New AI: 

Siranush Vardanyan in coordination with /Heidi: Speakers Invitation to be sent on behalf of Siranush through Heidi to Fadi, Sebastien and Steve - IN PROGRESS

Pavan Budhrani to finalize with DotAsia the final amount for sponsorship - COMPLETE. Dot Asia is our sponsor for Showcase catering (2180$)

Holly Raiche - to ask for sponsorship from APNIC - COMPLETE - APNIC will provide 2180$ for the showcase 


@ Staff to send Doodle for the next OC meeting in the first week of February  - COMPLETE - next meeting is on Feb 6 at 6:00-7:00 UTC

Review Action items from the previous call and follow up steps:  

 Silvia Vivanco to provide the list of APRALO people who will be funded for travel to Singapore to Siranush. - COMPLETE 

 Maureen Hilyard to query ALS so that we know who can attend with their own funding - COMPLETE: 20 people from 14 ALSs will participate in Singapore in person 

 Siranush Vardanyan to follow up with  APNIC and Dot Asia mentioned as potential sponsors  – COMPLETE: Dot Asia is finalized, APNIC - will provide power adapters to all participants. The address for shipment had been sent by staff to APNIC GM 

 Silvia Vivanco and Susie Johnson to provide Sponsorship packages to APRALO  Sponsors, so that the Sponsors are encouraged to help (visibility).- IN PROGRESS -  awaiting feedback from ICANN meeting staff. 

 Yu-Chang Kuek to check pricing on Marina Basin. – COMPLETE (the Gala is planned to be in that space, so Showcase will be in the conference venue) 

 Maureen Hilyard to get some  information from ALSes.- to be printed. IN PROGRESS, to be finalized by the end of JANUARY 

 Silvia Vivanco to send the Map with all the APRALO ALS. to be included in booklet and other media .- COMPLETE - To send the map to Ali Almeshal as soon as possible for the brochure to be finalized by the end of JANUARY 

 Siranush Vardanyan  to follow up with ALS to get the logos to complete the WIKI page. – COMPLETE  

 Ali AlMeshal  to coordinate with Silvia Vivanco  to add some more diagrams in one or 2 pages to be added to the booklet. IN PROGRESS. To be completed by end of January. Ali to send reminder to staff. 

 Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui to obtain the design for the lapel pins – IN PROGRESS. Siranush to follow up with Emani 

 Yu-Chang Kuek to get the ICANN meeting logo – COMPLETE 

 Yu-Chang-Kuek to get the prices for fans as takeaways for Showcase - COMPLETE - 535 Singapore dollars are for 200 fans with the special design highlighting APRALO. After finalizing the sponsorship opportunities, staff in Singapore (Philadel Leo) will move forward with the purchase.  

Cheryl LO and Maureen Hilyard  to contact local people in Singapore (to ensure good quality of the fans) – COMPLETE: the design is finalized with local staff in Singapore 

Siranush Vardanyan to finalize the list of speakers and confirm  -IN PROGRESS with NEW ACTION ITEM: Speakers Invitation to be sent on behalf of Siranush through Heidi to Fadi, Sebastien and Steve and to APNIC and APTLD reps 

 Pavan:  Quiz Questions had been finalized and Pavan is leading the process, the quiz questions can be printed as postcard (CLO's idea) – COMPLETE: Confirmed with Pavan - Quiz questions will be on postcards and shown on the screen (PPt), will be prepared by Pavan 


Silvia Vivanco to send the quiz questions to the OC members - they will review and will edit.- completed. OC members to send comments - COMPLETED 


Yu-Chang Kuek to coordinate locally regarding dancing performance - 600USD the price - IN PROGRESS once sponsorship finalised 


Yu-Chang Kuek to look into the  possibility to invite persons with disabilities - IN PROGRESS no specific proposal. Mentorship with CLO as lead, similar to Fellowship participation 


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