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00:13:32    Liliane Kom:    Hello
00:13:50    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    Hello...
00:14:23    Michelle DeSmyter - ICANN Org:    Welcome everyone!!
00:14:31    Laura Margolis:    Hello!
00:18:21    Lilian Deluque:    agree daniel
00:19:06    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    +1 @Dan
00:19:43    Bukola Oronti:    +1 @Daniel
00:21:24    Lilian Deluque:    michelle you can share the documen link on the chat please
00:24:05    Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC-Participant):    Hello al - apologies for joining late
00:24:58    Sivasubramanian M:    Could we ask some of the ICANN tech experts to explore
00:24:58    Michelle DeSmyter - ICANN Org:    Welcome everyone!
00:25:13    Sivasubramanian M:    this is from w3c
00:25:25    Sivasubramanian M:    or associated somehow
00:25:46    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:
00:25:50    Sivasubramanian M:
00:26:25    Lilian Deluque:    Good points alfredo
00:27:24    Sivasubramanian M:    DWeb connects the people, projects and protocols essential to building a decentralized web. A web that is more private, reliable, secure and open. A web with many winners—returning to the original vision of the World Wide Web and internet.

Since 2016 we have been a bridge enabling diverse communities to freely exchange ideas about the technologies, values, markets and agreements we need to move forward.
00:28:15    Maureen Hilyard:    @Alfredo - you raise some Important points
00:28:49    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:    ICANN75 Social Media Engagement Toolkit:
00:29:19    Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC-Participant):    thank you Claudia
00:30:18    Maureen Hilyard:    I think that Shah has dropped.
00:30:21    Shah Rahman:    my apologies was disconneted
00:30:29    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    @Daniel, the talking points (on the agenda) will be the means to get info on policy messages.
00:30:39    Maureen Hilyard:    Nice to see you back Shah
00:30:46    Maureen Hilyard:    Laura has her hand up
00:30:46    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    the are new and improved this meeting!
00:31:03    Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC-Participant):    +1 Daniel engaging people in policy development
00:31:29    Maureen Hilyard:    +1 Dan
00:32:38    DANIEL K. NANGHAKA:    Yes indeed, am key of engagement in Policy
00:32:58    Alfredo Calderon:    We need to be capable of referring individuals to the appropriate documents we want outreach. Some need some ‘teasers’ to engage . Let’s start posting messages to get them to register for #ICANN75.  Use various languages to reach different communities.
00:33:30    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    +1 @Alfredo
00:33:35    DANIEL K. NANGHAKA:    Yes Alfredo
00:33:55    Shah Rahman:    +1 Alferdo
00:34:08    DANIEL K. NANGHAKA:    I have already seen register for #ICANN75 on Facebook
00:36:32    Alfredo Calderon:    I usually use #askAtLarge besides #ICANN## and in share in English and Spanish with what they can expect in a specific session. Let us use our contacts to encourage them to spread the word.
00:36:34    Lilian Deluque:    we must start our social media job before the meeting
00:36:36    Denise Hochbaum:    Perfect Laura!
00:37:54    Lilian Deluque:    Agree Laura, thansk for your important points
00:38:05    Shah Rahman:    yes
00:38:51    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:    Google shared drive / resources:
00:39:00    Alfredo Calderon:    Some volunteers have previously simulcast some sessions to reach individuals that do not register through the ICANN website for remote participation and have issues with bandwidth.
00:39:35    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:    Will create the google doc and circulate it to the group
00:39:48    Shah Rahman:    Thanks@Cllaudia
00:40:30    Alfredo Calderon:    Thank you @Heidi for your input.
00:42:03    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    @Alfredo, I've included your hashtags in the Toolkit.
00:42:09    Laura Margolis:    campaign's results
00:42:24    Laura Margolis:    as Alfredo mentioned very important to know and evaluate
00:43:56    Lilian Deluque:    thanks heide
00:44:02    Lilian Deluque:    Heidi*
00:44:14    Lilian Deluque:    Totally agree laura
00:44:29    Laura Margolis:    Thank you Lilian
00:44:44    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    @Chantelle...
00:44:46    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org: can be used to monitor the hashtags
00:44:51    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:
00:45:25    Hadia’s iPhone:    Great examples
00:45:31    Alfredo Calderon:    Thank you @Chantelle for the ideas. Remember each Social Media has limitations on character’s. If we could have some Infograph’s it would great.
00:46:00    Bukola Oronti:    thank you @Claudia
00:46:06    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:
00:46:35    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    @Alfredo, we can consider that for ICANN66. The design deadline was a few weeks ago.
00:46:38    Chantelle Doerksen - ICANN Org:    That's a good point Alfredo. I guess I was thinking more of Facebook here 
00:47:10    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    However, as any of you will be on the ground in KL, you can post photos.
00:47:23    Maureen Hilyard:    @Chantelle.. some great suggestions which would focus tweets and other social media platforms on policy issues
00:47:43    Lilian Deluque:    we must more graphics
00:48:22    Lilian Deluque:    we must be more graphics, posting more pictures
00:48:36    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    @Lilian, we can use those graphics used by Org if you'd like.
00:48:43    Alfredo Calderon:    @Claudia, do we have a account we could use. It has a free 7-day trial but nothing free beyond. It would be great to have one for use by the Social Media Team.
00:48:51    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    We can search for some relevant policy and ICANN75 graphics.
00:48:58    Lilian Deluque:    yes heidi
00:49:07    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    However, we for custom graphics, the deadline has passed.
