Welcome to ATLAS III in Montreal!  *  Bienvenue chez ATLAS III à Montréal!  *  ¡Bienvenido a ATLAS III en Montreal!

What is the third At-Large Summit (ATLAS III)?

ATLAS III is an assembly of future At-Large Ambassadors, focused on developing and nurturing potential thought leaders and change agents who will implement what has resulted from the At-Large Review Process, namely, more effective participation of At-Large members in the policy advice process.

ATLAS III will provide participants with the skills required to effectively represent the best interests of the end users within ICANN. 

See the ICANN org blog on ATLAS III here.

When is ATLAS III?

ATLAS III will take place  Monday, 4 November through Thursday, 7 November 2019 during ICANN 66 in Montreal, Canada. 

Who is participating in ATLAS III? 

Approximately, sixty At-Large members and current and incoming At-Large leaders are  invited to be ATLAS III.

See all ATLAS III Funded Travelers

Details on how the ATLAS III participants were selected are available here: ATLAS III Participant Selection Process

Other At-Large members are welcome to be observers in ATLAS III. 


Key Sources of Information

Pre-ATLAS III Activities

  • Preparation

    • ATLAS III Webinar - An ATLAS III Webinar is scheduled for 23 October 2019 between 13:00-14:00 UTC in EN/ES/FR. All ATLAS III participants and At-Large leaders should attend. This call iwill include information on the EPDP Phase 1 case study, schedule and what to expect at ATLAS III.

    • Online Training Courses 

    • Resources

ATLAS III Activities

  • ATLAS III Schedule

  • ATLAS III Program

  • ATLAS III Social Events 

Post ATLAS III Activities

ATLAS III Logistics

 Actions and Outputs



ATLAS III Organization

ATLAS III TIMELINE - Click to enlarge 


At-Large Summit II Home - ICANN50, London, June 2014

At-Large Summit I Home -  - ICANN34, Mexico City, March 2009

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