Date: Thursday, 04 July 2019

Time: 06:00 - 07:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.AP/CC.0418/1

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EN: Satish Babu, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Maureen Hilyard, Prateek Pathak, Ali AlMeshal, Amrita Choudhury, Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Lianna Galstyan, Namrata Khetrapal, Tom Dale, Amir Qayyum, Jahangir Hossain, Kaili Kan, Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi, Nadira Al-Araj, Eranga Samararathna, Hanan Khatib, Winthrop Yu, Yeseul Kim, Fouad Bajwa, Suhaidi Hassan, Cherie Lagakali, Amal Al-Saqqaf, Naveed Rais, Priyatosh Jana

Apologies: Holly Raiche, Justine Chew, Aris Ignacio, Yasuichi Kitamura, Hong Xue, Gunela Astbrink

Staff: Silva Vivanco, Yeşim Nazlar

Call Management: Yeşim Nazlar


1. Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Welcome and APRALO Membership Matters (Satish, 3 min)



Newly CertifiedNone


Pending ALAC Vote


Awaiting RALO Feedback (3) None

Namrata Khetrapal

Azadur Rahman Sarker

Sahid Ali

Processing Due Diligence (2)

#301 Internet Governance Institute (awaiting applicant feedback)

#299 China Internet Development Foundation (awaiting applicant feedback)


On Hold (2)

#267 Surabhi Softwares

#112 Arab Regional ISPs & DSPs Association (ARISPA)


3. At-Large Review Implementation/ARIWG: The Next Steps: Maureen (5 min)

4. ALAC Policy Update -  Maureen/Holly/Kaili  (12 min)

See: 2019 ALAC Policy Comments & Advice (new)
See: 2018 ALAC Policy Comments & Advice
See: At-Large Policy Summary
See: At-Large Executive Summary page (new)
See: Multistakeholder Advice Development graphic

Recently Ratified by the ALAC

Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model
The ALAC contribution to the evolving multistakeholder model condensed the 21 issues developed through community consultations into 4 general categories: (1) structural, (2) process, (3) participation and (4) intergroup relations. Regarding structure and process, the ALAC recommends more specific scoping, the use of external influences and project management tools, easily retrievable records of discussions and decisions and joint community/staff priority setting. Regarding participation, the ALAC noted the mutlistakeholder system depends on wide participation in the process and wide participation from all regions remains a challenge, including language barriers and volunteer burnout. Finally regarding intergroup relations, the ALAC noted there will always be disagreements,  but a culture of positive relations between and among groups must be actively encouraged.

Recently submitted (note: not ICANN public comment): 

Public Comment for Decision

Current Statements (ALAC Advice, Comment or Correspondence)

Public Comment Name

Public Comment Close



Process Proposal for Streamlining Organizational Reviews



Jonathan Zuck and Olivier Crepin-Leblond 

to discuss next steps on the public comment; penholder status TBC.

Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System



Bastiaan Goslings 

seeking a co-penholder

5.APRALO Updates (10 min)

6. ATLAS III Update (Maureen, 8 min)

7. Regional Updates (Satish, 6 min)

  • APSIG 2019 (7-10 July 2019)
  • APrIGF 2019 (16-19 July 2019, with Day 0 events on 15 July 2019)

8. Member of the Month -  (Lianna/Yeseul, 8 min)

  • Request for creation of APRALO Policy WG on Extraterritorial Jurisdictional Issues as follow-up to APRALO Hot Topics, from Ms. Yeseul Kim, Individual Member

9. NomCom Update (3 min) - Nadira Alaraj 

10. AOB (3 min)

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