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08:44:11 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome to the At-Large Team (ALT-PLUS) Monthly Call on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at 16:00 UTC
08:58:00 From Heidi Ullrich : Welcome, All!
08:58:23 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : Thanks Heidi, Hello all!
08:58:26 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : hi
08:58:43 From Alberto Soto : Hello everyone, hola a todos!!
09:00:24 From Judith Hellerstein : Is that Maureen’s rooster?
09:01:22 From Natalia Filina : Hello all!!!
09:02:10 From Harold Arcos : Hi everyone,,,My apologies in advance because I will have to go to another meeting 20 minutes before the end of this meeting.
09:02:13 From Glenn McKnight naralo : hi all
09:02:51 From Harold Arcos : hi Glenn!
09:02:58 From Glenn McKnight naralo : don't forget to complete the post Pilot curated notes
09:03:08 From Glenn McKnight naralo : survey
09:03:49 From Glenn McKnight naralo : Notes in the Marrakesh report page and link to survey
09:04:04 From Glenn McKnight naralo : hi Harold
09:04:08 From Heidi Ullrich : AIs from last meeting:
09:04:58 From Glenn McKnight naralo : Harold we have a group of Spanish translators for the Gdpr materials
09:05:21 From Glenn McKnight naralo : no sound
09:05:33 From Yeşim Nazlar : no, we haven’t - correct, Gisella
09:05:53 From Judith Hellerstein : hand up
09:06:45 From Marita Moll : I have expressed issues with the interface and so have people in NCSG. Those issues are still there. Training isn't going to solve them.
09:07:20 From Glenn McKnight naralo : issue with no audio on cell
09:07:24 From Satish Babu : Some of these features are not well documented, so a training may help.
09:07:47 From Glenn McKnight naralo : closing and trying again
09:07:52 From Claudia Ruiz : @Glenn-would you like a dial-oout?
09:08:01 From Marita Moll : Pop out either covers chat or particpants. If training can help this, that would be great
09:08:18 From Satish Babu : There is still a bug that the host cannot raise his/her hand.
09:08:21 From Judith Hellerstein : Also the interface is different in the mobile as opposed to the desktop
09:08:28 From Harold Arcos : yeah @Glenn,,I'm in. Talked with Raoul
09:09:21 From Marita Moll : Also, we can't control the screen during calls. Big problem.
09:10:30 From Leon Sanchez : Hello everyone
09:10:59 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome Leon Sanchez !
09:11:01 From Heidi Ullrich : Hi Leon!
09:11:10 From Leon Sanchez : Thanks Claudia! Hi Heidi!
09:11:10 From Heidi Ullrich : Post 65 report with highlights:
09:12:29 From Evin Erdoğdu : Thank you Heidi, welcome Leon
09:12:40 From Judith Hellerstein : @marita your cannot control screen because you are sharing the screen, but staff needs to post a web link tot he text that is on display in the shared screen not only for others to see the whole page but for accessibility purposes as screen readers can not read the shared screen
09:13:27 From Marita Moll : Thanks Judith. I knew that but it is just really awkard
09:14:10 From Heidi Ullrich : ARIWG Dashboard:
09:14:28 From Judith Hellerstein : @marita, you can open the other weblink on another browser to see it and then the chat pops up and notifies you when there is a chat available
09:15:29 From Heidi Ullrich : AIs from ICANN65:
09:15:31 From Judith Hellerstein : Screen readers can read the chat but not the page on the screen so all staff should get into the habit of posting the web links
09:17:04 From Evin Erdoğdu : Joanna will be on the CPWG call to discuss the ALAC Hot Policy Topics Document today
09:20:08 From Harold Arcos : hand up
09:23:02 From Satish Babu : @OCL, the mail from the UASG Secretariat came to all of us through the ISOC List.
09:24:17 From Satish Babu : At APrIGF Vladivostok last week, we had a panel on Universal Acceptance, with Lianna, Nadira and I speaking on it.
