Yesim Nazlar:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly Call on Monday, 13 February 2017 at 20:00 UTC

  Yesim Nazlar:Agenda:

  Heidi Ullrich:HI All!

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Hi!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Hi all, how do I mute my speakers?

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):sorry, mute my mic?

  Alfredo Calderon:Top left mic icon

  Javier Rua-Jovet:@susannah click the down arrow besides the mic icon, youll se the option

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):yep but I don't see the option to mute my own mic, only the conference audio or my speakers?

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):and I can't see the red line through my mic in the participant list

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Am I missing something?

  Leon Sanchez:Hello everyone

  Alan Greenberg:Do we have our Chair on the call?

  Alfredo Calderon:@Susannah, Check on the menu next to Meeting, there is a speaker and next ti is the mic options.

  Glenn McKnight:Hi

  allan skuce:Greetings

  Glenn McKnight:I am in Iceland

  Glenn McKnight:Judith has better  audio . only computer  for me

  John Laprise:Hi all

  Alan Greenberg:Glenn, I am ok with the agenda, but on the last RALO call that Leon and I participated in I went first. Perhaps this time we should reverse the order.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):@alfredo yes I see that but no option to mute my own line

  Glenn McKnight:i  will  type like a mad man

  Javier Rua-Jovet:jajaj

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  Alfredo Calderon:@Susannah, are you on Mac or PC?

  Glenn McKnight:please  mute your  lines

  Glenn McKnight:Yes

  Glenn McKnight:Judith wil chair

  Glenn McKnight:i have awful  audio here

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):got it :)

  Glenn McKnight:Please folks  we have  a special meeting that i s 90 minutes  30 minutes for the  candidate  introductions.

  Alfredo Calderon:@Susannah, Great!

  Glenn McKnight:We have two questions. One from Javier and one from Judith. PLease provide your  questions

  Louis Houle:Hi everyone

  Louis Houle:Sorryfor being late

  Monique Chartrand:ii !

  Louis Houle:I'll be on the French channel...

  Glenn McKnight:Question to all.  Is everyone ok for travel?

  Monique Chartrand:Hi !

  Yubelkys:hi everyone!

  Alan Greenberg:Where are questions for candidates?

  Glenn McKnight:plsea complete  the  NARALO ALS  information

  Glenn McKnight:@Alan  we  have not made them public

  Glenn McKnight:Judith will be reading them

  judith hellerstein:Monique you can join the french channel is you would like

  Yubelkys:I will be sending the information for travel today

  Glenn McKnight:@marita and Shelly  is all travel ok for you

  Glenn McKnight:Judith is chairing  

  Marita Moll:Glenn -- re: travel - still in limbo. I think (hope) staff is working on it

  Glenn McKnight:@marita thanks

  Monique Chartrand:It will be ok I don't have a phone access actualy

  Glenn McKnight:Need update on Yubelis too

  Glenn McKnight:Judith  Alan has a question

  Javier Rua-Jovet:@Glenn I think Im fine for New Orleans travel

  Yubelkys:I received the email for travel

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Yubelkys

  Yubelkys:but I haven't reply yet. I will be doing it today

  Glenn McKnight:@alan skuce  i sent you a link to the the  NARALO  GA  survey

  Yubelkys:thank to you Glenn!

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Please note my presence in participants.

  Leon Sanchez:I too don't have permission to see my own page! LOL!

  Glenn McKnight:Reminder  please edit your page on the NARALO  ALS Information kit, it includes the  agenda, Profiles of the ALS's

  Glenn McKnight:Alll,,  the  the TA  applied late on the  Alumini applications

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome  Jarrett and  Lynden from ISOC  NC

  Lynden Price:Thanks Glenn

  Jarrett (NC):thank you Glenn!

  Javier Rua-Jovet:@Glenn I think Im all done on the ALS kit

  Glenn McKnight:Yes you have Javier

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Hi everyone :) and thank you Leah for all your work.

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Please comment on this request:

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Will try to explain now.

  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks for your work, Leah! Welcome Susannah!

  Glenn McKnight:Congrats  Leah

  Alan Greenberg:For Candidat e EoI, the link is right, the page is broken.

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome  Susannah  and we would be happy to have  a orientation session with you

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Thanks Glenn - I'll been in touch about the orientation session :)

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks   Eduardo

  Leah Symekher:Thank you all :-)

  Yubelkys:yes, we are ready for tomorrow event!

  Glenn McKnight:Can you provide details on your   activities and please  provide a presentation at our  NARALO General Assemby

  Glenn McKnight:@garth please provide the links

  Louis Houle:ISOC Quebec also have a new Board. I'll sen the information on the list. Destiny Tcheouali is the new Chair. I'm stepping back after 10 yeards as Chair.

