Team:    Boban Krsic, Denise Michel, Kaveh Ranjbar, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Norm Ritchie, Zarko Kecic

Observers:  None

ICANN Organization:   Alice Jansen, Karen Mulberry, Larisa Gurnick, Negar Farzinnia, Yvette Guigneaux, Steve Conte

Guests:   Darren Kara

Apologies:   None


* Final feedback on both documents
* Work Plan “SSR2_sub_topic_ICANN.SSR”
* Audit Plan
* E-mail (reminder) regarding Key Action Items 1-7 and their responsibility in preparation for the workshop:
• Minimum of two group member per task 
• One responsible member per task (defined by the label)

* Final version of the NDA?
In preparation for the workshop at ICANN:
• Is there anything we need to do from the team side?
• Sign the NDA 
• Read and understand the security, stability and resiliency framework
• Read and understand the risk management framework
• Prepare your questionnaire on the respective topic for the workshop in LA

Summary Notes & Actions: 

  • Action item - Schedule a conference call next week to prepare for LA
  • Kerry Ann able to work on business continuity and risk management as well as incident management and response (if needed)
  • Denise can help on 5, 6, 7 (Trello)
  • Norm can help on 1, 4, 5, 6, 7  (Trello) 
  • Action item - Indicate topics you would like to volunteer for - Boban to mirror in Trello

Discussion documents

Draft Audit Plan- ICANN SSR Whop 9-10 October - 1.pdf

DRAFT NDA_for SSR RT 28 August 2017.pdf

Op Stds- CON DIS FRMWRK- UPDATE August 2017-v2(clean).pdf



Chat Transcript:  EN

Transcript:  EN

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