via email.10 Feb 2019
319General5931 Jan 2019

Staff to share ICANN SSR and Future Challenges questions with SMEs and obtain answers, track status on the wiki.

ICANN org7 Feb 2019
Questions shared with SMEs
321Workplan5931 Jan 2019

Denise to send a proposed edit to the workplan to the list.

Denise4 Feb 2019
Shared with staff; staff circulated to list for final edits.5 Feb 2019
320DNS SSR5931 Jan 2019

RT members to add questions to the DNS SSR workstream by EOD Tuesday 5 February

RT members5 Feb 2019
Staff shared list of questions with SMEs5 Feb 2019
318General5827 Jan 2019

Leadership team to reach out to ICANN org management to let them know the importance of receiving answers to questions in a timely manner

Russ31 Jan 2019
Email sent to David Conrad, ICANN CTO.31 Jan 2019
317Workplan5827 Jan 2019

Staff to circulate updated workplan to the list. Team to review ahead of the call on Thursday, where there will be a call for approval.

ICANN org, RT members31 Jan 2019
Workplan circulated to list via email. Discussion on plenary 59.31 Jan 2019
316Outreach5827 Jan 2019

Staff to draft a blog post coming out of this meeting to highlight the teams progress, status of work, invitation to reach out via the mailing list if there is an interest to set up meetings consultation in Kobe.

ICANN org1 Feb 2019
Draft blog shared with leadership team via email.31 Jan 2019
310DNS SSR5827 Jan 2019DNS SSR workstream: Team members who have volunteered for each DNS SSR work topic to develop questions.RT members31 Jan 2019
Replaced by action item
309Future Challenges, ICANN SSR15827 Jan 2019

ICANN SSR workstream & Future challenges workstream: Staff to pull out the list of questions from the ICANN SSR and Future Challenges workstream topic for team’s review on Thursday.

ICANN org29 Jan 2019
Questions circulated to list. 29 Jan 2019
314General5827 Jan 2019

Send a save the date for 17th, 18th, 19th May face-to-face meeting in Europe. Exact locations TBD.

ICANN org27 Jan 2019
Save the date sent to list.27 Jan 2019

Staff to circulate the table of volunteers for each workstream item, team members to add their names to topics they wish to work on.

ICANN org27 Jan 2019
Circulated to list.27 Jan 2019
294General5520 Dec 2018

Team to discuss a potential face-to face meeting in May 2019 during the January meeting in LA. Staff to give travel and meetings team the heads up.

ICANN org / RT members27 Jan 2019
Team agreed to next meeting in Europe, 17-19 May 2019, during LA meeting.27 Jan 2019
303SSR15717 Jan 2019

Leadership team will go through the changes in the document after the deadline, ahead of the consensus call to be held in LA during face-to-face meeting.

SSR2 Leadership Team25 Jan 2019
Team reviewed the document during LA meeting. 26 Jan 2019
304ICANN SSR5717 Jan 2019Those involved in ICANN SSR former subteam go through the outcomes from the LA meeting and previous subgroup work to flag any areas where more follow-up or interviews are required.Boban, Denise, Eric, Kerry-Ann, Žarko, Norm, Noorul 22 Jan 2019
Team instead discussed this during LA meeting.25 Jan 2019
302SSR15717 Jan 2019

Team members to use suggestion mode to make any final suggestions to the text in the Google document by Tuesday 22 January 23:59 UTC.

RT members22 Jan 2019
See completed response to action item 303.22 Jan 2019
306DNS SSR5717 Jan 2019

Eric will share DNS SSR topics to the list - for team member input

Eric18 Jan 2019
Shared to list via email.23 Jan 2019
307General5717 Jan 2019

Add to leadership agenda for next week, Amin's resignation.

ICANN org22 Jan 2019
Note sent to GAC on behalf of leadership via email.23 Jan 2019
230SSR1426 Sep 2018Staff to pursue answers to and provide expected completion dates for all outstanding SSR1 implementation questions. ICANN org27 Jan 2019
Team are now finalizing text. All outstanding questions answered.19 Jan 2019
296General5610 Jan 2019

Team members to complete Doodle poll for a potential f2f meeting in May (poll to be circulated on list). 

RT members17 Jan 2019
Reminders sent to RT members of 18 Jan deadline.19 Jan 2019
301Admin5610 Jan 2019

Leadership will develop a draft agenda for the January f2f meeting. Team members to email suggestions to Russ ahead of Monday’s leadership call. 

Leadership team14 Jan 2019
Draft agenda to be finalized on upcoming leadership call.18 Jan 2019
305ICANN SSR5717 Jan 2019

Jennifer to circulate information to the list that is on the wiki and would be helpful fo the team.

ICANN org18 Jan 2019
Links shared via email.18 Jan 2019
297SSR15610 Jan 2019

Scott will input text for SSR1 recommendations 17 & 18 into the Google doc.

Scott17 Jan 2019
Replaced by action item 302.18 Jan 2019
299SSR15610 Jan 2019

Kerry-Ann to input text to Google doc to explain that text for SSR1 recommendations 25 and 26 is contained within the text for recommendation 27.

Kerry-Ann17 Jan 2019
Replaced by action item 302.18 Jan 2019
300SSR15610 Jan 2019

Noorul to input text to the Google doc regarding overlap between recommendations 24 and 28, and that text for both recommendations is merged. 

Noorul17 Jan 2019
Replaced by action item 302.18 Jan 2019
293SSR15520 Dec 2018

Team members to input draft text into the SSR1 recommendations Google doc using the findings recorded by the review team. Russ to send a reminder. Penholders are indicated in the document.  

RT members10 Jan 2019
Discussed during plenary 56.10 Jan 2019
292DNS SSR5520 Dec 2018

Team members to review the DNS SSR preamble text and share any additional comments in the document or on-list ahead of the 10 January plenary call. 

RT members10 Jan 2019
Google doc available for team member edits.10 Jan 2019
295SSR15520 Dec 2018

KC to reach out to Naveed regarding recommendation 23 draft text.

KC10 Jan 2019
Draft text for recommendation 23 input to Google doc7 Jan 2019
291Work plan5520 Dec 2018

Staff to post updated work plan as circulated to the list and approved on the 20 December.

ICANN org20 Dec 2018
Posted to wiki page.21 Dec 2018
289SSR15413 Dec 2018

Penholders to draft text for team review for each SSR1 recommendation, using the Google doc here: Use the same structure as recommendation 4, which Laurin presented on the call. 

RT members20 Dec 2018
See action item 293.20 Dec 2018
285SSR1536 Dec 2018

RT members who did research on the SSR1 Recommendations to start write up of findings. For recommendations that have more than one person researching it, they should collaborate on the write-up.

RT members20 Dec 2018
See action item 29320 Dec 2018
288General5413 Dec 2018

Team to review preamble documents (ICANN SSR, Future Challenges and DNS SSR when available) and add comments to the doc. Review of preambles will be added to the agenda of the next call (20 December)

RT members20 Dec 2018
See action item 292.20 Dec 2019
287Work plan536 Dec 2018Staff to monitor the work plan tasks and raise any upcoming tasks requiring attention to the leadership. Following that discussion, the work plan items will be raised during the plenary call. Once a month, an updated work plan will be posted to the Wiki page.ICANN org20 Dec 2018
Updated work plan agreed and posted to the wiki.20 Dec 2018
290DNS SSR5413 Dec 2018

Russ to send note to Eric to find out the estimated delivery date of the DNS SSR subgroup preamble text.

Russ23 Dec 2018
Discussed on 17 December leadership call - Eric will deliver text ahead of 20 December plenary17 Dec 2018
272General50 8 Nov 2018Denise will hold the pen on the updated draft of the workstream report template based on comments from team, and share with the team for final review.Denise17 May 2019
See leadership action 79.17 Dec 2019
282General5229 Nov 2018Rapporteurs of other work streams (other than SSR1) to produce a draft methodology and distribute to the review team mailing list for feedback. Boban, Eric, Kerry-Ann13 Dec 2018
Preambles for workstreams #2 and #4 circulated to team. Workstream #3 will be circulated ahead of 20 December plenary. 13 Dec 2018
291Admin5413 Dec 2018

Staff to connect with meetings team to check on estimated date for notifications regarding LA meeting. 

