Discussion Items from Toronto:

  • To what extent is this is Staff process
    • capabilities
    • amount of time it would take
  • Professional (paid) survey or informal survey
  • Statistical poll or set of clarifying questions
  • Include both Outreach and Support in one process or two
    • Developing Country applicants
    • Aid application
  • Did ICANN do a PR report on the outreach efforts


A. Theory formation (till December mtg)

Team: Tijani, Yoavi, Cintra

B. Survey

B1. General outreach

10 question max ???

Open Questions (essay), multiple choice, T/F

Team: Dev, Cintra, Jacqueline, 

  • on line questionnaire (till February Mtg)
  • create question
  • distribution (till March Mtg)
  • ISOC
  • various hashtags

B2.  interview with regional groups (till Beijing)

  • ALSes
  • ISOC chapters
  • GAC
  • ccTLDs
  • follow up from questionnaire

C. Draft initial report on causes (Beijing + 4 weeks)

Team: Cintra, Jacqueline,

D. Draft proposed solutions (till Durban )

Team: Cintra,

  • Fix for next round
  • Propose remediation round


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1 Comment

  1. Comments  to improve the  document used for the  Caribbean survey on the  new  gTLD


    1. Location of the organization

    We need make it worldwide

    2.  Which top level domain or domains do you use?

    We need to add more examples for two letter country code

    3. Why did you choose a domain name ending with a two letter country code?

    This question is more relevant to users who are not necessarily potential applicant. Maybe we need to add something for business people.


    As we have  the result now, we may ask more questions in the new survey:

    a)      Do you think that you will apply for a domain name under one or  some of  the new strings after final delegation?

    b)      Do you think seriously that you can apply to run a  gTLD business if a new round is open?

    c)        Other general comments:

    Thank you