Final ICANN70 Social Media Report

Winners of ICANN Meeting SMWG Twitter Competitions

ICANN71 Virtual Policy Forum

First place: Olivier Crépin-Leblond, CPWG Co-Chair

Second place: Bukola Oronti, ATLAS III Ambassador

Third place: Dave Kissoondoyal, AFRALO ALAC Member

See this page for all winners of the ICANN Meeting SMWG Twitter Competitions, since the ICANN67 Virtual Community Forum.

Winners of ICANN Meeting SMWG Facebook Competitions

ICANN71 Virtual Policy Forum

First place: Shah Zahidur Rahman, APRALO ALS member

Second place: Dave Kissoondoyal, AFRALO ALAC Member

Third place: Marcelo Rodriguez, LACRALO SMWG Member

See this page for all winners of the ICANN Meeting SMWG Twitter Competitions, since the ICANN70 Virtual Community Forum.


The At-Large Social Media Working Group aims to raise awareness of the ICANN At-Large community and enhance end-users’ engagement with the community by developing a strong and sustainable presence on social media. The At-Large Social Media WG, in close coordination with At-Large Staff, is mainly tasked with implementing the Social Media Strategy for At-Large ( Since the WG wasn't officially established until the ALAC addresses the issue during its Monthly call at the end of May 2014, an interim At-Large Curation WG was formed and functioning during the month of May, implementing the Social Media Strategy. Dev Anand Teelucksingh accepted Olivier Crépin-Leblond’s request for him to take on the position of Interim Chair. After the WG was officially charters, members agreed on the continuation of his Chair position. In July 2017, incoming ALAC Member John Laprise served as Co-chair with Dev. John Laprise served as the Chair of the Social Media Working Group from July 2017-May 2020.

In May 2020, the role of the SMWG Chair evolved to that of a rotating Regional SMWG Chair. Shreedeep Rayamajhi, formerly Regional (APRALO) Vice Chair for the SMWG, first assumed the role of Regional SMWG Chair ahead of the ICANN68 Virtual Policy Forum.

Some of the tasks for the At-Large Social Media WG include:

  • Create templates for 'fluid content’ (e.g. messages from ALAC-Announce mailing list);
  • Plan and draft required quantity of ‘static content’ during each work period (e.g. background information about the people and work of the community);
  • Provide live coverage of ICANN meetings and events on social media; 
  • Facilitate cross-community interactions via social media;  
  • Monitor and analyze social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis; 
  • Assess additional digital channels for potential expansion;
  • Develop best practice and organization knowledge in social media management. 

At-Large Social Media WG members should have some knowledge and experience in social media communications. At-Large Social Media WG Members should be from all regions with at least one member from each following group: 

Members will work collaboratively and handle a variety of tasks in a rotational basis. However, only the At-Large Staff can directly publish content through the At-Large accounts on social media channels, as those accounts are official representations of the organization and the At-Large staff are accountable for quality control, consistency of messaging, and reputation management.


Staff Support Leads: Evin Erdoğdu

Mail list: 

To subscribe to the mailing list (or read the archives / manage your subscription) please visit


Regional Vice-Chairs: AFRALO Bukola Oronti APRALO Shreedeep Rayamajhi EURALO Natalia Filina LACRALO Lilian Ivette De Luque Bruges NARALO Peter Knight

RALO Leads: AFRALO Sarah Kiden APRALO Lianna Galstyan EURALO Olivier Crépin-Leblond LACRALO Lilian Ivette De Luque Bruges NARALO Susannah Gray

The members of At-Large Social Media WG, organized by regional affiliation, are:

RegionMemberPositionMembership Confirmation*ICANN Meeting & Regional Event Volunteer History
AFRALOSeun OjedejiMember (tick)ICANN55, AIS 2016

Victor Ndonnang


AFRALOBaudouin SchombeMember (tick) 
AFRALOEtienne TshishimbiMember 

AFRALOBukola OrontiRegional Vice-Chair(tick)AFRALO Regional Vice-Chair
AFRALOSarah KidenMember (tick)ICANN56, AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOGabriel DackoMember (tick)ICANN56
AFRALOAli HusseinMember (tick)
AFRALOAdebunmi Adeola AkinboMember (tick)ICANN56
AFRALOLawrence Olawale-RobertsMember 

AFRALOMwendwa KivuvaMember 
AFRALOBeran Dondeh GillenMember (tick)ICANN55
AFRALOImrane Ahmat SouleymaneMember (tick)ICANN55
AFRALOAbdeldjalil Bachar BongMember (tick)ICANN55
AFRALODaniel Khauka NanghakaMember (tick) AIS 2016
AFRALOSimon KaheruMember 

AFRALOLiliane KomMember (tick)ICANN56

Ejikeme Egbuogu

Member(tick)AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOBram FudzulaniMember(tick)ICANN62, AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOCaleb Olumuyiwa Member(tick)
AFRALOKris SeeburnMember(tick)
AFRALOBaudouin SchombeMember(tick)
AFRALOWisdom DonkorMember(tick)ICANN62, AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOOlévié KouamiMember(tick)
AFRALODave KissoondoyalMember(tick)AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOLuke KapchangaMember(tick)
AFRALOPeters OmoragbonMember(tick)
AFRALOAdebunmi Adeola AkinboMember(tick)
AFRALONouradine AbdelkerimMember(tick)
AFRALOMontrésor KonanMember(tick)AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOJoan KatambiMember(tick)AFRALO SM Representative
AFRALOMichel Tchonang LinzeMember(tick)
AFRALOMinata ZONG-NABAMember(tick)
AFRALOFanny SalyouMember(tick)
AFRALOInes HfaiedhMember(tick)
AFRALORaymond MamattahMember(tick)
AFRALOEsther AkelloMember(tick)
AFRALOStephen DakyiMember(tick)
AFRALOBakary KouyateMember(tick)
AFRALOInnocent AdrikoMember(tick)
AFRALOLavish Mawuena MensahMember(tick)
AFRALOEmmanuel Kwasi GadasuMember(tick)
AFRALOHadia ElminiawiMember

