NARALO Monthly Teleconference 

Date: Monday, 13 February 2017

Time: 20:00-21:30 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)  

*** FR Interpretation will be available

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1(800)550-6865, Teleconference EN ID: 1638

                            Teleconference FR ID: 1838

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EN: Glenn McKnight, Judith Hellerstein, Alan Greenberg, Leon Sachez, Gordon Chillcott, Javier Rua-Jovet, Susannah Gray, Eduardo Diaz, Alfredo Calderon, Leah Symekher, Allan Skuce, John Laprise, Lynden Price, Seth Reiss, Marita Moll, Evan Leibovitch, Loris Taylor, Howard Deane, Jarrett, Tom Lowenhaupt, Loris Taylor, Monique Chartrand, Eve Edelson, Yubelkys, Joly MacFie, Garth Bruen

FR: Louis Houle

Apologies: Dana Perry, Matthew Rantanen

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Joe Catapano, Christopher Mondini, Yeşim Nazlar

Call Management: Yeşim Nazlar

FR Interpreters: Camila & Claire

Summary Minutes:    

Action Items: EN

Recording:   EN , FR

AC Recording: EN

AC Chat: EN             

Transcript: EN , FR


1.0 Welcome and Roll call (2 min)

2.0  Action Items January 9th -  Staff (2 min) 

  • Members requested to provide contact information for Darlene to send her a certificate of acknowledgement.

  • Heidi Ullrich  to follow up on whether the 2 Tribal Ambassadors will be considered alumni to be elegible to apply for next fellowship round.

  • Silvia Vivanco to coordinate a call with Heidi Ullrich to explain FY18 Special Budget Request requirements,  for NARALO members who wish to submit a proposal.

  • Silvia Vivanco  to coordinate a call with Chris Mondini and Joe Catapano to explain the GSE view for North America for NARALO membership.


3. 0. Community Announcements-Open

3.1   Special  Discussion   Meet the  Candidates - BCEC candidates discussion and NARALO Selection-- At-Large Board Member Selection Workspace - 2017 - Final Slate of Candidates' Expressions of Interest (EoIs) - 2017  Glenn/Judith- (15 min) 

3.2  NARALO General Assembly 2017  Glenn (7 min)

4. 0  Rules of Procedures Update - John More  (-5 min) 

5.0 Communications -Glenn  - (7 min)

5.1.  Work in Progress NARALO Work in Progress

5.2  NARALO Newsletter Eduardo Diaz 

5.3  NARALO Mail Card and NARALO brochure - Silvia

6.0  Working Group Updates (Social Media, TTF, new GTLD, auctions, If time allows)

7.0 North America GSE Strategy - Chris Mondini (10 minutes)

8.0  Outreach and Engagement - Glenn - (5 minutes)

8.1  Outreach Report

8.2 New application process for the O and E--Local Outreach. $2,000 per RALO for specific local initiatives

See: Form for RALO request for funding to support an Outreach Activity 

8.3 Formal requests from Tom

9.0  NARALO CROPP CROPP FY 17 -   Glenn (1 minute)

10.0  Individual Membership Update - Glenn/Judith (1 minute)

10.1 ALSes on non-active Status- Update - Judith (3 mins)

11.0 Nom-Com - Eduardo Diaz (4 minutes)

12.0 Review of Current ALAC Public Consultations - Alan Greenberg (3 minutes)

    1. Statements approved by the ALAC
      • None 
    2. Statements in process: being drafted, in comment or in vote:
    3. Statements that seem to be stalled:
    4. Public Comment requests to which the ALAC decided not to submit Statements: 
    5. New Public Comment requests requiring decision:

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  1. Where do I find the recording of this call?



  2. Hi Joly,

    The recordings are already posted on the agenda. Please click on Recordings: "EN" or "FR" and you'll be able to listen to both of them. The transcripts will be posted soon as well.

    Thank you.

    Yeşim Nazlar

  3. Thanks Yesim. Couldn't see for looking!