ICANN org13 Dec 2018
Note sent to meetings team - staff will follow up with RT members with more information when available.13 Dec 2018
244SSR14711 Oct 2018Denise will send follow-up questions and suggestions regarding further work for the consideration of the review team, via email to the list.Denise17 Oct 2018
Action item closed. RT members may follow up with additional questions any time.12 Dec 2018
286SSR1536 Dec 2018

Staff to create a new google doc with the approved SSR1 preamble and ensure all RT members have access to it, so the write-up of findings can start.

ICANN org10 Dec
Google doc created and circulated via email.10 Dec 2018
284Future Challenges536 Dec 2018Kerry-Ann to send the preamble for her work stream to the RT Leadership team by noon EST so the leadership can review the write-up.Kerry-Ann6 Dec 2018
Preamble circulated to team via email for review/edits.11 Dec 2018
283General536 Dec 2018Staff to send a doodle poll to the RT to choose between LA and Vancouver, (and indicate visa needs) as the location of the next meeting. Deadline for the doodle poll to be 23:59 UTC on sunday 09 December 2018.ICANN org6 Dec 2018
Doodle poll shared via email6 Dec 2018
278SSR15115 Nov 2018Staff to work with leadership to outline next steps & timeline for SSR1 recommendations text in the Google doc; add ‘owner of draft text’ field to the Google doc.ICANN org/leadership22 Nov 2018
'Owner of draft text' field added to Google doc. SSR1 recommendations next steps added to 6 December plenary agenda per 3 Dec leadership meeting.3 Dec 2018
281Admin5229 Nov 2018Staff to send hold-calendar invites to the RT for the March meeting in Kobe.ICANN org29 Nov 2018
Hold invites sent to team members.29 Nov 2018
280SSR15229 Nov 2018Russ to send out the SSR1 methodology document to the RT mailing list for RT approvalRuss29 Nov 2018
Circulated to team via email.29 Nov 2018
279SSR15229 Nov 2018Laurin to modify the SSR1 methodology document based on the discussion in the plenary call.Laurin29 Nov 2018
Updated doc circulated to team for final edits.29 Nov 2018
258Admin4824 Oct 2018Staff to research options for RT to book-end the ICANN64 meeting in Kobe with face-to-face meetings.ICANN org9 Nov 2018
Addressed on plenary call 5229 Nov 2018
276SSR15115 Nov 2018Team members who would like to see changes in methodology to post thoughts specifically to the email list.RT members22 Nov 2018
'SSR1 assessment methodology preamble' document circulated to team for feedback.22 Nov 2018
277SSR15115 Nov 2018 Leadership to discuss SSR1 methodology concerns voiced by review team members to date and circle back to the teamLeadership22 Nov 2018
Discussed during 19 Nov leadership call. Note to team to follow, see leadership action item 6619 Nov 2018
275Admin5115 Nov 2018 Staff to recirculate Doodle poll with reminder of deadline. Team members to complete Doodle poll by EOD Thursday.ICANN org15 Nov 2018
Sent directly via email to those required to take action.15 Nov 2018
269SSR150 8 Nov 2018Leadership to send a note to the team noting that “email thread re: SSR1 recommendations methodology” will be addressed on next week’s plenary call, and those with questions/concerns should be ready to address this agenda item on the call.SSR2 leadership12 Nov 2018
Item added to plenary call 51.14 Nov 2018
271Work plan50 8 Nov 2018Once adopted, staff to circulate the work plan to SO/AC leaders and Board on behalf of the SSR2 RT (RT in copy) and post to SSR2 wiki.ICANN org12 Nov 2018
Sent via email14 Nov 2018
274SSR150 8 Nov 2018Add SSR1 recommendations work to leadership agenda.ICANN org12 Nov 2018
Discussed on leadership meeting 12 Nov. See leadership action items 60 & 6112 Nov 2018
268Admin50 8 Nov 2018Staff to send collated summary of conflicts to leadership team by end of this week, with the aim of sending a Doodle poll to team early next week (locations to include Vancouver, DC, LA, Brussels).ICANN org9 Nov 2018
Sent via email.
273ICANN SSR, DNS SSR508 Nov 2018KC to send an FYI email to the team noting the summary of discussions around workstream 3 and 4, shared during call last week; members should raise any substantive issues on-list by the next call.KC8 Nov 2018
Sent via email.8 Nov 2018
270Work plan508 Nov 2018Staff to recirculate work plan to the list, and ask team members to check over and raise any objections within 24 hours. Unless objections are raised, this work plan will be considered as adopted, noting that the work plan is a living document and will be updated as needed.ICANN org8 Nov 2018
Sent via email.8 Nov 2018
267Admin508 Nov 2018Staff to send a note to the list and ask the team to send any personal conflicts or preferences in January or February to, off-list within 24 hours.ICANN org8 Nov 2018
Sent via email.8 Nov 2018
266SSR1491 Nov 2018Note Alain and Boban’s items raised via email for discussion on next week’s call if not resolved on-list beforehand.RT members8 Nov 2018
Added to agenda of meeting 50 and see action item 269.8 Nov 2018
264Work plan491 Nov 2018By beginning of next plenary call, RT members to look at % completion and note whether they think this is accurate or not. Column G of work plan sheet.RT members8 Nov 2018
Replaced by action item 2708 Nov 2018
259Admin4824 Oct 2018Staff to research options for the RT to have a face-to-face meeting in late January or February 2019, and circulate a Doodle poll to RT with options.ICANN org9 Nov 2018
Replaced by action item 2688 Nov 2018
248Outreach4711 Oct 2018

Leadership will post a draft of proposed outreach (blog) to the list for Review Team input.

SSR2 leadership8 Nov 2018
Denise shared via email.7 Nov 2018
265Work plan491 Nov 2018Naveed to update workplan with suggested dates and re-circulate within 48 hours to the team for agreement or discussion on-list ahead of next week's meeting. Staff to share notes from call with Naveed to incorporate comments from this meeting.Naveed5 Nov 2018
Laurin circulated Naveed's update via email.6 Nov 2018
261Outreach4824 Oct 2018Staff to create first draft of SSR2 post-ICANN63 blog and share with leadership for initial edits.ICANN org2 Nov 2018
Shared via email 5 Nov 2018
263General491 Nov 2018Staff to recirculate the template for findings and recommendations to the RT.  Review team members to flag within 24 hours of the email distribution if any objections to adopting the template.ICANN org5 Nov 2018
Circulated via email.2 Nov 2018
250SSR14821 Oct 2018Staff to re-circulate to list any questions requiring clarification from RT and continue to pursue answers to outstanding questions/update delivery dates as required.ICANN org1 Nov 2018
Shared an update via email.1 Nov 2018
257Future Challenges4824 Oct 2018Review Team to determine next steps for work stream 4 (future challenges). Team discussed including moving relevant topics to other work streams, or shortening the list of items to address and rebranding the work steam.Review Team9 Nov 2018
Team discussed during meeting.1 Nov 2018

24 Aug 2018

Staff to check with SSR2 Board Caucus Group that it is comfortable with new template for terms of reference.ICANN org

7 Mar 2019

RT adopted ToR1 Nov 2018
260Work Plan4824 Oct 2018Staff to update work plan based on RT notes in the Google sheet and circulate to RT.ICANN org1 Nov 2018
Shared with leadership via email. Team discussed during meeting.1 Nov 2018
256DNS SSR4824 Oct 2018KC, Eric and any other volunteers to work on moving topics from DNS SSR topics document to SSR2 work steam topics document. KC, Eric31 Oct 2018
KC sent email to list.31 Oct 2018
254ICANN SSR4824 Oct 2018Staff to provide all RT members with access to Trello and remove RT members who have resigned ICANN Org29 Oct 2018
All RT members invited to Trello, resigned RT members removed.29 Oct 2018
262Admin4824 Oct 2018Staff to send a note to the Review Team notifying them to the end of daylight savings time and impact on call time. Review Team members to advise any objections to keeping the call at 14:00 UTC by Friday 26 October EOD ICANN org24 Oct 2018
Circulated via email.24 Oct 2018
255Admin4821 Oct 2018Staff to circulate CCT briefing slides to the SSR2 RT ICANN Org24 Oct 2018
Circulated via email and posted to briefings page.24 Oct 2018
252SSR14821 Oct 2018Review Team members to complete text in Google doc for each SSR1 recommendation ahead of Wednesday 24 October meeting Review Team24 Oct 2018
RT reviewed additions to Google doc during 24 Oct meeting.24 Oct 2018
253Admin4821 Oct 2018Staff to update Wednesday 24 October meeting agenda and circulate to RT along with background materials ICANN Org23 Oct 2018
Circulated via email 23 Oct 2018
251SSR14821 Oct 2018Scott to send question regarding recommendation 15 to staff via email Scott21 Oct 2018
Scott sent email off-list to staff.21 Oct 2018
249Outreach4821 Oct 2018Staff to update and finalize Engagement Session slides based on RT comments ICANN Org22 Oct 2018
ICANN Org updated the slides.22 Oct 2018
245SSR14711 Oct 2018

Team to progress work on-list between now and Barcelona, with the aim of team members sharing initial strawman proposals on all SSR1 recommendations between now and Barcelona in Google doc.

