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Background: Challenges and Possible Opportunities Regarding Universal Acceptance

The At-Large community discussed universal acceptance (UA), and formed two areas of consensus. First, the interests of Internet end users, particularly those using non-Latin scripts, are being undermined by a lack of universal acceptance around the world. It was therefore unanimous among those present that UA should be a priority issue for the At-Large community. Second, there was enthusiasm to experiment with At-Large community mobilization on the issue of universal acceptance. Given the worldwide challenges that a lack of UA poses, the Regional Leaders of the At-Large community committed to participating in a program of widespread outreach to end users, to engage them in testing applications and websites around the world and reporting those that fail to accept top-level domains (TLDs) longer than 3 characters, or in non-Latin scripts (International Domain Names, or IDNs). John Laprise, Vice-Chair of the ALAC and Chair of the At-Large Social Media Working Group (SMWG) will develop a plan for multi-tier Internet end user outreach and activation on universal acceptance. John will facilitate continued discussion and brainstorming in terms of audience, ask and technology for this program.

Initial Brainstorming Suggestions - ICANN64 Community Forum

  1. There are lots of educational materials on the SG site.
  2. At-Large could buy a second level domain on a non-latin site and then setup infinite email addresses, e.g. John.Laprise@atlarge.ουτοπία.δπθ.gr
  3. At-Large could provide a list of the most popular local sites in each country:
  4. At-Large could even make it easy to send mail via a web client for a test and then to send a report both the the SG and the online entity from their portal.
  5. All this would allow At-large to more easily track how UA is doing.

Potential request for $5,000 in funds for someone to build this interface, making it super easy to let folks sign up for an email address and log their activity for reporting purposes. The idea is more outreach than policy, but will require collaboration from related working groups (SMWG, SC on O&E and CPWG).

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