Date: Thursday, 09 February 2017

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.FBSC/CC.0217/1

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EN:  Alan Greenberg, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Maureen Hilyard, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Olivier Crépin-Leblond,  Daniel Nanghaka, Glenn McKnight, Javier Rua-Jovet, Ali AlMeshal, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Erich Schweighofer, Alfredo Calderon, Nadira AlAraj, Judith Hellerstein, Sarah Kiden

ES: Humberto Carrasco, Alfredo Lopez

Apologies:  Alberto Soto, Kaili Kan, Andrei Kolesnikov

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Yeşim Nazlar

Call Management: Yeşim Nazlar

ES Interpreters: Veronica & David


  1. Roll Call - Staff (2 minutes)

  2. Welcome and Aim of Call  - Alan Greenberg, Chair of the FBSC/ALAC (3 minutes)

    1. Deadline for FY18 Additional Budget Requests extended to Friday, 10 February

  3. Final Review of the Revised At-Large FY18 Additional Budget Requests - Alan Greenberg and Heidi Ullrich  (50 minutes)

  4. Next Steps - Alan Greenberg (5 minutes)

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  1. Dear, I am traveling until February 14th. I do not have permanent Internet connection. My apologies for not being able to attend any meetings these days.
    Thank you very much

  2. Dear Alberto,

    Your apology has been noted.

    Safe travels!