Review Team21 Oct 2018
RT members worked in Google doc ahead of Barcelona meeting.21 Oct 2018
246Admin4711 Oct 2018Staff to provide details regarding which SSR2 sessions in Barcelona will have remote participation on-list.ICANN org16 Oct 2018
Details circulated in draft agenda, via email.18 Oct 2018
247General4711 Oct 2018Leadership will post draft slides and meeting agenda for Barcelona to the list for Review Team input.SSR2 leadership16 Oct 2018
Shared via email.18 Oct 2018
240Work plan464 Oct 2018Laurin to send an email to the team to ask for more volunteers to help Denise and Naveed with the work plan draftLaurin5 Oct 2018
Draft workplan shared via email for feedback.16 Oct 2018
239Work plan464 Oct 2018Denise and Naveed volunteered to help begin drafting work plan skeleton to be shared with the review team for input.Denise & Naveed11 Oct 2018
Draft workplan shared via email16 Oct 2018
243SSR1464 Oct 2018Add as an agenda item to next week's call to discuss the methodology of assessing SSR1 recommendations and defining SMART recommendations.ICANN org10 Oct 2018
Item added to the agenda of 11 October meeting10 Oct 2018
216Restart4024 Aug 2018

Kaveh to clarify if there is any disagreement from the Board on the approach regarding sending Terms of Reference to the Board as an FYI only


10 Oct 2018

Board response sent to RT via email.10 Oct 2018
242SSR1464 Oct 2018Staff to send an update to the SSR1 recommendations table document to include recommendations 1-28 to the list.ICANN org10 Oct 2018
Sent via email.10 Oct 2018
241SSR1464 Oct 2018Chairs have asked team members to sign up to SSR1 recommendations via the Doodle poll by the end of day October 5Review Team5 Oct 2018
Deadline reached5 Oct 2018
238SSR14527 Sep 2018Review Team members to select which recommendations they wish to take the lead on developing a strawman proposal for.Review Team4 Oct 2018
Replaced by action item 2414 Oct 2018
237SSR14527 Sep 2018Staff to prepare a Doodle poll of outstanding SSR1 recommendations.ICANN org1 Oct 2018
Sent via email.1 Oct 2018
232General4313 Sep 2018Staff to invite CCT review team to join a plenary meeting to answer questions. Review Team to confirm the best time for this to happen.ICANN org/ Review Team

Replaced by action item 19 on leadership tracking tool.24 Sep 2018
236Admin4420 Sep 2018Staff to send note to team regarding CT having sent emails out on 17th September. Team members to advise if they did not receive this email or require further support.ICANN org20 Sep 2018
Email sent to team.20 Sep 2018
235General4313 Sep 2018Staff to ask travel team to expedite travel request.ICANN org17 Sep 2018
Travel emails sent to team.17 Sep 2018
234SSR14313 Sep 2018Staff to add columns to the SSR1 questions table to capture the date of the ask, who asked the question and when it was answered, estimated completion date and additional notes for context. ICANN org17 Sep 2018
Table updated with requested columns17 Sep 2018
227Admin426 Sep 2018ICANN org to plan for an engagement session at ICANN63. In the event there is no availability in the schedule, the SSR2 is open to holding the engagement session during its meeting on Wednesday. ICANN org1 Oct 2018
Request for an engagement session submitted.13 Sep 2018
233Outreach4313 Aug 2018Denise and Kerry-Ann to clarify via email with Matogoro that the comms plan is intended to be high-level Denise / Kerry-Ann13 Sep 2018
Response sent to Matogoro via email.13 Sep 2018
206General4022 Aug 2018

Staff to arrange for CCT and RDS-WHOIS2 review teams to deliver briefings to the SSR2 review team.ICANN Org

RDS webinar info shared with SSR2. See action item 232 for CCT info.13 Sep 2018
229Admin426 Sep 2018Staff to ensure that all of the questions RT has asked previously are posted in one table along with answers and expected completion dateICANN org13 Sep 2018
Table posted here. Delivery dates and answers to be populated as they are provided.13 Sep 2018
231SSR1426 Sep 2018Review team to take SSR1 rec 1 for discussion to the list and add to agenda for the next plenary call #43. ICANN org13 Sep 2018
Added to agenda of call 43.13 Sep 2018
228Outreach426 Sep 2018Denise, and Kerry-Ann, with Laurin's help, to prepare a draft comms/outreach plan for review team consideration. Comms/outreach plan to be rediscussed on the next plenary call #43. Denise, Kerry-Ann, Laurin13 Sep 2018
Draft circulated to thelist and adopted during meeting 4312 Sep 2018

26 Aug 2017

Provide responses to SSR1 Implementation Recs 1-20 Questions and Information Requests. See progress of each request here.ICANN Org

Replaced by action item 230.6 Sep 2018

1 Aug 2017

Provide responses to questions on SSR1 briefing: Recommendations 11, 12.


Replaced by action item 230.6 Sep 2018

9 Oct 2017

Provide responses to SSR1 Implementation Recs 21-28 Questions and Information Requests. See progress of each request here.ICANN Org
Progress of requests is available on the SSR1 Subgroup page. Replaced by action item 230.6 Sep 2018

30 Aug 2018

Move outreach template to the list and discuss further.Review team

6 Sep 2018

Template circulated to list via email Replaced by action item 228.6 Sep 2018
30 Aug 2018

ICANN org to explore the possibility of holding meetings at alternative venue as a backup that can be cancelled if a venue room can be identified instead.ICANN org6 Sep 2018

Staff provided confirmation during meeting 42 that the team can meet at the ICANN venue.6 Sep 2018

24 Aug 2018

Staff to submit the request for SSR2 to meet during the chosen dates in Barcelona, and clarify what process is with meetings team & SO/AC Chairs for requesting such meetings, including expected timelines for planning purposes.ICANN org

Update provided to leadership during the 5 September meeting. Item added to agenda of 6 September plenary to update review team.5 Sep 2018
206General4022 Aug 2018

Staff to arrange for CCT and RDS-WHOIS2 review teams to deliver briefings to the SSR2 review team.ICANN Org

RDS webinar info shared with SSR2. See action item 4 of leadership tracking tool for CCT info.5 Sep 2018

22 Aug 2018

Staff to create page on SSR2 wiki to include relevant ICANN org review reports for team to digest easily.ICANN Org

31 Aug 2017

CCT and RDS reports added to background materials page of the SSR2 wiki.4 Sep 2018

30 Aug 2018

Review team members to send suggested edits and comments on communique to the mailing-list by Tuesday COB. Denise to hold the pen and to issue revised draft.Review team4 Sep 2018

Review team finalized the blog on-list. ICANN org proceeding with publication process.4 Sep 2018
30 Aug 2018
MSSI-Secretariat to circulate placeholder calendar invites for October 21 and October 24.ICANN org31 Aug 2018

Placeholder calendar invites sent to team.31 Aug 2018
212General4024 Aug 2018Subgroup rapporteurs to send bullet points of key reading materials to display on each subgroup page of the wiki.Subgroup Rapporteurs

18 Oct 2018

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level.30 Aug 2018


15 May 2017

Draft note and summary of SSR1 implementation for ICANN to send to SSR1 team members and invite them to share their assessment with the SSR2-RT.

Denise Michel

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Advise if the sub-team requires an NDA to access, and provide access to requested documents.


Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Provide access to Business continuity plan for PTI.

    • Plan for migration
    • What kind of failure rollover documentation do you have. Day-to-day. Failure rollover.

