• Two key issues identified by Dev Anand Teelucksingh regarding LACRALO Translation Tool to be followed up with Comms:

    1) Better identification of where in the email the error message "Unable to translate...." occurs. Currently the error message says there's a problem with the email and the error message.

    2) Missing emails from one list to another -
    In 2018, it was noticed that many emails are being silently dropped from one list, mainly emails from lacralo-es not being sent to lacralo-en. Most under 10 emails missing a month but 5 months had more than 10 emails a month missing (worse case was 50 emails in a month).

    For issues in more detail:

  • ALAC /TTF to consider raising the issue of an overall fix of the Mailman translation tool in LACRALO in their FY20 Budget statement. Evin ErdogduMaureen Hilyard / Tijani Ben Jemaa.
  • Yesim Nazlar / Support Team to scheduled next TTF call on a Monday in February, with Mark Segall.
  • TBD: Special purpose call to be scheduled to discuss LACRALO Mailing lIst.

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