Latest versions of Google Slides for Community Onboarding



  • Start here - presents tailored set of topics/slides depending on the audience

  • What is the DNS?  - Introduce the concepts of the DNS and introduce entities like ICANN the corporation, and ICANN the community.

  • Key Policy Issues of the At-Large Community - (View as Interactive website) - slidedeck to help new or potential At-Large Community members to learn about the various ICANN policy issues of interest to end users, why end users should care about these issues, and how as part of the ICANN At-Large Community they can become involved on these issues.

  • (Updated for ICANN60) Presentation on Introduction to ICANN At-Large - - slidedeck about the At-Large Community, its key activities, and how to engage with the At-Large Community

  • Navigating At-Large - for existing At-Large Community members, how to find relevant information and participate in At-Large activities.

Slides presented at various times during the Community Onboarding Sessions and/or Outreach and Engagement sessions

Slides for Community Onboarding for ICANN59

Slides for Community Onboarding for ICANN58

The PDFs can be browsed at an eBook : (via Glenn McKnight)

This page gives newcomers from different backgrounds the platform to acquire the necessary knowledge to become effective and active participants of the At Large community.


At-Large Work Methods and Collaboration Tools