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Processes and training.: Deliver a presentation on training and processes documents to a good level of detail. To replace seeing the docs themselves.ICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Provide documented evidence of business continuity test (if it exists)ICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Provide a high-level  walk through of RZMS, from perspective of cc and gTLDs (to clarify issues)ICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Field verification of RZMS – deliver a presentation on controls within the RZMS systemICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Provide access to documentation that identifies procedures for verifying authorized contact.ICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018

9 Oct 2017

Deliver a presentation on relationship between PTI, ICANN and the root zone maintainer, post-transition (with roles and responsibilities, who works where, who have authority)ICANN org

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level. IANA workstream 5 not continuing.30 Aug 2018
147ICANN SSRTrello

27 Aug 2017

ICANN to ID an EBERO operator that the ICANN SSR subgroup can interview to speak to the experience of acting in a provider capacity.ICANN Org

  • ICANN SSR team provided list of questions, shared with SME.
  • EBERO operator responded with questions for the team. Shared on Trello. Response provided by team and shared with SME for progression.
  • ICANN has sent a request to EBERO operators to gauge interest.
Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level.30 Aug 2018
141IANAIANA Transition Subteam Meeting

24 Aug 2017

Schedule time for Eric to meet with Kim Davies in Abu Dhabi to answer questions on PGP alternatives to progress the IANA transition subteam's work.ICANN Org

  • Meeting request on hold.
  • Proposed time slots sent to subteam via email.
Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level.30 Aug 2018

22 Aug 2017

Review Team members to volunteer if they feel they can contribute to the SSR1 implementation subgroup.SSR2-RT

Team decided to inline subgroup work to plenary level.30 Aug 2018

Review team members to review the redline Terms of Reference document that Laurin circulated to the list. Review team

Team discussed ToR and finalized during meeting 41.


Staff to provide update to the review team on Barcelona meeting planning during the review team’s next conference call.ICANN org

Update provided during meeting 41. New action items as a result.


Staff to draft communique for review team leadership review feedbackICANN org

Circulated to the list via email.


Staff to send the SSR2 skills matrix the team completed during the pause to the list ICANN org

Posted link to the A/C room during discussion and circulated via email.

99DNS SSREmail

19 Jun 2017

Provide briefing on DNS Abuse study final resultsICANN Org

  • Action item cleared at re-start.
  • Community webinars scheduled and information shared with the review team via email.
  • Briefing confirmed for 25 June 2017. Postponed per Co-Chairs.
24 Aug 2018

19 Jun 2017

Provide briefing on Framework for Registry Operators to Respond to Security ThreatsICANN Org

  • Action item cleared at re-start
  • Briefing scheduled for 3 November. Cancelled.
  • Asked Co-Chairs via email to advise if meeting with members of the drafting team should be scheduled in Abu Dhabi.
  • Briefing scheduled for 5 September 2017. Plenary meeting cancelled.
  • Briefing confirmed for 25 July 2017. Postponed per Co-Chairs
  • Briefing confirmed for 26 June 2017. Postponed per Co-Chairs.
24 Aug 2018


14 May 2017

Draft a Statement of Work for specialist technical writer: Co-Chairs to provide guidance on the scope of work and other requirements for the engagement of the technical writer.


  • Action item cleared at restart
  • ICANN Org provided outline of procurement process and input via email to support development of Statement of Work.
24 Aug 2018

Laurin to circulate the updated timeline for inclusion in Terms of Reference Laurin

Circulated via email.


Staff to issue a doodle poll using the 13:00 - 17:00 UTC - Tuesday - Wednesday – Thursday, for team to complete within 12-hour deadline ICANN org

Circulated via email.



Staff to arrange for review team members to have editing rights for the wiki ICANN org

Tech support confirmed emails sent.


Staff to collect outstanding Barcelona availability from team members ICANN org



Staff to send a note to the review team list formally announcing the new leadership ICANN org

Shared via email.


Review Team/Phil to add ‘consultant support’ as a discussion topic to the DC agenda. 



Staff to fix mailing list mailing archives for subgroupsICANN org

All links open to public viewing.


Laurin to apply edits flagged in today’s session to terms of reference draft Laurin

Shared via email


Staff to circulate new Terms of Reference template to the list ICANN org

Shared via email.


Kerry-Ann to share communications matrix with the teamKerry-Ann

Shared via email.


Phil to update slide regarding expectations of team members to communicate with community based on team’s comments.Phil

Completed and displayed during day 2 of the meeting.


Staff to circulate the adopted consensus methodology and roles/responsibilities for leadership to the reviewICANN org

Shared via email.


Phil to finalize summary slides of subgroup progress, and work with staff to suggest any edits/additions to the wiki that might help new members with summarizing work to date. 

Phil/ICANN org

Summary slides circulated via email. Discussions during face-to-face meeting will influence next steps regarding wiki updates.


Team to share any absences they expect to have during the f2f meeting via email with Phil as well as any additional feedback to the draft session plan that was circulated to the list. 

Review team



Staff to provide a brief email summary of the position arrived at by the review team regarding the NDA prior to the pause (include NDA as attachment to the email).


Summary circulated via email.



Staff to complete task of posting records of leadership meetings and emails to the wiki.


Archives of leadership meetings posted to the wiki here.



Team members to provide Phil with suggestions on how to recommence review work in preparation for the DC meeting

Review team

Subgroup summary circulated to group via email to help discussions in DC.


 Staff/Phil to circulate a revised email regarding options to meet at ICANN63 and a Doodle poll with the options. 


Doodle poll circulated to team via email.



Phil to update meeting record of previous meeting, August 2, and re-circulate. 


Updated notes sent to team via email and posted to the Meeting 38 wiki page.


Staff to share information about options to meet in Barcelona and circulate a Doodle poll.


Information about options to meet circulated via email. Doodle poll action replaced by action item 198.



Phil to send questions via email for the review team to react to regarding methodology and approach to workPhil

During meeting 39 Phil asked the team to share if they have any methodology suggestions or resources that would be useful to help the team find common language when talking about different approaches to work. 



Include budget discussion in the DC meeting objectives

Review team/Phil

Budget process included as agenda item on the draft DC meeting session plan circulated via email.



Phil to circulate a draft session plan for the DC meeting prior to the next review team meeting.


Circulated to team via email.



RT members to provide feedback on draft set of objectives for DC face-to-face meeting.Review team

Review team members provided feedback during 2 August meeting. As a next step Phil will circulate a session plan for review team member feedback.



Denise and Eric to work with staff to progress Washington D.C. meeting planning.ICANN Org, Denise & Eric


Budget update email sent to leadership 19 July, Update on attendance provided verbally during RT meeting 2 August.




Phil to circulate a request for volunteers to produce a narrative of methodology used to determine scope of work, division of work/subgroups (incl. progress)



Requests sent to RT members.




ICANN org to pull together a SSR1 implementation package (briefing materials, SSR1 implementation related questions) for posting on the ICANN wiki


New Briefing Materials page created on the wiki. Information circulated to the team. See email.




ICANN org to find out what the current FY budget is 


Budget information circulated to the team. See email.




Phil to summarize and share stock-take on the status of the review team’s work.



Shared with Review Team members off-list (for Review Team only)




ICANN org/Phil to put forward proposed times in next couple of daysICANN org

Calendar invites for team next 3 meetings sent to all RT members and observers.




ICANN org to provide an overview of restrictions associated scheduling during ICANN meetings


Circulated to the team. See email.




Phil to provide a summary of deliverables established in contract


Circulated to the team. See email.




Review team members to review digest of background information circulated to list and provide suggestions/questions for anything that’s missing. New team members to advise what they would find most useful to be included in the digest.Review team

New action items 179 & 180.



ICANN org to provide Phil with information on meeting room layout/size etc.


Information sent to Phil 23 July




ICANN org to continue reminding people that they should book flights for the DC meeting asap.ICANN org

Reminders sent to RT members.




ICANN org to send meeting minutes to Phil for edits


Meeting minutes sent to Phil 20 July 2018.




ICANN org to submit a request for a two-day face-to-face meeting prior to ICANN63 


Request submitted for a meeting 18 & 19 October.




Review team members to share on-list any comments on the proposed call time slots/days within 24 hours.Review team


Doodle poll circulated 9 July, closed 11 July. Poll result shared with leadership.




Review team members who require a letter of invitation for visa procedures are asked to send a request to by 23:59 UTC on Friday 6 July.

Review team


Invitation letters distributed as required.




RT members to fill out June/July/August blackout dates in Google doc to aid scheduling of next f2f meeting.Review team


Team members completed Google doc.




Staff to collate team member email addresses, time zone and location information and share off-list with RT members to aid scheduling of a regular team call. ICANN Org


Information shared off-list with Review Team members upon receipt of permission to share from each team member.