AFRALOSarata OmaneMember

AFRALOJoseph FranceMember

AFRALOEmmanuel Dabbie BotchwayMember

APRALOPavan BudhraniMember 


Yannis Li


APRALOJahangir HossainMember (tick)
APRALOSivasubramanian MMember 

APRALOPrateek PathakMember 
APRALOJianne SorianoMember 
APRALOGnanajeyaraman RajaramMember(tick)
APRALODr. GovindMember(tick)
APRALOEranga SamararathnaMember(tick)
APRALOLianna GalstyanMember(tick)APRALO SM Representative
APRALOAmer Al-SubaiMember(tick)
APRALOCheryl Langdon-OrrMember(tick)
APRALONarine KhachatryanMember(tick)
APRALOMaheeshwara KirindigodaMember(tick)
APRALOAmrita ChoudhuryMember(tick)APRALO SM Representative
APRALOMohammad Kawsar UddinMember(tick)
APRALOCherie LagakaliMember(tick)
APRALOPriyatosh JanaMember(tick)
APRALOJianne SorianoMember(tick)
APRALOShreedeep RayamajhiRegional Vice-Chair(tick)APRALO Regional Vice-Chair/Regional Chair, ICANN68 Virtual Policy Forum
EURALONatalia FilinaRegional Vice-Chair(tick)EURALO Regional Vice-Chair/Regional Chair, ICANN69 Virtual Annual General Meeting, ICANN71 Virtual Policy Forum
EURALOJordi IparraguirreMember 

EURALOYuliya MorenetsMember 

EURALOOlivier Crépin-LeblondMember (tick)ICANN55, WSIS Forum 2016, EuroDIG 2016, EURALO SM Representative
EURALOWale BakareMember(tick)EURALO SM Representative
EURALOYrjö LänsipuroMember(tick)EURALO SM Representative
EURALOOksana PrykhodkoMember(tick)EURALO SM Representative
EURALOUli RetzlaffMember 

EURALOOksana PrykhodkoMember (tick)ICANN56
EURALOJelena OzegovicMember

LACRALOLilian Ivette De Luque Bruges Regional Vice-Chair(tick)LACRALO Regional Vice-Chair/Regional Chair, ICANN70 Virtual Community Forum
LACRALOMarcelo RodriguezMember(tick)
LACRALOJuan Manuel RojasMember 


Maritza Aguero

Member (tick)
LACRALOJose Ovidio SalgueiroMember

LACRALOMaria Paola PerezMember(tick)
LACRALOJacqueline MorrisMember(tick)
LACRALORaitme CitterioMember(tick)
LACRALOHarold ArcosMember(tick)
LACRALOAlexis AntelizMember(tick)
LACRALOGary S. CampbellMember

LACRALOSergio Salinas PortoMember(tick)
LACRALOLilian Ivette De Luque BrugesMember(tick)
LACRALOMilo ParaisonMember(tick)
LACRALONikenley SevereMember(tick)
LACRALOAntonio Medina GómezMember(tick)
LACRALOJohnny LaureanoMember(tick)
LACRALOVrikson AcostaMember(tick)
LACRALOAnahí Menéndez RuizMember(tick)
LACRALOMarcelo RodriguezMember(tick)
LACRALOSindy ObedMember(tick)
NARALOJohn LapriseFormer Chair


Former Chair
NARALOEvan LeibovitchMember 

NARALOMurray McKercherMember 

NARALOLe-Marie ThompsonMember 

NARALOAnthony NiiganiiMember 

NARALOPeter KnightRegional Vice-Chair(tick)Regional Vice-Chair
NARALOGlenn McKnightMember (tick)ICANN56
NARALODana PerryMember 

NARALOGeorge EdwardsMember (tick)
NARALOSusannah GrayMember(tick)NARALO SM Representative

Kirstin Doan


NARALOAlfredo CalderonMember
NARALO SM Representative

Krishna Kumar


ICANN NextGenJune TessyMember 
N/AKelvin MbithiMember (tick)
N/AVallarie YiegaMember(tick)
N/AKatarina GevorgyanMember(tick)
N/AEmmanuel AsareMember

*Former Chair John Laprise asked members to confirm current status in July 2017. Those with (tick) have confirmed.


Next call: 11 May 2021

Previous calls


Archived Resources

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  1. Dear all,

    In order to support ICANN outreach and engagement efforts, I interested to join this working group. Looking forward to contribute.

    Best regards,


  2. Bonjour à tous,

    Je souhaite un très bon fonctionnement à ce groupe de travail.


    Hello all,

    I wish a very good operation working group.

    Best regards!

  3. Am hoping its not too late to volunteer for Social Media.

    Am interested.

    1. Thanks Adebunmi! I have subscribed you to the working group's mailing list. Please email me ( and let me know your Skype ID. We have a Skype group as well and I will add you. 

  4. To Volunteer for the Social Media Group you need to email and also post your name in the Members list above