09:25:28 From Evin Erdoğdu : Please see UA workspace:
09:25:43 From Evin Erdoğdu : And RALO Tracking Pages for UA Pilot:
09:26:08 From Harold Arcos to Claudia Ruiz (Privately) : LACRALO WG Multilingüismo y IDNs/ WG on Multilinguism and IDNs:
09:26:20 From Harold Arcos : LACRALO WG Multilingüismo y IDNs/ WG on Multilinguism and IDNs:
09:27:05 From Harold Arcos : 2019-07-19 LACRALO Multilinguism and IDNs Working Group Call:
09:27:20 From Satish Babu : APRALO will be reporting on this panel in our newletter.
09:28:21 From Evin Erdoğdu : Thank you @Satish
09:28:58 From Evin Erdoğdu : Noted @Maureen
09:31:29 From Harold Arcos : Dear Satish with R. de la Parra we talked about RightsCon to send a member of Costa Rica.
09:32:55 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : co-sponsored workshop on DNS Abuse with GAC = good idea for ICANN66
09:34:48 From Satish Babu : Thanks Harold...Sure, let's discuss this further.
09:35:22 From Judith Hellerstein : @harold you could send some one using crop funding
09:35:45 From Satish Babu : Yes, CROP would be fine since it is within the region.
09:36:04 From Judith Hellerstein : @harold But first you need to submit a session to be held
09:36:07 From Harold Arcos : Thanks for reminder dear @Judith
09:36:58 From Harold Arcos : yeah, we will send.
09:37:10 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : Back again using my laptop vs cell phone. I have audio now
09:37:21 From Judith Hellerstein : if one of your sessions is featured you get free registration and then 3/4, ½ and 1/4 discounts on registration
09:37:42 From Judith Hellerstein : @harold remember crop does not cover registration fees
09:37:47 From Satish Babu : Harold, if some of us can participate remotely, you can mention us as part of the proposed workshop at RightsCon. This may help in adding diversity.
09:38:11 From Judith Hellerstein : remote participation is not guaranteed. most rooms often do not have it
09:38:15 From Satish Babu : @Judith, I think the new CROP rules do permit Registration Fee (but I'm 100% not sure)
09:38:40 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : It doesn't include registration, Maryam sent a note yesterday on this
09:39:01 From Satish Babu : Oh ok...
09:39:06 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : As to the Curated notes survey
09:39:07 From Glenn McKnight NARALO :
09:39:10 From Judith Hellerstein : @satish, no they do not. they say they may make some allowances if requested and pressured by the GSE
09:39:22 From Harold Arcos : Thanks @Satish! sure will do
09:39:35 From Satish Babu : In that case, why don't we take this up through GSE?
09:40:03 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : My view is that people who attend events they should strive to get free registration as a speaker or just ask for it
09:40:17 From Judith Hellerstein : if your panel is chosen than it does not matter as you will get free registration
09:40:43 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : I don't think we should appeal to the GSE for such a minor issue
09:40:49 From Judith Hellerstein : or 75% or 50% free and then the rest could be covered by discretionary funds
09:41:15 From Satish Babu : If there are 3-4 persons from LACRALO, the fees become significant...
09:41:53 From Harold Arcos : My apologies, I must retire to another meeting. See you soon CPWG,,,,,
09:42:17 From Judith Hellerstein : if there are 3 people, the choices are 1 free, 1 75% discount and 1, 50% discount so the registration fees are not much
09:43:44 From Heidi Ullrich : ARIWG - Plan Development:
09:44:25 From Heidi Ullrich : Issue 2 on Barriers to individual participation, etc:
09:45:34 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Yes that is all I have seen as well
09:46:21 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Do remember of course at this stage we are well ahead on most of the recommendation implementation(s)
09:46:54 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : so it is not that your behind in Issue 2 at all it is just ques for now(ish)
09:47:48 From John Laprise (ALAC/NARALO) : sorry must run... another meeting at wor
09:48:04 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Do note my chat above
09:49:04 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Yes it did
09:50:30 From Yeşim Nazlar : 29 may
09:51:24 From gisella.gruber : We did have a few responses and we updated the members page but we did not have a large response. We have MAINTAINED the mailing list for now
09:51:38 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I was a week out my apologies
09:52:06 From Heidi Ullrich : ATLAS III Workspace:
09:52:16 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Yes it will be the same mailing list we just needed to reconfirm and refresh Membership
09:53:15 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I was told people would be approached during ICANN 65 to also refresh or present themselves for Metrics WG if you all did not do that well... So be it... we can follow up again with another email...