Staff to circulate Doodle poll to the team re: team’s next conference call meeting. Suggested date for meeting, week of July 3rd.



Doodle poll circulated to mailing list. See email.




Phil to work with co-chairs to prepare agenda/materials ahead of the next meeting for RT members to respond to.

Phil, Eric & Denise


Agenda circulated to mailing list. See email.




Eric and Denise to draft a digest of reading materials ahead of the face-to-face meeting and share with the RT for feedback.

Eric & Denise


Draft digest circulated to mailing list. See email.




Report to Team on potential room availability at ICANN meeting for sub-group meetings during week.



No subteam meetings scheduled.




Subteam rapporteurs to prepare a short status update for the presentations to the SO/AC groups in Abu Dhabi

SSR2 Subteam Rapporteurs

Review Team collaboratively created the slide deck during F2F meeting day 1 at ICANN60.




Send calendar invites for Team meeting days in Abu Dhabi and additional invites as meetings are scheduled.

ICANN OrgAs needed.

Calendar invites for confrmed meetings, including outreach sessions, sent to team.




Provide list of meetings of interest in Abu Dhabi for Review Team and sub-teams when schedule is available ICANN Org


List distributed to SSR2 Review Team via email.




Review recorded decisions reached for accuracy and completeness.ICANN Org, SSR2-RT
New process for decisions reached proposed via email to Co-Chairs.Complete list of decisions circulated to Co-Chairs via email for review and approval. Disclaimer suggested to be added to the 'Decisions Reached' page of the wiki.




ICANN org to arrange meeting with Board Caucus group in Abu Dhabi.


Meeting scheduled on Thursday 2 November. See ICANN60 schedule.




Review 06:00 plenary call slot attendance and provide input to inform discussion around potential cancelation of call.Co-Chairs

Staff will revisit action item with Co-Chairs during Abu Dhabi meeting.




Provide responses to questions from SSR1 briefings (Ops + Finance).


Answers provided in Google document and circulated to Review Team.




75, b. Provide responses to draft questions for ICANN Chief Innovation & Information Officer (CIO).

75. a. Prepare draft questions for ICANN Chief Innovation & Information Officer (CIO). Questions will be sent to the CIO in preparation for holding a briefing for the RT.

75.b. ICANN Org

75. a. SSR2-RT

75. b.  

75. a.  

  • Draft audit plan document reviewed with SMEs and ICANN SSR subgroup during face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles.
  • 75.a. Questions sent to ICANN CIO.


75. a.  



Review Team members to review the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidential Disclosure Framework documents and raise any questions on the list.

Documents circulated to the list (29 August) and overview provided by Kerry-Ann on plenary meeting 27 (12 September).Signed NDA documents posted on wiki and updated accordingly.




Create first draft of ICANN60 outreach slides for Co-Chairs reviewICANN Org


v1 draft slides circulated to Co-Chairs via email.




Try and give your feedback on email list. Co-Chairs will assume Team members are comfortable using this unless otherwise informed.


Access granted and request sent via Trello for all team members to access the SSR2 Review Team boards. See action item 166 for workaround for team members unable to access Trello.




Respond to ICANN Travel ASAP & make flight reservations to travel to Abu Dhabi for the face-to-face meeeting.


Constituency Travel team working with RT to confirm travel arrangements.


143IANAIANA Transition Subteam Meeting


Break out IANA subteam document requests in order of priority to help expedite access to documents, once NDAs have been finalized and signed.

James Gannon

Replaced by action item 166.


157**ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subgroup Meeting


Team members to indicate which work item topics they wish to volunteer for. Boban to mirror in Trello.

ICANN SSR Subteam members

Review of Trello tasks completed during subgroup face-to-face meeting in LA.




Staff to explore options for team members who are unable to access Google docs/Trello


Alternative options proposed and agreed with affected team member via email


164**Future Challenges30


Staff to circulate send a final version of Future Challenges topics list to plenary email list for approval by the plenary – allow 7 days for Review Team approval on list.


Document circulated via email list.


144IANAIANA Transition Subteam Meeting


Provide feedback to the IANA subgroup team on how quickly team can expect access to documents requested once NDAs are finalized and signed.


Replaced by action item 166.


161**ICANN SSR29


SSR2 to share thoughts on ICANN SSR scope related discussion on email list


ICANN SSR Subgroup response to scope concerns provided to ICANN Board via email.




Draft updated work plan: Reply on email list to Denise’s Aug 14 note; details and your contributions to workplan are required.SSR2-RT

Revised work plan with subgroup detail posted to wiki and circulated to rapporteurs via email for input.


163**ICANN SSR29


ICANN Org to share ICANN SSR subgroup audit plan and the document ‘SSR2_sub_topic_ICANN.SSR’ on email list. 



Documents posted to the ICANN SSR subgroup wiki page.


159**ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subgroup Meeting


ICANN Org to circulate update to list of staff members attending LA subgroup meeting.


List circulated via email.




Review Team members to share expected outcomes of outreach meetings in Abu Dhabi to the list to ensure team is in alignment. 


Repaced by action item 161, Rapporteurs to input to the slide deck for outreach meetings.


158**ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subgroup Meeting


Add “ICANN SSR sub-team scope discussion” as item #1 to 26 September plenary agenda


Topic discussed on 26 September plenary call.


156**ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subgroup Meeting


ICANN Org to circulate a Doodle poll and schedule a conference call next week to prepare for LA


Decision via email to have planned discussion during 3 October plenary meeting.




ICANN Org to publish agenda and participants of the ICANN SSR subgroup meeting in LA by Monday 25 September, 23:59 UTC to the subgroup wiki and email list.



Draft agenda circulated to RT email list and added to wiki page.


154ICANN SSRJames Gannon


Question for ICANN: Regarding the SSR implications of the .avianca tld[] situation, i.e when and where do the decisions on enforcement of non compliance get evaluated for SSR impact (in this case where a gTLD is AWOL but for months no actual action is taken).



Response circulated to the list via email.




Provide suggested edits to the SSR1 gap analysis contractor draft RFP to reflect the Co-Chairs' requests for clarification on the procurement process.Eric
Replaces action item 140.

Gap analysis RFP published to

Review Team agreed to proceed with release of gap analysis specifications document on 26 September plenary call.




Provide Co-Chairs with information on a recent RFP process recently followed by the GNSO.SSR2-RT


Process for engaging contractors clarified via email per Co-Chairs request.




Review Team to submit consolidated input and edits on the RFP overview document and confirm their approval for ICANN organization to initiate a process to engage a contractor, based on qualifications, scope of work, timeline, deliverables and other essential components included in the RFP overview document modified by the Review Team (the cost not to exceed $50,000)SSR2-RT
  • 'Clean' RFP document and revised procurement process overview circulated to Co-Chairs 9/14. Co-Chairs to approve document for ICANN Procurement final review.
  • Edits provided on list. Further updates may be provided based on ICANN's response to action item 145.
Replaced by action item 151.


142IANAIANA Transition Subteam Meeting


Determine appropriate person to ask for training documentation for processes and procedures for PTI staff.


Confirmed via email and asked if the subteam would like to set up a meeting.




Provide additional information about soliciting consultants with a budget under $50k (no RFP needed), and the difference between engaging a consultant and an “independent expert.”



Clarification email sent to Co-Chairs.Revised process overview circulated to Co-Chairs via email.


106ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 1


Team to provide feedback on the structure of the 9 work items, including identifying items which staff may be able to provide more information or help build out.

ICANN SSR subtopic team


Draft audit plan document reviewed during plenary call 27. Staff confirmed document has been shared with staff and items will be addressed during subtopic f2f meeting 9-10 October in LA.





Updated Per meeting 24: James and Kerry-Ann will provide briefing to Review Team on Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and associated documents, when available. 

Review non-disclosure form with ICANN Legal and report back to RT on any updates or edits to the circulated form.

James Gannon, Kerry-Ann Barrett


  • Revised draft NDA and Confidential Disclosure Agreement circulated to review team via email.
  • James provided update to team via email.
  • Meeting to review revised documents scheduled with ICANN Legal Friday 18th August 2017.
  • Discussion with ICANN Legal took place on 5 June 2017. Kerry-Ann and James to follow-up with redline edits to document.

Documents circulated to the list (29 August) and overview provided by Kerry-Ann on plenary meeting 27 (12 September).




  • 43. b. Follow-up via email: Could you please clarify when ITHI will start regularly publishing (or giving the public access to) data? It seems that the “schedule” below is about discussions rather than production, or am I misunderstanding?