00:49:29    Chantelle Doerksen - ICANN Org:    The At-Large wall Claudia shared has some great examples
00:50:21    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:    @Alfredo, will look into a hashtagify  account
00:50:30    Lilian Deluque:    and also that participants in person and on line post photos with the # and sesión name
00:51:40    Lilian Deluque:    great idea Heidi
00:52:18    Alfredo Calderon:    @Claudia who manages the
00:53:21    Claudia Ruiz - ICANN Org:    @Alfredo another thing I need to look into, seems to be inactive
00:53:54    Laura Margolis:    I agree with you Alfredo
00:54:06    Laura Margolis:    Encourage newcomers
00:54:12    Laura Margolis:    We are already here :)
00:54:22    DANIEL K. NANGHAKA:    let's give the opportunity to new members
00:54:25    Maureen Hilyard:    +1 alfredo - encourage new participants
00:54:30    Denise Hochbaum:    Correct Alfredo
00:55:16    Alfredo Calderon:    @Heidi, great idea.
00:55:39    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Let's be creative, have fun, and promote At-Large! 
00:55:41    Maureen Hilyard:    @Heidi.. yes this takes it back to what Laura mentioned.. who are the target audiences and create categories to address those communities
00:56:08    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    +1 Maureen
00:56:28    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Should we get a SM contest committee set up?
00:56:38    Laura Margolis:    Maybe some volunteers for that specific task?
00:56:47    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Thanks, Shah.
00:56:48    Lilian Deluque:    new participants must be a priority objective
00:56:54    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Any volunteers?
00:56:59    Bukola Oronti:    I volunteer
00:57:06    Laura Margolis:    I can
00:57:14    Maureen Hilyard:    I think that is what Shah was asking about..  get small groups to focus on specific audiences
00:57:20    Lilian Deluque:    Me
00:57:24    Laura Margolis:    Well I am new to this group maybe you don't wanna accept me :)
00:57:45    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    So: Bukola, Lilian and Laura - thanks!
00:58:02    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Laura, your new views will be a tremendous help!
00:58:05    Laura Margolis:    I think someone from AP region
00:58:12    Lilian Deluque:    all are accept dear laura
00:58:15    Laura Margolis:    Thank you @Heidi!
00:58:30    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Yes, we hear you.
00:58:42    Bukola Oronti:    Do you mean when to start the contest announcement?
00:58:55    Laura Margolis:    Please clarify
00:59:04    Laura Margolis:    Alfredo would you like to join us too?
00:59:32    Laura Margolis:    Totally agree
00:59:51    Bukola Oronti:    I believe the contest should start during the ICANN75 meeting
01:00:00    Maureen Hilyard:    I think people should volunteer to address a particular audience.. they can come from across all regions. The contest is one group.. but policy issues could be another.. and how to engage new members another group
01:00:01    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    having a TOR for the committee would be great...
01:00:52    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    We might have a prize for Best Prep week tweet and one for Best ICANN75 tweet, etc.
01:01:37    Alfredo Calderon:    Start September 1st.
01:01:45    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Should there also be a committee for developing the messages?
01:01:56    Maureen Hilyard:    There are lots of great ideas coming through that could consolidate a specific plan of action for the group
01:02:33    Laura Margolis:    May I ?
01:02:34    Maureen Hilyard:    Shah.. Laura has her hand u
01:02:42    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    Promoting or announcing the contest needs a timeline... before the start date of the contest...
01:04:46    Shah Rahman:    gert Alferdo
01:04:48    Laura Margolis:    Thank you Alfredo! Much appreciated
01:05:01    Maureen Hilyard:    Alfredo is a valuable resource for this group - overworked as usual though!!!
01:06:25    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    The SM strategy should build awareness, encourage action and engage the community in At-Large. Also, metrics will be key to ensure continuous improvement.
01:06:32    Maureen Hilyard:    Use the skype chat to start developing your plan and the different categories so that you get your small groups working on their specific targeted audiences
01:06:40    Alfredo Calderon:    Facebook and twitter posts can be scheduled.
01:07:00    Laura Margolis:    Good idea to start with skype group Maureen
01:07:09    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Yes, @Alfredo, the timeline and messages can be developed on the Google doc
01:07:14    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    day by day
01:07:26    Laura Margolis:    Or we bring Bukola to our region because of timezone :) :)
01:07:47    Bukola Oronti:    
01:08:21    Bukola Oronti:    okay with me
01:08:58    Laura Margolis:    :) :)
01:09:29    Hadia’s iPhone:    Thank you all and bye for today
01:09:41    Laura Margolis:    Thank you all!
01:09:48    Alfredo Calderon:    Stay well and keep safe!
01:09:53    Maureen Hilyard:    Good discussion everyone.. keep it going on the skype chat so that you can be more organised for next meeting
01:09:55    Lavish Mawuena Mensah:    Thanks to you all...
01:09:56    Priyatosh Jana:    good bye...thank you all
01:09:58    Yeşim Saglam - ICANN Org:    For the next call?
01:09:58    Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org:    Thanks!
01:10:04    Yeşim Saglam - ICANN Org:    next week same day same time?
01:10:12    Lilian Deluque:    bye Good call
01:10:12    Bukola Oronti:    thank you all
01:10:13    Denise Hochbaum:    Good meeting! I am on to help all needs!
01:10:29    Lilian Deluque:    team work
01:10:29    Denise Hochbaum:    Next week meeting will be great!
01:10:33    Chantelle Doerksen - ICANN Org:    Thank you
01:10:39    Shah Rahman:    Thank you all
01:10:43    Sivasubramanian M:    thank you