  Heidi Ullrich:Link to candidates:

  Glenn McKnight:ok

  Alan Greenberg:Heidi, I get a message saying I don't have access

  Glenn McKnight:not  proper  audio

  Glenn McKnight:Go ahead

  Glenn McKnight:I tried

  Glenn McKnight:Only computer

  Glenn McKnight:Travel issues?

  Leon Sanchez:Happens to me too @Heidi @Alan

  Glenn McKnight:We had  15 attendees on the Feb 6th call.  we sent out a  survey

  Glenn McKnight:We had a interest in an extra  session on ARIN Policy

  Glenn McKnight:Judith is working on the agenda

  Yubelkys:I replied the survey

  Glenn McKnight:We will have  a  breakout sessoins  and they will have  a collloborative notes

  Glenn McKnight:@Thanks  Yubelkys

  Glenn McKnight:Sorry  folks  i tried to speak but  Its a problem

  Silvia Vivanco:

  Silvia Vivanco:DRAFT Agenda is posted

  Glenn McKnight:We have  a document  created which  will linclude  links to ebooks in advance

  Glenn McKnight:Susie  has confirmed our  hotel bookings

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Sorry, mic is not working. I wanted to bring NARALO’s attention to a recent resolution by ISOC-NY that calls for public hearings by the city of New York on the renewal of a contract with Neustar for the operation of the .nycTLD, see . Please add your thoughts in the comments area.

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Judith let us know if there will be another call to reviee the Agenda

  Alan Greenberg:EoI link page now fixed

  Heidi Ullrich:All, the EOI page is now working:

  Silvia Vivanco:GA Agenda

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:Hotel Monteleone

  Glenn McKnight:We have  a NARALO  table and NARALO buttons

  Glenn McKnight:We will do some outreach

  Glenn McKnight:Leon- Introduction

  Glenn McKnight:We can hear you fine


  Garth Bruen:Orale!

  Javier Rua-Jovet:sound gone

  Javier Rua-Jovet:back

  Glenn McKnight:3 minutes left

  Glenn McKnight:3 minutes left

  Glenn McKnight:Alan you will be next

  Glenn McKnight:2 minute warning

  Glenn McKnight:thanks leon

  Glenn McKnight:we have saved two minutes to the end

  Alfredo Calderon:@Leon, Gracias!

  Leon Sanchez:Gracias a ti @Alfredo!

  Glenn McKnight:thanks we will add to the end the extra time

  Glenn McKnight:4 minutes left

  Glenn McKnight:3 minutes left

  Glenn McKnight:we have  extra time at the end

  Glenn McKnight:Judith first quetoin

  Glenn McKnight:question

  Javier Rua-Jovet:I sent one....

  Alfredo Calderon:Lost Judith Audio

  Evan Leibovitch:My question:

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Go Garth.

  Glenn McKnight:Proceed  Garth

  Seth Reiss:why don't we proceed to questions meanwhile?

  Evan Leibovitch:The political environment in which we live is very different from what it was just a few years ago. Newlly elected governments in many countries are focusing inward rather than outward, and many others have learned how to disconnect the Internet as a means to stifle both economic and political activity.How, in your opinion, does this affect ICANN? Is ICANN suitably prepared to deal with this new world reality from an end user perspective? And if not what do you believe needs to change?

  Glenn McKnight:One  secon  Evan you will be next

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Garth for   asking your  question.  Seems my audio has issues

  Glenn McKnight:Leon  Did you need the question to repeated?

  Leon Sanchez:No Glenn. Thanks

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  Alan,  Leon  please

  Glenn McKnight:Evan is  next.  Evan Do you have  audio?

  Glenn McKnight:Then Javier

  judith hellerstein:ok now I am on twice. fine

  judith hellerstein:actually we have the question from javier first

  Glenn McKnight:Can you speak up. Evan has  a  question

  Glenn McKnight:ok

  Evan Leibovitch:Q2: Sure. Submitted in writing to give both speakers a chance to ss it in advance, and so make it easier to be on the record

  Alan Greenberg:I'd like to think that before we got to a removal issue, there would be plenty of talk and making sure we all understood the issues that were of concern.

  Glenn McKnight:@All   Evan has  provided his  question.   I think  Judith is back

  Leah Symekher:Question To both Candidates how do you plan to handle the recent news /report : New version of ICANN At-Large Review - ISOC Chapters role and future ? Leah

  Glenn McKnight:judith?

  Joly MacFie:Question should be read out to be sure to be on the record.

  Evan Leibovitch:Q2: What is your view on the general abilitty of ICANN to incoprorate end user interests? With or without referring to the At-Large Review, what improvements need to be done to better balance the pressure from vested interests?

  Glenn McKnight:We have an echo

  Glenn McKnight:Javier first

  Alfredo Calderon:Yes

  Glenn McKnight:Old  hand from Garth?