09:55:20 From Heidi Ullrich : The ATLAS III case study will consist of a series of plenaries and break outs.
09:56:04 From Heidi Ullrich : The break outs will allow for a deeper development/understanding of various SOACSG views on the EPDP Phase 1 as well as learning of identified skills.
09:56:33 From Heidi Ullrich : A webinar as well as a reading list will be developed in September.
09:56:58 From Abdulkarim Oloyede : I think these are good ideas for ATLAS III. Well done!!!
09:58:44 From Heidi Ullrich : The ISOC lunch will be on Tuesday. GEMs will perform on Tuesday evening.
09:58:54 From Heidi Ullrich : Wednesday will be a networking reception.
10:01:44 From Olivier Crepin-Leblond : Alberto has his hand up?
10:01:54 From Alberto Soto : raised hand
10:04:44 From Judith Hellerstein : @gisella, travel has not published the max fares for all regions. do we know when this will be poisted
10:07:20 From gisella.gruber : @Judith - I will check with Travel Support.
10:08:17 From Judith Hellerstein : @gisella, thanks. I have asked Joseph to self book but have not heard yet and also do not know what I can spend
10:08:20 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : the visa is a very complicate process
10:08:45 From Judith Hellerstein : If you are covered by NASIG we may be able to work for you
10:08:45 From gisella.gruber : @Judith - that is all Travel Support related. If you have asked Joseph/Travel Support, he will get back to you
10:10:28 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : As Judith indicated we are supplying hotel rooms for the NASIG Fellows from Oct 30th to Nov 2
10:11:15 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : A reception will be held by invitation only on Friday night. If interested to attend the event please contact Judith or Glenn , Drink tickets will be issued.
10:11:27 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : It will be at the Mad Hatter Pub on Friday night
10:12:50 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : The GDPR for Citizens event is fully booked for Saturday morning. the courseware is being translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese
10:13:01 From Alan Greenberg : SORRY, MY PHONE WENT DEAD. WILL CALL BACK IN
10:13:29 From Alan Greenberg : bACK
10:13:36 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : Maureen please remind people to review the curated notes and complete the survey of the Marrakesh notes
10:13:39 From Alan Greenberg : bACK
10:13:41 From Satish Babu : Sounds good, Glenn :-)
10:13:58 From Glenn McKnight NARALO :
10:14:59 From Heidi Ullrich : Seat 15 Workspace:
10:16:57 From Glenn McKnight NARALO : @Alan i will volunteer again for either committee
10:21:02 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : Glenn.. nominations come through the RALOs.. but thank you for the offer.. :)
10:21:31 From Evin Erdoğdu : Holly has prepared comments/a slide deck for discussion on SubPro for CPWG today
10:24:31 From Judith Hellerstein : Yes, I am behind on this. spent the week working on NASIG and consumed all my available time. Can work on it after the IGF USA on Thursday
10:27:29 From Marita Moll : I will be looking at the financial assumptions as well. Hopefully after this call.
10:28:13 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : bye then
10:28:16 From Satish Babu : Thanks and bye!
10:28:22 From Leon Sanchez : Thanks everyone
10:28:23 From Evin Erdoğdu : Thank you all!
10:28:27 From Alberto Soto : Gracias, thanks!