This page and associated sub pages are to document and coordinate the upcoming At-Large Outreach activities at the Internet Governance Forum 2017 Geneva ( from the 18 - 21 December 2017.

Next At-Large IGF 2017 Organizational Committee Call: 07 December 2017

Previous At-Large IGF 2017 Organizational Committee Call: 30 November 2017


The At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC submitted a ICANN FY18 budget request for At-Large Outreach to be funded at IGF 2017. This was approved by ALAC and submitted to ICANN. ICANN

approved this request, saying

"Two travelers approved (one Outreach Sub-Committee member and one ALAC Member) for travel support to the IGF 2017 Meeting. Granting of support is contingent on: (1) MAG approval of at least one At-Large RALO workshop; and (2) submission of a detailed report from each traveler within 30-days of the meeting that addresses each itemized metric as per request. The report is to be submitted to and is a condition of future resource allocations. Approved travel includes assumption of economy airfare + four travel days and three hotel nights + per diems appropriate to region traveled."

The ALAC Outreach and Engagement SC via Glenn McKnight requested a booth in May 2017 a At-Large at the IGF 2017 from the IGF MAG. This was approved in August 2017. See the booths at IGF 2017 page.

Key Workspaces

ICANN/At-Large Organized Events 


Date         TimeVenueEvent      Title                                Organizer       Recommended by

Sun 17 December

3.00-4.30pm  Day 0 Event; Panel DiscussionHow Digital activists are shaping the evolution of the Internet: the voice of civil society in ICANNICANN - Alan, Satish, Sarah
 Sun 17 December4.30pm


Salle 2

Day 0 Event; Panel DiscussionThe DNS and Emerging Identifiers (including DOA) ICANNMandy
 Mon 18 December10.40am
RoundtableIGF 2017 WS #4 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Roundtable: Are we running out of resources & bandwidth?

Tracy Hackshaw, Maureen Hilyard

 Mon 18 December10.40am
RoundtableData is the New Oil - Shaping the Digital Economy of MENAAli AlMeshal

Mon 18 December12:20pmRoom XIIRoundtableWS #48 The Future of Internet Identifiers: How the DNS will Function in a Smart Cyberspace?Proposer: Wolfgang Kleinwachter, University of Aarhus Co-Proposer: Jörg Schweiger, DENICOlivier (Standing in for Wolfgang)

Tues 19


 Open Forum“ICANN – Looking ahead: - Challenges and Opportunities”  ICANN
Tues, 19 December18:30-20:00Serpent  Bar of the UN PalaisReceptionICANN ReceptionICANN
Weds 20 December11.50amRoom
Break-out Group DiscussionsWS#8   Open Source: Defending Freedoms in the Digital Future

Satish Babu

Maureen Hilyard (remote moderator)

Thurs 21 December9am
RoundtableSynthesis Document - A collective output shaping the future of IGF and NRIs - An experience from the APRIGFsYannis Li - Maureen Hilyard (speaker)
Thurs 21 December11:30 - 13:00Room XXVII-E Workshop (Roundtable)Local content: an opportunity for human, economic and social development in underserved regions

Aziz Hilali, Glenn McKnight & Roula Mikhael (Speakers)

Tijani Ben Jemaa (Onsite Moderator)


Events Organized or Recommended by ICANN Community Members 

Date         TimeVenueEvent      Title                                Organizer       Recommended by
 Dec 16 

 Diplo Offices

Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG)


Civil Society Engagement

 Bestbits Event  Judith H.
 Dec 17 10:30 to 12:00 Room 18  Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG)  Satish Babu/Glenn McKnight 
Dec 189:00-10:00Room XXII - E
Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet ValuesOCL is a speaker
 Dec 18From 18:30WiPO Building  IGF Reception Hosted by the Government of Switzerland and the Canton and city of Geneva  


Dec. 19

3:00-4:30pmRoom 27
Universal Design and Creating an Accessible Global Digital Future Judith H. Is a moderator. Gunella Astbrink is a panelistJudith H.
 Dec 19  Room 27 WS 145The Internet of Things and accessibility for people with disability    
Dec 194:40 -6:10Room 26
Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital TradeJudith H is a rapporteurJudith H.
Dec. 195:20-6:20Room 12
DC on Community Connectivity
Judith H.
Tuesday Dec. 19

APC Dinner

Dec. 20

Room 23Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity
Judith H.

Lightning  Talks 

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