The following abbreviations have been used throughout this section of the CROPP Wiki Space:

  • BC = Business Constituency
  • IPC = Intellectual Property Constituency
  • ISPC = Internet Services Providers Constituency
  • NCUC = Non-Commercial Users Constituency
  • NPOC = Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency

The following report automatically updates itself based upon completed/approved Trip Proposals and is not editable except by CROPP Administrators.

GNSO Constituency Status Report

Trip ProposalApp DateTravelersEvent NameRegionReturn DateAssessment DueAssessment Approved
BC Trip Proposal 112-Mar-20152IAD Summit 2015 Africa17-Apr-201508-May-201514-May-2015
BC Trip Proposal 213-May-20151AfICTA Roundtable meetingAfrica12-Jun-201503-Jul-201517-Sep-2015
IPC Trip Proposal 102-Sep-20141ICANN 51North America17-Oct-201407-Nov-201431-Mar-2015
IPC Trip Proposal 210-Mar-20151ICANN 53Latin America and Caribbean26-Jun-201517-Jul-201518-Aug-2015
IPC Trip Proposal 320-Apr-20151University of Belgrade Intellectual Property Law Conference Europe12-Jun-201503-Jul-201501-Oct-2015
NCUC Trip Proposal 113-Feb-20151RightsConAsia26-Mar-201516-Apr-201523-Jun-2015
NCUC Trip Proposal 225-Mar-20151European Dialogue on Internet Governance Europe06-Jun-201527-Jun-201518-Aug-2015
NCUC Trip Proposal 314-Apr-20151European Dialogue on Internet GovernanceEurope06-Jun-201527-Jun-201510-Sep-2015
NCUC Trip Proposal 417-Apr-20151International Conference on Cyber ConflictEurope30-May-201520-Jun-2015

NCUC Trip Proposal 507-May-20151European Dialogue on Internet GovernanceEurope06-Jun-201527-Jun-201515-Sep-2015
NPOC Trip Proposal 124-Jun-2014110th Caribbean Internet Governance ForumLatin America and Caribbean09-Aug-201430-Aug-201416-Sep-2014
NPOC Trip Proposal 229-Apr-20151WSIS Forum 2015Europe30-May-201520-Jun-201505-Nov-2015
NPOC Trip Proposal 329-Apr-20151WSIS Forum 2015Europe30-May-201520-Jun-201508-Oct-2015
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