  Glenn McKnight:ICANN Pr is  Mrch 2018

  judith hellerstein:leah is next and then evan

  Javier Rua-Jovet:The gist of my question hs to do with crazy Trump inmigration policies.

  Glenn McKnight:We have  10 minutes left

  Glenn McKnight:Judith,  no not forget  Evans  questions

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Trump is a cataclysm

  Glenn McKnight:It very important for the 10 ann. of  NARALO

  judith hellerstein:Sorry I had not seen your first question evan

  Glenn McKnight:@jarratt  and  Linden  can we speak  together on the  GA?

  Alan Greenberg:Javier, indeed. Should we hypothesize on no one being able to get a visa???

  judith hellerstein:Leah you are next

  Glenn McKnight:Is this the last question?

  judith hellerstein:we have one more

  Javier Rua-Jovet:I can imagine some crazy Trump policy making it hard on people from the so called "Global South" an the Middle East getting their visas.

  Glenn McKnight:We have  to have wrap up comments

  judith hellerstein:JOhn More snet his apologies

  Lynden Price:@Glenn, sure

  judith hellerstein:so we have some more time

  Glenn McKnight:PLEASE NOTE   we are sending out on Feb 15 a big pulse  to all NARALO members to provide  your  vote to direct the chair on your  wishes

  Glenn McKnight:Please note ATLARGE has a larger  conference call


  judith hellerstein:yes.  but think we are still on schedule time wise as this is a 90 minute call

  Glenn McKnight:I requested to staff on details on the next debate

  Glenn McKnight:two hour  call tomorrow,  Yesim please post time and details

  Yesim Nazlar:Please find the agenda page of tomorrow's "Meet the Candidates Call":

  Yesim Nazlar:on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 at 13:00 UTC

  judith hellerstein:I will ask my question next

  Leah Symekher:Thank you to both Candidates. Leah

  Leon Sanchez:Thank you Leah!

  Evan Leibovitch:no worries

  Evan Leibovitch:It was largly answered.

  Alfredo Calderon:@Leon, gracias por tu entusiasmo y deseos de seguir sirviendo a la comunidad.

  Leon Sanchez:Gracias a ti Alfredo! Es un honor poder servir a nuestra comunidad. :-)

  Yubelkys:thanks both for your comments

  Alfredo Calderon:@Allan, thanks for your desire to continue serving the community.

  Glenn McKnight:Thnaks for the questions.  please  reach out to each, we are  pleased to have your  imput today. The next job is  to complete the BIG PULSE  after tomorrow's  call

  Yubelkys:very interesting

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Thanks to both candidates

  Leon Sanchez:My skype handle is leonfelipes

  Leon Sanchez:my personal mobile number is +52 155 15104506

  Alan Greenberg:And mine alangreenberg-mtl

  Alan Greenberg:+1 514 483 3853

  Leon Sanchez:Thanks everyone for this chance to speak to you

  Seth Reiss:gotta go

  Alan Greenberg:Presumably individual members will be given a chance to provide input as well.

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  Silva

  Heidi Ullrich:NARALO's deadline is Feb 25 23:59 UTC for the directed vote

  Heidi Ullrich:RALOs need to finish directed vote no later than feb 26 23:59 UTC


  Glenn McKnight:Sadly  we  didnt have  alot of  good  photos of the  NARALO group in London

  Glenn McKnight:we  will make up for it in New Orleans

  Glenn McKnight:As to the brochures  itts is  a ebrochure

  Glenn McKnight:Please proice he link Slivia

  Glenn McKnight:provide the link

  Glenn McKnight:I hear him

  Glenn McKnight:link?

  Yesim Nazlar:Newsletter:

  Glenn McKnight:Note  our  NARALO call is  extended to  90 minutes today

  Glenn McKnight:We will have   a  Meeting   Webinar on the Rules of Procedures

  Glenn McKnight:A doodle will be going oout?

  Glenn McKnight:Itme  7

  judith hellerstein:Our call this month is for 90 minutes you you have about 10 minutes

  Glenn McKnight:Folks  you will meet them at  the NARALO GA

  Joly MacFie:I had a call with Joe Catapano and Chris Mondini about engagement events in NYC earlier in the week. ISOC-NY will partner with the on a series of topic-based evening meetups.aimed at the local startup community.

  Glenn McKnight:@Joly you didn't submit a  FBSC  proposal  did you sbmit to Chris  sponsorship for small sponsorship?

