09:42:27 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome to the At-Large Social Media Working Group Call on Monday, 08 July 2019 at 17:00 UTC
09:54:41 From Antonio Medina Gómez. ACUI : buenos dias/tardes a todos
09:55:22 From Evin Erdoğdu : Hello all, welcome.
09:55:44 From Priyatosh Jana : hi everyone
09:55:51 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : thank you
09:55:56 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : hi everyone
09:56:53 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Hi All
09:56:55 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : FYI
09:57:14 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Just posted a flyer for the GDPR for Citizens event on Nov 2nd
09:57:20 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Registration at https://forms.gle/aUMLrCJ8Bs9xAhLG8
09:57:22 From Lianna Galstyan : Hi everyone
09:57:28 From John Laprise (ALAC/NARALO) : Hi all
09:57:33 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : Hi everyone
09:57:53 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Do not forget to register if interested in NASIG Montreal
09:58:05 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : thanks Glenn
09:58:49 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : https://internetgovernancehub.blog/
09:59:35 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : I´m interested Glenn
10:00:00 From Lianna Galstyan : Glenn, when the fellows for NASIG will be announced?
10:01:21 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Its still open, had to delay due to the late announcement of ATLAS 3
10:02:15 From Priyatosh Jana : ohk
10:03:14 From Priyatosh Jana : Glennn,how long application will open.please provode NASIG website
10:05:01 From Lianna Galstyan : @John, wouldn't it be better if you reach out to Edmon with cc to RALO SM leads, instead of 5 ppl doing the same separately?
10:05:41 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : we have set up a UA session for our NARALO Insights series . video series
10:06:03 From Evin Erdoğdu : That’s great @Glenn
10:07:15 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Without the benefit of hearing the UA sessions, what will be the differences within the RALO tracking pages ? In other words why not just one At-Large tracking page ?
10:15:16 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : I was personally burried in various rooms
10:17:25 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : ATRT3 will have released the first draft
10:19:02 From Lianna Galstyan : What hashtag should we use - #ATLAS3, #ATLASIII ?
10:19:59 From Evin Erdoğdu : Yes number 3, agreed
10:20:06 From Lianna Galstyan : ok, thanks
10:20:24 From Lianna Galstyan : sure
10:21:07 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Noticed that the Tweets for ICANN65 seemed less than ICANN64
10:21:36 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : but perhaps a more more detailed analysis could be done
10:21:48 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : as to actual numbers
10:22:42 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : NASIG 2019 HASHTAG #nasig2019
10:23:42 From Lianna Galstyan : noted Glenn
10:24:26 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Was the training a recorded session ?
10:27:39 From David Mackey : that’s the right cadence ;-)
10:29:55 From Ejikeme Egbuogu : great idea @Lianna
10:31:38 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : SoME Training for ATLAS 3 participants
10:33:04 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : I dont' think many RALO leads are on this call?
10:34:04 From David Mackey : re: goals & analytics … it’s not a quick answer; thinking is required to come up with useful goals
10:36:27 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : ISOC Networking Session at ICANN Marrakech was interesting . i had 24,445 views of the group picture i shared on FlICKR
10:36:47 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Pictures for Marrakech
10:36:48 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : some may have handles but not active
10:36:50 From Ejikeme Egbuogu : we really need training @John trained us how to use buffer etc
10:37:13 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : https://www.flickr.com/photos/glennmcknight/albums/72157708741661357
10:37:21 From Lianna Galstyan : agree with Dev
10:38:33 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : What about blogging?
10:39:29 From Ejikeme Egbuogu : lots of people want to do more on social media but dont know how or just dont want to open themselves to security risks, but when on a community like this they can be guided then they can do more
10:39:56 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : http://online.fliphtml5.com/gnel/fqol/
10:40:11 From Ejikeme Egbuogu : Thats really one of the benefits of this group to learn from each other and spead this knowledge
10:41:29 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : At the end of the day are we communicating with our ALS and Unaffiliated members more effectively, not just analytics
10:45:38 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : great job glenn
10:46:13 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Thanks
10:46:42 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : I need to run but back later. David please register for the GDPR For Citizens workshop for Nv 2nd
10:47:02 From Glenn McKnight, Naralo : Bye all, need to run
10:47:18 From Lianna Galstyan : Bye Glenn
10:48:28 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : So a Google sheet should be compiled
10:48:39 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : that way, analysis can be done
10:48:39 From Evin Erdoğdu : Noted John, thanks Dev
10:48:46 From Ejikeme Egbuogu : Can we announce on our RALO email newsletters for memebers to drop their social media handles and then compile them
10:49:10 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Or have the RALO leads say on the RALO calls to do this
10:49:29 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : post a notice to the RALO mailing lists
10:50:08 From Lianna Galstyan : great proposal
10:51:54 From Ben Kyemba : Any way one can share their handle when not yet part of the RALO mailing list?
10:53:24 From Ben Kyemba : Thank you
10:54:00 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Here's the ALS Survey results back in 2010:
10:54:00 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : https://community.icann.org/display/ALSurvey/At-Large+Structure+2010+Survey+Workspace
10:54:19 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Here's the PDF : https://community.icann.org/display/ALSurvey/At-Large+Structure+2010+Survey+Workspace?preview=/2264933/6094859/ALS_Survey_Analysis_2010-Dec-2010-draft-final.pdf
10:57:48 From davekissoondoyal : Thanks and bye to all
10:57:52 From Lianna Galstyan : Thanks everyone and bye.
10:57:54 From Dev Anand Teelucksingh : Take care all
10:58:00 From Harold Arcos : thanks all,,,bye bye
10:58:06 From Mohammad Kawsar Uddin : Thank you all
10:58:08 From Priyatosh Jana : thanks everyone good bye
10:58:13 From Ben Kyemba : Thank you all

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