As part of the work for At-Large Community Onboarding being done by Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Isaac Maposa and Beran Dondeh Gillen for the ICANN Community Onboarding Project, and with the help of the Outreach and Engagement SC,have created a presentation on Key Policy Issues of the At-Large Community.

Its based on the Why end users should care Policy Document created last year.The approach is for three slides for each topic: 

  • Policy Summary, along with any informational video links
  • Why should I care
  • At-Large Involvement with links to the comments, the relevant WG , maybe more informational links to learn more about the issue.


The slides feature a main menu whereby one can jump to any policy issue. Slides also have a hyperlink back to the main menu so persons can move around the slidedeck.


First draft posted March 10 2017

Google Slide URL :

Also available as a PDF : 2-ICANN58-Mar2017-The-Policy-challenges-in-the-DNS.pdf


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