  • 43. a. Provide the SSR2 RT a timeline of the ITHI project, when they have clarity on next steps and schedules.



  • 43. a. Email circulated to Review Team 26 June 2017.
Email response sent to review team.




The ICANN security team (now OCTO/SSR) developed a framework that provided a definition for "security".  The SSR2 team used that definition. The Board response to the Terms of Reference expressed that this definition is too broad for the Review Team’s use. Is Board asking staff to redefine definition of “security”?



Email response sent to review team.


99DNS SSREmail


Provide briefing on DNS Abuse study final resultsICANN Org


  • ICANN staff working to schedule webinars for the community.
  • Briefing confirmed for 25 June 2017. Postponed per Co-Chairs.

Community webinars scheduled and information shared with the review team via email.


126ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 2


Request ICANN Legal to be present at ICANN SSR face-to-face meeting, October 9-10 to rule on availability of documents.



  • Process for sharing confidential documents is in development. Team updated via email.

Update sent to the review team via email. Replaced by action item 144.




Submit request for meeting room (50 ppl max) for community discussion with SSR2 in Abu Dhabi ICANN Org


Meeting session request sent to ICANN Meetings team.




Send calendar invites for Team meeting days in Brussels, 22-24 January, and report to Team on how soon can ICANN travel can book arrangements.


Calendar invites distributed to team.

Welcome email/initial travel correspondence sent to review team from ICANN Travel.




  1. Fix the broken links in the Final Implementation Report and ensure that relevant references have links (if it’s noted in the report as relevant to implementation, please make sure there’s a link to information about it).
  2. Put all the documentation/information (links) for each Recommendation together in one place. Some are linked in the Final Implementation Report, some are listed under “Background Materials” in our wiki and others…. ?
  3. In each Recommendation, provide completion dates for each listed “deliverable” that has a check-mark under “due date” instead of an actual date

See completed action item 104 for progress notes regarding related previous request.

Response sent to review team via email.




ICANN Org to provide written response to request for notes to be provided for each review team call.ICANN Org

Email sent to co-chairs outlining new note-taking process.


107ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 1


Outline in writing a request to meet with ICANN staff responsible for Information Security Management, Auditing, Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. Request to include details of expected goals and outcomes of the meeting.

ICANN SSR subtopic team


Draft audit plan circulated to Review Team with questions to resolve during the meeting and email circulated with request to meet with ICANN staff from appropriate departments.




Sub-team realignment: Reply on email list to Eric’s Aug 14 note about folding sub-group calls into Tuesday Team call to increase engagement and visibility


Rapporteurs confirmed preference for respective subgroup call schedules with MSSI secretaria. Update email shared with co-chairs.


108ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 1


Circulate outline of detailed work items and proposed next steps after face-to-face meeting.

Žarko, Boban


Draft audit plan and next steps circulated to the list via email.


128ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 2


Finalize questions for ICANN subject-matter experts during potential ICANN SSR subgroup meeting in LA. Distribute to staff so they can identify appropriate resources.

ICANN SSR subtopic team


Draft audit work plan circulated via email.




Confirm approval of ICANN SSR subgroup potential face-to-face meeting in LA



  • Cost estimate and staff availability circulated via email to Review Team.
  • Doodle poll closed. Email circulated identifying 9-10 October as most popular dates.
  • Staff requested via email additional information regarding meeting objectives/ desired outcomes.
Confirmation received via email.


129ICANN SSRICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 2


Report on results of NDA meeting with ICANN Legal scheduled for 18 August.

James, Kerry-Ann


Replaced by updated action item 46




Report to Co-chairs on outreach emails to ICANN groups regarding requested meetings in Abu Dhabi



Email sent to co-chairs.




Distribute SSR2 ICANN60 outreach note to SOs/ACs/constituency groups/PSWG.ICANN Org


Note distributed to requested groups.


127AdminICANN SSR Subtopic Meeting 2


Provide costing of ICANN SSR face-to-face meeting in LA, 9 and 10 October.



See action item 122. Circulated via email to Review Team.




Staff to publish on SSR2 email list the process options for hiring a technical writer and resource to undertake the gap analysis of the SSR1 recommendations.


See completed action item 100 for progress notes regarding related previous request.Email distributed to Review Team.




Draft SSR2 Review Team work plan with key dates, circulate to RT for input.Co-Chairs, James Gannon, Boban Krsic
  • Staff sought clarification via email as to the style as it differs from the template outline agreed on 25 July plenary.
  • Work plan circulated via email by Co-Chairs.

Co-Charis circulated updated work plan via email.




IANA Subgroup: Take the outcomes of our F2F meeting and turn that into a list of asks from the IANA team with regards to documentation and further follow-ups.Cathy

Subteam collectively preparing to draft document once requested documents have become available (pending discussion with ICANN Legal). Per subgroup update on 15 August plenary call.


81Future Challenges17


SSR2-RT to share thoughts on top SSR concerns with Future Challenges subtopic team to inform work items/scope.SSR2-RT

Subteam has developed list of work items for plenary group's consensus. Per update on 15 August plenary call.





Research collaborative tools the RT may use that can be publicly archived.

Email request from James Gannon & PDF attachment

ICANN Org, James Gannon


  • ICANN IT researched requested tools and provided response to James Gannon and Co-Chairs.
  • Face-to-face meeting with ICANN IT, MSSI support staff and James Gannon in Johannesburg, June 24.
  • Tools demonstration scheduled for SSR2 plenary meeting 18, with ICANN and MSSI support staff.

Briefing provided during 15 August 2017 plenary meeting. Background information provided via email 14 August 2017.




Potential engagement of a third party to complete SSR1 implementation gap analysis: Draft a document to address statement of work, required skills and expertise, expected deliverables, timelines and work methods for co-chairs’ review and approval. 


Briefing with ICANN Procurement scheduled for 15 August 2017. Cancelled per co-chairs (staff/leadership call 11 August)

Draft RFP overview document shared with Co-Chairs via email 11 August 2017.




Staff to build out work plan template to include elements on information gathering, research and outreach. Co-Chairs to provide feedback before sharing with the Review Team.ICANN Org


Work plan template agreed by SSR2-RT during 25 July plenary.

Draft work plan template shared with Co-Chairs via email 11 August 2017.


123SSR1SSR1 Subtopic Meeting 1


Open a discussion on the email list regarding work items, eg. redundancies and prioritization. Share document with team for their input on more detailed work plan and timeline. SSR1 Subgroup

Subgroup activities suspended per email from Rapporteur




Provide SSR2-RT with information on if ICANN Office of the CTO has plans to re-define “security”? If so, how and when?ICANN Org

Answer provided via email.


120DNS SSRDNS SSR Subtopic Meeting 3


Schedule time with Kim Davies on the next available Subtopic call to review draft work topics/answer questions.ICANN Org


Kim confirmed he is available to join the 14 August subgroup call, 20:00 UTC.




Schedule call with ICANN Procurement team to review procurement process.ICANN Org


ICANN Procurement scheduled to attend SSR2 Plenary 23.


112DNS SSRDNS SSR Subtopic Meeting 1


Team to share thoughts on DNS SSR work topics draft doc.DNS SSR subtopic team

Team agreed next step is to schedule a discussion with Kim Davies to progress work items (see action 120)




Draft note for Co-Chairs regarding Abu Dhabi meeting dates and potential options for informal subgroup meetings.ICANN Org





80. Provide follow-up questions from the 25 June SSR1 briefings so that ICANN Org can prepare responses.







Schedule interviews with Kim Davies, Elise Gerich, PTI at ICANN59.ICANN Org


Interview complete and notes shared with subteam.


113Future ChallengesFuture Challenges Subtopic Meeting 1


Input draft text to Google doc Future Challenges section on vendor security and performance security sub-sections.Mohamad Amin Hasbini


Emailed text for team's consideration
111DNS SSRDNS SSR Subtopic Meeting 1


Share redline version of DNS SSR work topics draft to the subtopic email list.



Document shared via email.



  • Follow-up via email: Please provide a written explanation as to how the original question was felt to be objectionable.
  • ICANN DNS Engineering team to reframe the following question and provide an answer (Q3 from SSR2 Plenary 14, 6 June GSE presentation) so as to better align with the RT mandate: Regarding L-root operations and hosting: What is the planning process vs. passive response? Is there a master plan for anyone who operates, in terms of Anycast? And how is that overall process implemented? (GH) 

ICANN DNS Engineering team provided proposed reframe of the question: "What measures are undertaken by ICANN for the anycast deployment for L-Root to ensure physical and network security and stability?"

