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EURALO BrochuresWale and Olivier/ICANNBringing in suitcase/Geneva office printing and delivering to Glenn
At-Large BrochuresGlenn/ICANNBringing in suitcase/Geneva office printing and delivering to Glenn
Presentation displayOlivier / Susie

One purchased and brought by Olivier; one purchased by Susie

Returned to ICANN staff

At-Large and EURALO Pop Up BannersHeidi/Susie

 Shipped to Geneva Office

Picked up at the ICANN office on Sunday

NARALO MAIL CARDSJudith/Heidi/SusieBringing in suitcase +staff ordering
APRALO Brochures and ButtonsMaureenBringing in suitcase
Swag-Power convertersGlenn/OlivierGlenn bringing in suitcase- 200
At-Large buttonsGlennGlenn bringing in suitcase
Swiss Chocolate swagOlivierWill buy locallyStole chocolates from ICANN and EURODIG
DNS Women's BannerMaureenbringing it with mePicked up at airport but in bad condition, it broke and removed

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