Date: Monday, 03 December 2018

Time: 18:00 - 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.FBSC/CC.1218/1

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FBSC Members

Chair: Maureen Hilyard

AFRALO: Sarah Kiden, Tijani Ben Jemaa

APRALO: Ali AlMeshal, Holly Raiche

EURALO: Bastiaan Goslings, Wale Bakare

LACRALO: Harold Arcos, Humberto Carrasco

NARALO: Glenn McKnight, Marita Moll


EN: Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Holly Raiche, Ali AlMeshal, Maureen Hilyard, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Wale Bakare,  Kaili Kan, Ricardo Holmquist, Bastiaan Goslings, Judith Hellerstein, Alan Greenberg, Glenn McKnight, Marita Moll, Maxim Alzoba, Alberto Soto, Sarah Kiden, 

ES: Sergio Salinas Porto, Humberto Carrasco, Harold Arcos


Apologies: Alfredo Calderon, Eduardo Diaz

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Evin Erdogdu, Benedetta Rossi, Becky Nash, Xavier Calvez, Shani Quidwai, Mary Wong

Call Management: Andrea Glandon

ES Interpreters: 

FR Interpreters: 


  1. Roll Call - Staff (2 minutes)

  2. Welcome to the Members of the 2018-2019 FBSC and Aim of Call  - Maureen Hilyard, Chair of the FBSC/ALAC (3 minutes)

  3. Introduction to, and the process for commenting on, the Draft ICANN FY20 Operating and Budget, Draft 5 Year Operating Plan, and the IANA/PTI budget - Becky Nash, VP, Finance; and Shani Quidwai, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis (25 minutes)

    1. Draft ICANN FY20 Operating Plan and Budget and Draft ICANN 5-year Operating Plan Public Comment expected to open in December
    2. At-Large Workspace: Draft PTI and IANA FY20 Operating Plan and Budgets
    3. Finance Presentation
  4. Introduction to, and the process for submitting, the FY20 Additional Budget Requests - Mary Wong, Vice President, Strategic Community Operations, Planning and Engagement and Benedetti Rossi, Manager, Policy Support and Community Services (20 minutes)

    1. See: At-Large FY20 Budget Development Workspace
    2. Presentation
  5. Next Steps - Maureen Hilyard (7 minutes)

  6. AOB - Maureen Hilyard (3 minutes)

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