Reading List/Discussion Documents

  • Presentation Slides

  • OCTO Roadmap - BC - Presenter: David Conrad (ICANN Staff)

  • SADAGPresFinal - Presenters:  Maarten Wullink (SIDN), Maciej Korczynski (DELFT, University of Technology), Brian Aitchison (ICANN Staff)
  • CDAR-ICANN58-SSR_RT (L Root) -  Presenters: Bart Gijsen (TNO), Daniel Worm (TNO), Benno Overeinder (NLNET Labs), Eleeza Agopain (ICANN Staff)


Thursday, 15 March 8:30 - 4:45 PM/CET
7:30 - 15:45 UTC

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Attendees: Alex, Jaap Akkerhuis (Remote Adobe Room)

Team: Alain Aina, Boban Krsic, Cathy Handley, Denise Michel, Don Blumenthal, Emily Taylor, Eric Osterweil, Geoff Huston, Jabhera Matogoro, James Gannon, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Mohamad Amid Hasbini, Ram Krishna Pariyar, Zarko Kecic,

Guests: Maarten Wullink (SIDN), Maciej Korczynski (DELFT, University of Technology), Bart Gijsen (TNO), Daniel Worm (TNO), Benno Overeinder (NLNET Labs),

Observers: Chen Huihui, Laurin Weissinger,Tan Qinling

Staff: Alice Jansen, Barb Roseman, Bernard Turcotte, Brenda Brewer, Brian Aitchison, Charla Shambley, David Conrad, Eleeza Agopain, Jean Baptiste Deroulez, Jennifer Bryce, Karen Mulberry, Laena Rahim, Larisa Gurnick, Lars Hoffmann, Margie Milam, Negar Farzinnia, Patrick Dodson, Steve Conte, Xavier Calvez



Transcripts: EN

Chat transcript: EN


Agenda & Details 

Start time 8:30 am

 Welcome - Margie Milam

 Overview Administrative Items - Karen Mulberry      

  • ICANN Standards of Behavior
  • Updated SOIs
  • Plenary Action Item Review
    • Status of Review Team Leadership Expressions of Interest and next steps
    • Role of Observers
  • Relevant Due Dates
    • 30 March 2017 – SSR2 RT Terms of Reference to the Board 
  1. SSR2 Wiki page Demonstration - Alice Jensen
  2. Overview of Review Team Legal materials - Daniel Halloran
  3. Overview SSR1 Recommendations and Implementation Details - Negar Farzinnia

Coffee Break 10:40 am– 11:00 am

  1. Brainstorming for Review Team - Patrick Dodson

Lunch 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

  1. Overview of SSR2 Fact Sheet – Xavier Calvez, Charla Shambley
  2. Topical Briefings
  • CDAR – Continuous Data-driven Analysis of Root Server System Stability (TNO) 
  • ICANN Security Update - John Crain
  • Analysis of DNS Abuse in gTLDs - Methodology and planned research - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and SIDN Labs, The Netherlands

Coffee Break 3:00 pm – 3:15 pm

  1. Planning for SSR2 Work Plan and Scope of Work Development

·         Plan to address the Board Resolution due date 30 March 2017 2.Calendar and Schedule for future meetings

  • Schedule conference calls:
    • Leadership selection
    • Role of Observers
    • Development of Terms of Reference
  • Review confirmed and planned Face-to-Face Meetings
    • Confirmed May 13 – 15, Madrid in conjunction with the ICANN DNS Symposium
  1. AOB



ICANN58 Copenhagen SSR2 Face-to-Face Meeting 

The second Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS (SSR2) Review team met for the first time at ICANN58 in Copenhagen. The SSR is a “Specific Review” that is mandated by ICANN Bylaws which require a periodic review of ICANN’s execution of its commitment to enhance the operational stability, reliability, resiliency, security, and global interoperability of the systems and processes, both internal and external, that directly affect and/or are affected by the Internet’s system of unique identifiers that ICANN coordinates. 




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