  • Question reframe response circulated via email 11 July 2017.


110DNS SSRPlenary 17


Write up DNS SSR topic areas and share with sub-team.Geoff


Proposed reorganization of study topics doc (GH) shared with team.


109ICANN SSRPlenary 17


Refine key action steps/work items and scope of the subtopic review.ICANN SSR subtopic team

Re-organized work items shared with plenary for input (see Item 90 on Tracking Tool). Replaced by actions S2.2


105SSR1SSR1 Subtopic Meeting 1


Determine if there is an owner of the SSR1 implementation report, and who was determining the goals and outcome of each recommendation.ICANN Org

Email to Review Team.




Provide completion dates for each recommendation (date it was designated as “complete”); if there was multiple activities or deliverables in a recommendation, include the dates those were completed too.





103SSR1SSR1 Subtopic Meeting 1


Gather information regarding SSR1 implementation together in logical groupings and index within the Google doc. ICANN Org


Background materials section added to SSR1 Subteam wiki page including links to all briefing materiasl and SSR1 implementation final report




Review Team members to email staff with Abu Dhabi full-day meeting preferences. Options are 27 October and 3 November.  SSR2-RT


A number of review team members responded off-list to email.




Complete SSR1 implementation briefings.ICANN Org


All briefings complete and materials posted to the wiki.




Review other meeting date/time options for F2F meeting at ICANN60 due to conflict for one of the co-chairsICANN Org


Available options for full Review Team meeting provided via email to Co-Chairs. Presented on plenary 21 and via email to SSR2 RT.




Review ICANN SSR re-organized work items (37 items in 8 groups) and send feedback to Please bear in mind the following questions:

  • Is this a useful structure to use to organize this activity?
  • What is missing from this list?
  • Is there anything here that is perhaps out of scope?
  • Is this an achievable agenda?

Replaced by Subtopic group action item 2.3




Confirm if staff responsible for the outstanding SSR1 Recommendations (11, 12) can attend the SSR2 plenary call to present the recommendation implementation.



Email sent to Co-Chairs.




  • 76. e. Review Team members to share edits to availability with staff off-list. Co-Chairs to confirm meeting dates.
  • 76. d. Co-Chairs to confirm location of face-to-face meeting.
  • 76. c. Identify most cost-effective meeting location with Meetings team.
  • 76. b. Co-Chairs to identify date for face-to-face meeting and share with Review Team.
  • 76. a. Complete Doodle poll on January 2018 face-to-face meeting.

76. d. Co-Chairs

76. c. ICANN Org

76. b. Co-Chairs

76. a. SSR2-RT


  • 76. e. James Gannon and Cathy Handley shared updates July 14. No additional follow-up received.
  • 76. d. Email sent to Review Team confirming Brussels as the location.
  • 76. c. Email sent to co-chairs identifying Brussels as the most cost-effective location.
  • 76. b. 22-24 January identified by Co-Chairs per Doodle poll responses. Save-the-date invites distributed.
  • 76. a. Doodle poll completed.


76. d.  

76. c  

76. b.  

76. a.  



Provide follow-up questions via email regarding the SSR1 implementation briefing by ICANN Compliance – recommendation 10.



No follow-up questions provided but SSR2 Review Team is free to provide follow-up questions at any time.




Build out the SSR2 Review Team work plan to provide additional substance and practical steps to share with Co-Chairs for initial input.



Shared via email.




Publish post-meeting blog on icann.orgICANN Org


Published here.




Draft note to SO/AC leaders asking for time on their agenda at ICANN60 for SSR2 update and discussion on shared items of interest. Share with Co-Chairs.ICANN Org


Draft provided to co-chairs via email.




Share link to the published ICANN Compliance Audit Report.ICANN Org


Shared via email:




Respond to questions asked by the Review Team during the SSR1 implementation briefing by ICANN Compliance – recommendation 10.



Answers provided via email.




Populate the table of remaining SSR1 recommendations, with department, name of staff and Tuesday July Plenary meeting schedule availability. ICANN Org


Google document updated.




  • Follow-up question: Please clarify when.
  • Provide SSR2-RT with information on if ICANN Org will accept Board proposal for a new, template “Terms of Reference in Operating Standards”? If so, when will it be issued?


  • Response provided via email to Review Team. Terms of Reference template estimated to be completed 28 July 2017.
  • Response provided via email to Review Team.




Establish staff support requirements and availability to support SSR2-RT subgroups.ICANN Org, Co-Chairs


Available time slots to support subgroup calls circulated via email to Review Team




Identify Board members on “caucus” reviewing SSR2 work.



Board Caucus details circulated via email.




Update SSR2-RT action items wiki page with new request reporting tool.ICANN Org


New 'Tracking Tool' wiki page live.




Provide final SSR1 implementation report.ICANN Org


Link circulated to Review Team via email.




Complete Doodle poll on January 2018 face-to-face meeting. Co-Chairs to identify date for face-to-face meeting and share with Review Team.SSR2-RT, Co-Chairs


Doodle poll completed.




SSR2-RT members to volunteer for sub-topic rapporteur roles within each sub-team.



Subtopic rapporteurs recorded in Google doc.




SSR2-RT to share any objections on list to dropping the 0600 UTC call slot and address call schedule rotation in the Johannesburg meeting.


Item addressed in Plenary 17. Replaced by action item #83.




Update the January 2018 face-to-face meeting Doodle poll with option for weekend meeting.

ICANN Org, Co-Chairs


Doodle poll updated and circulated to Review Team via email.




Send SSR2 June progress update to leaders/lists for each SO, AC, stakeholder group, constituency, PSWG and the Board.ICANN Org


Correspondence shared with SO/AC leaders email distribution list and ICANN Board.




Post attendance participation rates to wiki on a monthly basis.



Posted on Fact Sheet wiki page




Staff to capture and share all discussions to-date around outreach.



Google document shared with Review Team via email.




Email request to adopt the title "Security Review" in public communications.

  • Follow-up email sent from ICANN Comms.
  • Follow-up meeting with Eric Osterweil, Denise Michel, Duncan Burns, Emily Pimentel, MSSI support staff - Johannesburg, 28 June
  • Email response provided, 15 June




Send written responses to RT questions asked during the presentation on ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement outreach efforts to SSR technical community.

  1. We’re hearing that the GSE is supporting the work done by CTO. So, what do we mean by help support? And what is the relationship between this engagement and the IANA functions? (AA)
  2. A lot of the presentation was about sending the message out. How does it work going the other way? You point to passive mechanisms but what about active measures? (GH)
  3. Regarding L-root operations and hosting: What is the planning process vs. passive response? Is there a master plan for anyone who operates, in terms of Anycast? And how is that overall process implemented? (GH)
  4. What efforts does ICANN take to inform the policy debate as it is taking place vs. after the fact? (GH)
  5. How does GSE work specifically with the ccTLD community on SSR? (JM)
  6. How is your work is coordinated and support the OCTO and SSR teams commitment to engage and seek input from the broader SSR community that’s not necessarily active in ICANN. Including their obligation to get input/interaction from them on SSR Framework and strategic priorities. How are you involved and how does the coordination occur? (DM)
  7. When do you think in terms of GSE that the focus on explanation/teaching of what ICANN does will shift to more of an interaction/ substantive engagement? (GH)


  • Answers to follow-up questions circulated to Review Team.
  • ICANN DNS Engineering team asked RT to reframe the following question (Q3 from SSR2 Plenary 14, 6 June GSE presentation) so as to better align with the RT mandate: Regarding L-root operations and hosting: What is the planning process vs. passive response? Is there a master plan for anyone who operates, in terms of Anycast? And how is that overall process implemented? (GH) 

  • RT asked ICANN DNS Engineering to reframe the question and provide an answer.




Share thoughts and continue discussion on list regarding presentation of ICANN Security and SSR1 subtopic work plans. SSR2-RT


See email thread.




Share thoughts on list on how to be more open to observer inputs. SSR2-RTTBD
Thoughts shared via email and addressed during plenary 15. Conclusion: Keep interactions as-is for now.




RT members to continue to volunteer for subtopics. More volunteers particularly needed for group 1: SSR.SSR2-RTTBD
Volunteers recorded in Subtopics document.




Prepare a draft work plan proposal for SSR1 Review and ICANN Security topics.

