CROPP Video Tutorial Part II is now available!

The second CROPP video tutorial has now been published in the Orientations and Tutorials section. Part II contains a detailed explanation of the Community Workspaces area including a step-by-step guide to completing DRAFT Trip Proposals and Assessments. 

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CROPP Video Tutorial Part I is now available!

The first of two CROPP video tutorials has now been published in the Orientations and Tutorials section. Part I contains an orientation to the CROPP Wiki space including its contents, navigation, and layout.

Part II is currently in production and will cover the Community Workspaces area in greater detail including how to complete Trip Proposal templates. Publication date is expected to be 11 June 2014. 

Program Administrators

We are pleased to report that the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY15 Home Wiki space has been officially opened on 27 May 2014 and is now available to receive your community regional DRAFT Trip Proposals.

For those who do not speak English, all of the pages within this Wiki may be translated using the "Translate" option located at the end of the status line just below the page title. (Note: These translations are computer-generated and, as such, may not be technically correct in all instances)

Since CROPP is a continuation from FY14, we are not planning to organize any formal community introductory sessions; however, if any group would like us to conduct an overview of the program, including the Wiki implementation, please let us know and we will be pleased to accommodate such requests. We are also happy to provide individual training sessions to any new Pilot Program Coordinators that you identify/replace throughout the program year. 

A two-part audio-video tutorial is in the process of being prepared for community members who will participate in CROPP-FY15 (see Orientations and Tutorials). 

If you have questions after you have had an opportunity to review the Wiki space materials (see CROPP Program Elements) please contact Janice Douma Lange or Robert Hoggarth. We will be happy to join you for a call or a meeting to provide an overview and answer your specific questions about the program.

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