  Glenn McKnight:A small fund for  local outreach is available

  Glenn McKnight:Tom  any update on your  submitssion?

  judith hellerstein:Yes it is, but it was not what Joly needed

  Glenn McKnight:Important  is the  growith in  NARALO of the Unaffilated members

  judith hellerstein:and also in the lower income and in native american areas

  Glenn McKnight:Key is outreach with ARIN in APril and  March 2018 in PR

  Joly MacFie:@Glenn: No, but he did say they'd pay for sandwiches :)

  Glenn McKnight:hmm

  John Laprise:My apologies. I must depart for another meeting.

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Glenn, Again, sorry, mic is not working. I wanted to bring NARALO’s attention to a recent resolution by ISOC-NY that calls for public hearings by the city of New York on the renewal of a contract with Neustar for the operation of the .nycTLD, see . Please add your thoughts in the comments area at the end of the resolution.  Perhaps Joly can speak to the issue.

  Glenn McKnight:Yes  i think this is important

  Glenn McKnight:Joly you need to jump in on this development .

  Joly MacFie:I think the letter pretty much speaks for itself.  I am yet to receive any official response.

  judith hellerstein:i will call on Joly next

  Glenn McKnight:We had a community engagement  section at the beginning

  Glenn McKnight:Please ask Judith.  She is  chairing

  Glenn McKnight:I don't have audio

  judith hellerstein:but joly was late to the call

  Glenn McKnight:yes

  Garth Bruen:REALLY do not like Christopher's tone, sounds like ICANN is issuing agenda mandates through engagment. Not interested.

  Evan Leibovitch:+1 Garth

  Garth Bruen:My feedback is that I do not like this AT ALL. Sounds like direction from ICANN, that At-Large needs to be CONVERTED into RIGHT THINKING soldiers of ICANN. FORGET IT.

  Garth Bruen:#noymyatlarge

  Evan Leibovitch:I don't care about the tone, the substance isn't very appreizing.

  Garth Bruen:Yeah, it's a plate full of "shut up"

  Evan Leibovitch:I don't have audio anymore

  Glenn McKnight:lost  audio

  judith hellerstein:do you need a dial out

  Alfredo Calderon:Is there a wiki?

  Evan Leibovitch:From my take what is needed is a culture shift. specific details changes to poilicy won't help

  Glenn McKnight:lossing  him

  Glenn McKnight:This  would be great  Chris

  Joly MacFie:Link to slide deck?

  Alfredo Calderon:Transparency would be great!

  Evan Leibovitch:might have audio back

  Glenn McKnight:Evan  is  breaking up


  Glenn McKnight:fine now.  I am in Iceland I t might be me

  Garth Bruen:This is a "strategy" to alter At-Large agenda

  judith hellerstein:he is fine with me

  Glenn McKnight:We really need to garner  our  community opinions to give ICANN the community feedback.  Perhaps  we need to look at our  agenda closer to maker sure thise  opinoins are colllected and shared

  judith hellerstein:yes. that is why we need a place to pose our questions

  Garth Bruen:Stakehlers are no equal by any stretch. ICANN's voice is obviously aimed at us for speaking out.

  Glenn McKnight:Please folks  lets start the  discussion now  in advance of our  ARIN meetings  We have lots of time togetehr

  Garth Bruen:The global strategy should be inviting people to the table, not telling them how to think when they get there.

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Chris

  Heidi Ullrich:We have time in CPH  as well

  Heidi Ullrich:At-Large staff can set up a wiki page for comments

  Glenn McKnight:We will  add it on the NARALO  agenda in March

  Heidi Ullrich:Would you like  At-Large staff to set up a wiki as well?

  Glenn McKnight:@judth we are running late. on the other issues

  judith hellerstein:yes please

  Leon Sanchez:I need to leave the call now. Thanks again everyone for the invitation and the chance to share my views with you

  judith hellerstein:yes i know

  Glenn McKnight:@Heidi yes,  lets  chat on the wiki

  Garth Bruen:Unbelievable

  Evan Leibovitch:Yeah.

  Glenn McKnight:ISOC  Special needs is a  SIG not a chapter

  Glenn McKnight:NOMCOM   person is  Eduardo  Diaz

  Glenn McKnight:Question to   Ed

  Glenn McKnight:What vou about the gender  diversity issue?

  Glenn McKnight:on nomcom

  Eduardo Diaz:NomCom link:

  Glenn McKnight:Poor  turnout last year

  Glenn McKnight:Any special efforts

  Eduardo Diaz:@Glenn: Diversity in term of gender. We need more qualified females to apply. Also,  we need to increase the people that apply from LAtin America since there is only one board memeber from that region

  Eduardo Diaz:at the moment

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Bye to all!!!


  Louis Houle:Bye everyone


  Gordon Chillcott:Thanks and bye for now.

  Eduardo Diaz:Bye to all too!

  Monique Chartrand:Bye

  Lynden Price:thanks all

  Alfredo Calderon:Bye!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):thank you all

  judith hellerstein:bye all

  allan skuce:thanks

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