Monday, 24 June

At-Large: Welcome to ICANN65 and Policy Priorities (EE)

  • Evin Erdogdu to forward spreadsheet to CPWG list and Travelers list.

  • At-Large members to sign up for utilizing the ICANN65 At-Large Talking Points during related ICANN65 sessions.

Joint NCUC-At-Large Outreach: Policy at ICANN demystified (EE)


The ALAC/GAC Capacity Building Focus Group: Capacity Building Initiatives (EE)

  • Pua Hunter to share list of interested GAC topics with Joanna and group  - ALAC and GAC staff can help set up intersessional webinars.
  • Joanna Kulesza to send the info discussed in email to Pua about the CB sessions (in addition to calendar invites). To also send the At-Large agenda.
  • Evin Erdogdu to ask Heidi Ullrich  about specific funding for Capacity Building (outside of CROP, ABRs).
  • Pua Hunter to present to GAC plenary on the ALAC CB sessions, et al. 
  • Joanna Kulesza and Yrjo Lansipuro to present to At-Large community the idea to have an additional half-day before or after the ICANN meetings for GAC-ALAC capacity building.
  • Yrjö suggested that Pua Hunterand Joanna Kuleszamention these meeting takeaways during the Joint ALAC/GAC session on Wednesday at ICANN65, in addition to policy topics of mutual interest.

At-Large: Development of the ALAC Hot Policy Topics Document (EE)

At-Large Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee Meeting (EE)


Tuesday, 25 June

At-Large Policy Workshop: Geo Names (EE)

  • Olivier Crepin-Leblondsuggested discussing with GAC the same issue ALAC/At-Large face in drawing consensus on certain issues, including Geo Names.
  • Evin Erdogdu to create page with Jonathan Zuck to brainstorm special purpose CPWG calls with specific agendas on the topic of Geo Names.

At-Large Capacity Building Workshop – An Introduction to Policy Development at ICANN (EE/SV)

  • Evin Erdogduto put the presenters' resources on CPWG / ALAC/At-Large Policy Advice Development pages, and ICANN Learn.

Wednesday, 26 June

At Large Universal Acceptance (UA) Kickoff (EE)

  • Evin ErdogduJohn Lapriseto share the contacts of the UASG presenters with the SMWG / At-Large RALO leaders. Presenters requested the RALO leaders share the link in the presentation.
  • Heidi Ullrich / Silvia Vivanco to put UASG Ambassadors in each region in touch with RALO leaders.
  • Silvia Vivanco to work with RALO leadership to make UASG a standing agenda item during RALO Monthly calls, starting after ICANN65.
  • John Laprise requested RALO leaders introduce themselves to the UASG in the room before the end of the meeting.
  • Noted by Amrita Choudhurythat there are potential UASG funds for traveling / outreach / awareness on the topic. Heidi Ullrichto communicate this to Cyrus and his team.
  • John Laprise to provide an update to the ALAC on the status of UASG pilot in a few months, before ICANN66.
  • Jonathan Zuck and Maureen Hilyard requested the RALO leaders / ALSes publish a blog on the UASG.
  • Evin Erdogdu to contact Edmon Chungto follow up on dotAsia's existing UA material for use by At-Large SMWG. Edmon requested staff / John Laprise email for resources.
  • Ajay Data to send UASG resources to John Laprise.
  • Evin Erdogdu to create RALO AI tracking pages for UASG pilot one week after ICANN65.

At-Large Internet Governance Issues and Rightscon Update (EE)

  • Evin Erdogduto distribute Nigel's presentation on ICANN's sector membership in the ITU to ALT+.
  • LACRALO to consider in their FY20 outreach and engagement plans for travel to include going to RightsCon. 
  • ALAC/RALOs to consider and collaborate future RightsCon activities.

ALAC / At-Large Community interaction and input to ATRT3 (EE)

At-Large Workshop on Consumer Safeguards Issues (EE)

  • John Laprisenoted "informal" ALAC consensus (of the ALAC members present in the room) that a public, cross-community session on DNS Abuse in Montreal would be useful, and would be open to co-sponsoring it. Alan Greenbergnoted roping in the GAC for potential co-sponsorship. Yrjo LansipuroJoanna Kuleszato coordinate with ALAC/GAC co-sponsorship.
  • Eduardo Diaz noted should define "What is DNS Abuse?" according to end user: generally price-gouging. What else falls into ICANN remit? Evan Leibovitchrequested ICANN data on the topic. Hedlund noted the CCT Review and DAAR Report provided some data, including phishing, malware, botnet and spam.

Thursday, 27 June

At-Large Leadership Wrap Up of ICANN65 (EE)

  • Staff / Gisella Gruberto organize an At-Large webinar with Cyrus and his team on the topic of ICANN Org’s Readiness to Support Future Rounds of New gTLDs.
  • Evin Erdogdu to distribute SAC105: The DNS and the Internet of Things to the ALAC and CPWG.
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond suggested he and Jonathan Zuck work with other ACs to develop statement on SAC105.

At-Large Policy Debrief - what impact did At-Large make this week? (EE)

  • Ricardo Holmquist noted that the shorter length of the ICANN64 Talking Points (4-5, 1 page) was better than the length of the ICANN65 Talking Points.
  • Jonathan Zuck noted that the ICANNXX Talking Points will be a standing agenda item on CPWG calls well in advance of meetings.

At-Large Review of ICANN65 and Planning for ICANN66

  • Maureen Hilyard / Gisella Gruber to work with the ICANN66 Prep Group to integrate the At-Large Fellows into At-Large meetings at ICANN meetings.
  • ALAC/GAC to submit a joint HIT Session on Cybersecurity for ICANN66.
  • At-Large ICANN66 Prep Group to plan a pre-ICANN66 webinar to provide information on activities ICANN66.

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