NARALO Flyer : NARALO_Flyer_v8.pdf

Scope of Project

We have not updated our  brochure since 2012 and it lacks the graphic layout and consistency to the other  brochures of  RALO's etc.   See below   Our  goal is to  recreate a  E Brochure with clickable links plus a hand out  mailcard


Alfredo  Calderon

Hi Glenn:

In regards to the brochure I would suggest:

  1. Is it possible to have a wider representation from NA chapters in the "From some of the Members column? As well as having an up-to-date photo.
  2. In the column About ICANN, some mention of the IANA transition.
  3. I would add a QR Code pointing to ICANN-At Large website.
  4. In the Who is NARALO column or middle column have an image that is linked to a short video where someone (president NARALO) makes a short "motivational speech" to individuals/organizations interested in partnering with us.
  5. Review some of the links that seem obsolete or non-functional. (e.g. To get your organization certified as an At-Large Structure see
  6. Are the "What Issues are Important to NARALO" described up-to-date. 

Feedback  also from

Loris Taylor, Eduardo Diaz and Judith Hellerstein on various sections of the new  brochure. 

Action-Sept 7, 2016

Produced a new version 3 of the brochure incorporating the changes and emailed to staff a request for COMM to do a proper mock up based on the content for community feedback.


Here is the  version 1 of the NARALO  E Brochure-( NEEDS  Graphic work.  used  the APRALO  template- red colour to be changed  )

Version # 3


NARALO_Flyer_E version_3a.pdf









Extractions from APRALO Brochure


-Edit the last panel to NARALO and change the Red to Yellow(Gold), add  NARALO picture



(Needs edit to NARALO)



Left Column

Add Picture




NARALO  has  27 AtLarge structures which meet regularly on the second

Monday per month virtually on a teleconference plus at three ICANN meetings

per year.  Our membership spans Canada, the continental USA and

Puerto Rico with participation in English, Spanish or French.

Our outreach and engagement has made a special effort

to reach out to Native Americans and Canadian organizations

and those groups that serve people with Special Needs.

Join us to help provide a voice to the end users in the ICANN

ecosystem and make a difference.

Glenn McKnight

Add Judith comment HERE




Centre Panel

-Do we add a NARALO social media pages?

-Change QR Code  to  NARALO

-Create active links to the  TEAMUP Calendar

Right Panel

Change Logo to NARALO

Change Colour to Gold










Idea of  a Hook





Examples :

At-Large Brochure - SEE PDF


NARALO Brochure ( 2011 version) - SEE PDF

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