The 2010 At-Large Structure (ALS) Survey, which ran from 7 – 24 May 2010, aimed to get to know the ALSes better so the ALAC and At-Large staff can improve their support in order to increase engagement and participation. The survey, available in English, Spanish and French, was divided into three sections:

1) ALS Survey 2010, 2) ccNSO-ALS Survey, and 3) Survey on ICANN’s Geographic Regions.

The information sought includes the current contact information for all ALS representatives and their alternates; to discover what policy areas the ALS Membership is most interested in; and to learn how they prefer to communicate with members of the At-Large community and ICANN At-Large Staff. Additionally, the survey will assist in learning more about the types of At-Large engagement the ALSes are interested in, including the preferred working group format, and whether their Membership is interested in representing the At-Large community at local and regional meetings and contributing to the implementation of the At-Large Improvements project.

Ron Sherwood, ccNSO liaison to the ALAC and Rudi Vansnick, ALAC liaison to the ccNSO, prepared the questions of the ALS-ccTLD survey. The survey is expected to help to identify the relationship between ccTLDs and ALSes, in part by identifying which ALSes are presently involved in local ccTLD activities.

The purpose of the third section, the community survey from the Review of ICANN Geographic Regions cross-community work group, is to assess the current applications and impacts of ICANN's Geographic Regions framework.

Final Survey Report

The Survey Analysis WG is preparing a final ALS survey report to be presented at the ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session 1 on Sunday, 5 December in Cartagena.  

Final Survey Report (PDF)

Template for the RALO ALS Survey reports: .doc .odt .pdf

Survey Presentations in Brussels

Presentation of Preliminary Survey Report

Audio file with presentation of survey results (move forward to the first Third of the recording)







Redacted Google Spreadsheet of ALS Survey Results

Complete ALS Survey Results 2010 (Google Spreadsheet)

Summary ALS Survey Analysis 2010

Break down by language no comments, no names

Break down by region no comments, no names

ALS 2010 Survey Questions

ALS Survey Analysis Working Group

The ALS Survey Working Group consists of regional leaders who will analyze the results of the survey and provide a report to the ALAC.

Didier Kasole (AFRALO)
Tijani Ben Jemaa (AFRALO)
Pavan Budhrani (APRALO)
Wolf Ludwig (EURALO)
Dev Anand Teelucksingh (LACRALO) - CHAIR
Sylvia Herlein Leite (LACRALO)
Darlene Thompson (NARALO)
Hong Xue (APRALO)
Fouad Bajwa (APRALO)


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