Team:  Alain Patrick Aina, Emily Taylor, Kaveh Ranjbar, James Gannon, Jabhera Matogoro, Ram Krishna Pariyar, Zarko Kecic.

Observers:  George Sadowsky, Louise Marie Hurel.

Staff:  Karen Mulberry, Laena Rahim, Jennifer Bryce, Steve Conte, Yvette Guigneaux.

Guests:  None.

Apologies:  Boban Krsic, Don Blumenthal, Denise Michel, Noorul Ameen.


  • Note updated SOIs & apologies/absences
  • Continue discussion on sub-topic workplans (see discussion on email list), including next steps to address scope, work plan and timeline, etc.
  • Review open action items list (please be prepared to address your items)
  • Johannesburg meetings
  • AOB 

Draft Summary Notes & Actions

Discussion documents



Chat Transcript:  EN

Transcript:  EN

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