Boban Krsic, Žarko Kecić

Document shared via email




Consolidate duplicative items, create subheadings for each topic groups within volunteer groups.SSR2-RT


Subtopics document updated.




Record volunteers from plenary call in the subtopics document on wiki. ICANN Org


Subtopics document updated.




Share thoughts on list regarding outreach and engagement, and possible guidelines.SSR2-RT


Thoughts shared via email.




Share thoughts on list regarding Johannesburg agenda topics.SSR2-RT


Thoughts shared via email.




Distribute draft Johannesburg agenda to email list.Co-Chairs


Circulated via email.




Add agenda item regarding how Observers can participate and contribute to sub topic work to plenary call #13. 



Replaced by action item #64.




Publish blog on regarding SSR2 face-to-face meeting in Madrid.



Blog published on





Schedule remainder of briefings related to SSR1.



Briefings schedule google document shared with Review Team.





Staff to provide RT with explanation and background information from ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement and Adiel Akplogan (ICANN VP Technical Engagement) regarding current outreach efforts to SSR technical community (responsibility, focus, accomplishments) for RT’s consideration.


Patrick Jones, Senior Director, GSE and Adiel Akplogan, Vice President, Technical Engagement joined SSR2 plenary 14.





Circulate list of potential scope topics and list of sub team volunteers.



Google doc shared with Review Team.




Circulate link to ICANN technical portal

Link circulated to Review Team.





Share links to relevant articles regarding threat mitigation and classification of threats.



Links circulated to Review Team:

Threat Mitigation

Classification of Threats 





Circulate Google doc for RT to input their SSR concerns. Inputs to form substance of scope discussion.



Google document circulated via email to Review Team.





Provide the SSR2 RT a timeline of the ITHI project, when they have clarity on next steps and schedules.

Email circulated to Review Team.





Post PTI briefing materials and relevant materials to the SSR2 wiki background materials page.

Links posted to SSR2 background materials wiki page.




Circulate clean version of Terms of Reference to list for final 24-hour consideration.

Shared via email.




Send adopted Terms of Reference to ICANN Board, should no objections occur in the 24 hours from circulation.

Kaveh RanjbarTBD
Sent to Board Chair via email.




Prepare proposal for initial structuring of RT work for Madrid meeting.

James GannonTBD
Shared via email.




Provide a decision to the Review Team on whether a face-to-face meeting will take place in Johannesburg, and on what dates. 



Johannesburg meeting confirmed to take place 25 & 26 June.



Schedule a briefing on PTI, the Bylaws and the relationship with ICANN to share input to assist in determining its possible inclusion in the scope of SSR2 review. ICANN Org


Elise Gerich and Samantha Eisner joined 9 May plenary call and provided briefing.



Provide draft agenda for Madrid face-to-face meeting to Review Team for input. Co-ChairsTBD
Shared via email.



Circulate current summary of SSR1 review implementation to SSR2-RT list. ICANN Org


Email circulated to Review Team.




Provide update to SSR2-RT after scheduled SO/AC Chair call to inform decision regarding potential meeting dates in Johannesburg at ICANN59. Co-ChairsTBD
Replaced by action item #38.


33Admin  7


Share link to Bylaws Article 18 and appropriate context.



Bylaw article and context distributed via email to RT.


32Admin  7


Provide v3 draft scope for Terms of Reference based on discussions and comments.

Eric OsterweilTBD
Document circulated via email.


31Admin  7


Provide availability of OCTO – SSR team in Madrid to Co-Chairs to inform Madrid meeting agenda development.ICANN Org


Information provided to Co-Chairs on staff coordination call.


30Admin  7


Circulate Doodle poll to establish RT availability for F2F meeting in Johannesburg.



Doodle poll circulated.


29Admin  7


Circulate updated open action items list to RT.



Updated action items list circulated.




Non-Disclosure (NDA) and Conflicts Disclosure (CDA) documentation for RT.






Clean up draft Terms of Reference (accept points of agreement). Pull out points of disagreement for discussion on email list.



Circulated via email.




Review v2 draft Terms of Reference and share thoughts on email list.RT MembersTBD
Document shared. Review Team shared feedback via email.





Propose timeline for finalizing scope.

Item added to Madrid face-to-face meeting agenda.




Review brainstorming capture slides from 15 March meeting  and share thoughts on email list.RT MembersTBD
Item added to Plenary 11 Madrid face-to-face meeting agenda.




Schedule weekly RT calls per agreed rotation schedule.ICANN Org


Call invites sent to Review Team.




Review draft Scope and Work Plan and make comments on the email list. RT Members


  • Replaced by action item #26.
  • Thoughts shared via email.




Schedule 60-minute plenary call #4, 14:00 UTC Tuesday 28 March.ICANN Org


Call invite circulated to Review Team.




Co-Chairs to coordinate and formulate a proposal as to how to separate duties and present it to the RT.SSR2 Co-ChairsTBD
Co-Chairs agreed to informal separation of duties.




Prepare a plan for a rotation schedule for RT calls to the Co-Chairs for the next meeting.ICANN Org


Excel worksheet planning document shared with Co-Chairs.





Open SSR1 Rec 11 - Effectiveness of mechanisms to mitigate abuse. 

Implementation description: ICANN should finalize and implement measures of success for new gTLDs and IDN fast track that expressly relate to its SSR-related program objectives, including measurements for the effectiveness of mechanisms to mitigate domain name abuse.



Recommendation 11 implementation completed:





The following three open SSR1 Recommendations are interrelated and are being implemented together:

Rec 20 - SSR budget

Implementation description: ICANN should increase the transparency of information about organization and budget related to implementing the SSR Framework and performing SSR-related functions. 

Rec 21 - SSR budget 

Implementation description: ICANN should establish a more structured internal process for showing how organization and budget decisions relate to the SSR Framework, including the underlying cost-benefit analysis.

Rec 22 - SSR resources for new gTLDs

Implementation description: ICANN should publish, monitor and update documentation on the organization and budget resources needed to manage SSR issues in conjunction with introduction of new gTLDs.  



Recommendation 20 implementation completed:

Recommendation 21 implementation completed:

Recommendation 22 implementation completed:




Update the ICANN Board that the deadline of the end of the month will not be met but note that the RT is working to prepare its Terms of Reference and Work Plan per the Boards request.Kaveh Ranjbar


Kaveh Ranjbar provided update to the Board.




Prepare straw-man versions of the Terms of Reference and Work plan for the RT to consider.ICANN Org





Generate a list of official observers and their relevant skill sets for RT consideration.ICANN Org


  • Email circulated to Review Team
  • SSR2 Observers wiki page updated with link to requested information.




Circulate slide deck from 3/15 SSR2 face to face meeting.ICANN Org


Slide deck uploaded to SSR2 plenary 2 wiki page.




Add OCTO KPIs, ICANN 2016 strategic plan and Emerging Technology Identifiers ICANN58 presentation to wiki background materials.ICANN Org


Materials added to SSR2 background materials wiki page.




Provide a list of existing definitions of terms: Security, Stability, Resiliency and Unique Identifiers. Reference where they are located.ICANN Org


List of definitions compiled and provided to Review Team.




Circulate names / contact information for SADAG vendors to SSR2 RT list.ICANN Org


Vendor contact details provided via email.




Circulate CDAR study report and contact information to SSR2 RT list.ICANN Org


  • Slide deck circulated and uploaded to SSR2 plenary 2 wiki page.
  • Contact details provided via email.




Provide SSR2 Fact Sheet sample and schedule.ICANN Org


Sample Fact Sheet and schedule posted to wiki and circulated to Review Team via email.




Schedule 60-minute plenary call, Wednesday 22 March, 19:00 UTC.ICANN Org


Call invite circulated to Review Team.




Develop and circulate time zone mapping to support scheduling of regular plenary calls discussion on next plenary call.ICANN Org


Excel worksheet planning document shared with Co-Chairs.




Request for the IS-SSR team to provide a summary of the types of requests for assistance that they receive from the community.

Document circulated to Review Team.





Draft document about what other review teams have used for chairs and co-chairs and send to the list.ICANN Orgn/a
Email circulated to Review Team.




Produce a summary of how other review teams have handled Observers and post to the list.ICANN Orgn/a
Email circulated to Review Team.




Post staff structure responsibilities on wiki background page.ICANN Orgn/a
ICANN Organization Support Team page created on SSR2 wiki.




Provide terms of reference to the ICANN Board.SSR2TBD
Email sent to Board Chair on behalf of Review Team.