At-Large Summit II Organizing Committee

Date: Thursday, 09 January  2014

 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 UTC . (For the time in various timezones click here)


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Participants :  Baudouin Schombe, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Roberto Gaetano, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Eduardo Diaz, Allan Skuce, Fatima Cambronero, Jordi Iparaguirre, Matthieu Camus, Thomas Lowenhaupt, Wolf Ludwig, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Sandra Hoferichter, Carlos Aguirre, Jean Jacques Subrenat, Siranush Vardanyan, Rafid Fatani

Apologies:  Christopher Wilkinson

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Carlos Reyes, Gisella Gruber, Julia Charvolen

Call management: Julia Charvolen


Action Items: ATLAS II 2014.01.09 Action Items

Chat: ATLAS II 2014.01.09 Chat

Recording: EN

Transcript:  ATLAS II 2014.01.09 Transcript



  1. Roll Call (1 min) - Staff

  2. Agenda approval (1min) - Olivier/Eduardo

  3. ATLAS II Open Action Items (18 min) - Olivier/Eduardo/All

    1. Please come prepared to update the ones assigned to you (ATLAS II Master Action Items List).

      1. Matt: 001

      2. Carlos: 006, 007

      3. Heidi: 009, 010, 011

      4. Wolf/Cheryl: 004

      5. Eduardo: 012

  4. Discussion of Action Item 005: "ATLAS II Overarching-theme, Public Relations (PR) Message and strategic goals" (20 min) - Olivier/Eduardo/All

    1. Overarching theme already accepted by consensus on 19/12/13 (Reference: transcript page 6) : "Global Internet: The user Perspective"

    2. Need consensus for the following four PR Messages:

      1. INREACH

        1. "At-Large is the primary organizational home of the Internet end user within ICANN " (Reference: transcript page 12-14)

        2. "At-Large contributes to providing a broader user-centered view to ICANN" (Reference: transcript page 17)

        3. "At-Large strengthens ICANN as a model case for multi-stakeholder participation" (Reference: transcript page 16-19) 

      2. OUTREACH

        1. "At-Large reaches the parts of the world that ICANN can not reach" (Reference: transcript page 19-20)

    3. Need to start finalizing the following Strategic Goals list

      1.  Achieve a better and powerful representation of end-user interests in ICANN

      2. Organize and empower Internet end-users to make their voices heard in ICANN’s policy development processes

      3. Improve At-Large’s role and efficiency in policy development processes, shaping of public opinion, establishment and consent finding

      4. Strengthen At-Large as a reservoir for civil society allies pursuing like-minded goals in terms of public interest

      5. Make At-Large broader, inclusive and stronger (like one ALS per country)

      6. Improve inclusiveness and participation of existing and new member ALSs

      7. Bridge knowledge gaps between At-Large insiders and the broader membership and RALO organizations

      8. Exchange of members / ALSs experience and strengthen of bottom-up approach

      9. Better understand concerns, ideas, working areas and expectations of our members

      10. Help the At-Large community to learn more about ICANN’s work, functioning and current issues

  5. New Action Items (ideas are welcome!) (15 min) Olivier/Eduardo/All

    1. Showcase 

    2. Extracurricular Events - i.e. Luncheons, Dinners, Sightseeing, Showcase, etc.
    3. RALOs' General Assembly 

    4. Newsletter 

    5. Final event's draft

    6. Select final themes and identify lead person to coordinate each theme session

    7. Mentoring program 

    8. ICANN Learn 
  6. Next call and steps - (5 min) - Olivier/Eduardo

    1. Next meeting - 23/01/14 or do we start to have weekly meetings (next: 16/01/14)?

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