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ARIN Getting to Know ARIN sessionsGlenn 

Confirmed on Dec 21, 2016


Feb 6 and March 22 at 14:00-15:00 EST / 19:00-20:00 UTC

Feb 6 call was booked for 13:00 to 14:00 - 15 attendees

March 22 see report

Repeat sessions by Chris Tacit

Staff Action: Setting up Adobe schedule for two dates. - COMPLETED

NARALO Action: Adding issue on NARALO calls

Contact ALS Dec 9- Jan 6GlennJudith 

Contact all ALS to attend event- Cut off Jan 6, 2017

Completion by Dec 21 of 23 ALS,

ACTION: Alan to contact the Unaffiliated list on designate other than himself

Updated contact list of attendeesStaffJudith/Glenn

Edits on Dec 21, 2016

Completed on Jan 9, 2017

Creation of a ALS Contact Survey Form


ARIN RegistrationSusan HamlinGlennOpened Jan 12, 2017Register to attend in person or participate remotely today! Visit:
ConfirmationsGlennJudithJanuary 6, 2017 
Banking details    
Hotel bookings   
Hotel Monteleone 
214 Royal Street 
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 
Attendee kits   


ALS Score Cards


Tourism stuff

ALS Score cardsJavier  Javier is designing a score card idea of each ALS similar to a Baseball card with stats and picture
NARALO ButtonsGlenn Dec 20th, 2016

NARALO buttons similar to the APRALO buttons- 30 buttons


Conference Room    
Room confirmedStaffGlenn  
Room layoutStaffGlenn  
Audio visualsStaff   
Shared Session Docs    
ARIN social event    
ISOC cocktailsJudith   
Speaker listJudith   
Invitations to SpeakersStaffJudith  
Final Agenda    
NARALO BannerJudithGlenn  
Mailcards etcGlennJudith  
Satisfaction SurveyAlanGlenn


Draft version of the Google Form for edit



 Sunday April 2Monday April  3Tuesday April 4Wed April  5Thursday
ARIN  Newcomer session3:00 pm to 4 pm    
NARALO Outreach Table     
NARALO General Assembly Briefing Sessions 8 - 9am (breakfast included)8-9am (breakfast included)  
NARALO General Assembly   8am to 2pm (breakfast and lunch included) 
ARIN Sessions 9am to 5pm9am to 5pm  
Departures   Afternoon/Evening 
Late Departures    Morning
Social Event

ARIN Social

5 30 to 6:30 pm

ISOC 6:30pmICANN - NARALO Social 6:30pm  
NARALO General Assembly Dinners8:00pm (informal dinner) 8:00pm (NARALO group dinner)  

Meet  ARIN  Sessions


Feb  6th

Chris  Tacit guest speaker 

15 attendees

  • Alfredo Calderon
  • Leah Symekher
  • William Cunningham
  • Louis Houle 
  • Monique Chartrand
  • Seith Reiss
  • Judith Hellerstein
  • Glenn McKnight 
  • Eduardo Diaz
  • Mike Schoenecker
  • Alan Greenberg
  • John Laprise 
  • Eve Edelson
  • Yubelkys

  • Alan Greenberg
  • Avri Doria



Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico: Why are policy process different in each region if the function is the same for all?

Alfredo Calderon: How feasible would it be to have a unified policy process and reciprocal rules?

Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico: What is Autonomous System Number (ASN) & What is the difference between customers and members?

William Michael Cunningham: What is the Advisory Council? Comment--Not a lot of racial (and I would guess income and cultural) diversity on your adv council..

Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico: Do NRO Board Members in ICANN have vote rights?

John Laprise: Are audits conducted internally or by 3rd parties?

Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico: Question regarding transfers?

Alfredo Calderon: Are the instructional materials in other languages besides English?

Eduardo Diaz- What is the difference between End Users and Members?


March 22

14 attendees

  • Alan Greenberg
  • Avri Doria
  • Evan Liebovitch
  • Eve Edelson
  • Javier Rua
  • Judith Hellerstein
  • Glenn McKnight
  • Yubelkys
  • Leah Symekher
  • Shelly Robinson
  • Susannah York
  • Tom Lowenhaupt
  • Matthew Rantanen
  • Scott Sullivan


  • Gordon Chillidcot
  • Garth Bruen



Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): The Law Enforcement relationship is interesting: agencies are working with the five RIRs to ensure WHOIS data is accrate to help them fight cybercrime. I hope there will be an update on this at ARIN 39!  


Evan Leibovitch: This is, after all, ICANN "At-Large". What is the impact of ARIN on end users, and what are their interests in ARIN policy development?




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    1. Silvia Vivanco  to work with Glenn on date/time/agenda of ARiN  Orientation webinar. IN PROGRESS


    2. Glenn McKnight to update the NARALO wiki page with attendees. IN PROGRESS


    3. Silvia Vivanco to check North Carolina representative Lynden price contact information, phone, etc number, etc.


    4. Susie Johnson to work on the Travel Database IN PROGRESS


    5. Susie Johnson to get confirmation on the room layout, and 1 round table for group discussions


    6. Judith Hellerstein to meet with GA Committee early January to discuss the Agenda


    7. Attendees (staff) and others

    Goran Marby

    Chris Mondini

    Ron Da Silva

    John Curran - ARIN (Tbd)

    Kevin Blumberg - (tbd)


    8. Susie Johnson  to organize dinner and check food requirements with participants.


    Tuesday 4th - ARIN cocktail


    - Light dinner on Sunday

    - Monday -- everyone is on their own

    - Tuesday, we have a large dinner

    - Wednesday only lunch


    3. Silvia Vivanco, Heidi Ullrich to check the mail card .

    Decided: all white.


    4. Remote participation


    - Available, microphones, Adobe connect,

    Susie to check on the logistics (camera)


    5. Next call: First week of January. Yesim to send a doodle



  2. Action Items of NARALO GA Call

    1. Glenn McKnight need to identify who is new for the WBEN and NON US Citizen form  for Susie

    2. Glenn McKnight to complete request for the NARALO banner- Done and sent

    3. Judith Hellerstein for NARALO Agenda to stress adequate time for meetings with Goran and John plus his time to address and mingle

    4. Glenn McKnight need clarification from ISOC on their role ie. social etc

    5. Glenn McKnight will send a survey (google )  with questions on food preferences etc

    2. ISOC members may stay longer financed by ISOC - Glenn McKnight this needs to be confirmed ASAP, before flights bookings are made.

    6.  Attendees Kit: Glenn McKnight to send us a the bottons Baseball card will be created.

    6. Call to discuss the GA Agenda to be held next week- SV to check on doodle status

    7.  Susie Johnson Pop- up banners USB drives Incidentals

    8.  Glenn McKnight to ask NARALO membership for feedback on mailcard and flyer.

  3. Update on the Sunday times for ARIN activity