Terri Agnew:Welcome to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee WG Teleconference on Friday, 29 January 2016 at 17:00 UTC

  Terri Agnew:meeting page: https://community.icann.org/x/Jgd1Aw

  Terri Agnew:to join on the telephone please use the following adigo codes: English: 3535 and Spanish 1738

  Terri Agnew:At-Large FY17 Budget Development Workspace: https://community.icann.org/x/C5pCAw

  Beran Gillen:hello everyone

  Ali Almeshal:hello everyone

  Kaili Kan:Finally able to log in.  Hello, everybody!

  Alan Greenberg:Hi Kaili. How is the CCT RT going. Has leadership been selected?

  Sébastien:I will be realy join later (sorry)

  Allan Skuce:Greetings.

  Kaili Kan:@greenberg:  So far CCT-RT is mostly admin stuff.  Jonathan Zuck is chair.  Vice-chairs to be selected after a work plan is developed to deveide the work load.

  Kaili Kan:@Greenberg:  After each meeting an email has been sent to all ALAC members for briefing.

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Judith Hellerstein

  Judith Hellerstein:adobe finally loaded.  I was on the phone but hadnot been listed by terri

  Judith Hellerstein:I am dialing in with skype

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Re: Strategic Working Session, I note a possible typo, under interpretation services is the phrase "Interpretation into FR and EN" - this should be "Interpretation into FR and ES"

  Terri Agnew:the current page has been updated, one moment while I update this in the pod

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Are there recordings and/or agendas of the Strategic Working Session that was done in Dublin posted?

  Heidi Ullrich:@Dev, yes, there should be.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:yes it was a blaxk box to many of us   But I trust worthwhile

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:So there aren't recordings/public agendas for later review for the development session

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:ARIN :-)

  Heidi Ullrich:@Tim, yes, Saturday would add 1 day of hotel and pd - so additional costs

  Glenn McKnight:I support it

  Judith Hellerstein:So are we supporting it?

  Terri Agnew:recordings and transcriptions are posted here from Dublin https://community.icann.org/x/QKc0Aw

  Judith Hellerstein:We already had a request for spanish and we had to turn this person down since the pilot is only in english

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Thanks Terri

  Judith Hellerstein:I support this request

  Glenn McKnight:I think   the  fix  has  validity to other  RALO's  too

  Glenn McKnight:not just  LACRALO

  Judith Hellerstein:Afralo is also looking at this if this is successful

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:That is right Judith

  Glenn McKnight:Reality is  this  has been  an onging problem

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Indeed, well said, Alan : re: LACRALO mailing list

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:The issues with the LACRALO mailing list have been extensively documented by the TTF : https://community.icann.org/display/LACRALO/discussion-of-LACRALO-mailing-list-issues

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Translation Tool: So that's 3 ALAC past and current Chairs pointing at this. Will that be enough?

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes that is why I suggested that it be an ALAC request

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Do we have to bring in the Pope on this?

  Maureen Hilyard:@OCL LOL

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:So the RALO and ALAC Development Sessions will be running concurrently on the "extra" last day ?

  Judith Hellerstein:Good question Dev

  Glenn McKnight:|The leadership  training  is pracitical professional development tied to existing systems

  Judith Hellerstein:Why not have this as a crop program

  Judith Hellerstein:Raising hand

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Indeed, the focus seems to be not for At-Large - it does look like a good fit for ICANN GSE

  Terri Agnew:@Judith, your audio is choppy

  Glenn McKnight:judith is poor

  Glenn McKnight:voice quality

  Glenn McKnight:Judith type in your comments

  Terri Agnew:@Judith, I know you are connected via skype, let me know if a dial out on the telephone is needed

  Judith Hellerstein:OK I will type it in the chat

  Glenn McKnight:not good

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Shouldn't this request, great as it is, be submitted from another AC/SO ?

  Wafa Dahmani:I support what tijani said

  Heidi Ullrich:@Dev, it is submitted by an ALS

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:@Heidi, I understand that, its just that the goals./objectives doesn't appear to be At-Large focused, it is a good proposal otherwsie

  Glenn McKnight:This  type of  proposal should go to the ISOC  Beyond the Net for funding

  Glenn McKnight:Not  a good fit

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:What are the funding limits?

  Glenn McKnight:The proposals  need to be more focused on the core ICANN mission and mandate as to ALAC

  Glenn McKnight:The idea is a good one but why not  approach  Diplo or  Soros or other  funders

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:I think multi partners and sponsors can be reached out

  Judith Hellerstein:i am back on

  Judith Hellerstein:I also have simialr concerns and finally am on with another service

  Ali Almeshal:thanks Maureen

  Judith Hellerstein:New Hnad

  Maureen Hilyard:Taking into account the comments made by ALT, APRALO is looking at alternative funding options for the whole activity

  Judith Hellerstein:New hand

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:LACRALO has taken trips to regional countries and have filed it as CROPP

  Judith Hellerstein:dialed back in outside the hotel

  Maureen Hilyard:Although the view is to look at the involvement of non-commercial interests in the ALAC, we are also cognisant of the need to raise awareness of the other parts of ICANN as well

  Glenn McKnight:|This isn't the only example of  ISOC  having  confusing  ISOC  Chapters and ISOC is aware of this problem

  Maureen Hilyard:Thank you Cheryl.. we will look out for other events that occur in the Asianarea which we can use to create the interaction opportunity

  Judith Hellerstein:i do not think we should put it forward. 

  Ali Almeshal:agree with Maureen

  Glenn McKnight:Alan you need to update with Kathy Brown on this issue

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Holly should also remember that when several people from ISC visited AU  about 6 years  or so back  Our Internet  Chapter of ISOC  hosted a day meeting  in Canberra with them  VERY worthwhile to network with

  Glenn McKnight:Perhaps  when you were on the board was the case but not now.

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes I agree with you glenn

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes it does sound like a CROPP request

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:That would be my question, it does sound like a CROPP request

  Alan Greenberg:@Glenn, it may well now be viewed as a problem, in which case I mis-spoke, but if so, it is a new issue.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Perhaps Kathy does need to talk to those of us who have been around for so much longer hen , as the ISC has been aroound as long as ISOC has, and we are/were at least, well aware f each other

  Heidi Ullrich:@APRALO members - is the IGF request for a specific panel? Will all of the supported members be on panels?

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes and I do not understand why ICANN is funding this as Funding is available from the IGF secretariat

  Judith Hellerstein:and also from the Internet society

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:It would come down to priorities - for example would there be a need to have multiple persons going to a outreach event or can one traveller go

  Judith Hellerstein:I agree with Olivier

  Maureen Hilyard:@OCL.. Great idea expand CROP slots!  I agreee

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:CROPP funding is limited

  Maureen Hilyard:yes continue

  Judith Hellerstein:yes. i can continue

  Terri Agnew:Our interpreters can stay longer as well, up to 15 minutes

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:I suggest more CROPP slots should be created and also CROPP for local engagement

  Allan Skuce:Leaving, Thanks I will follow up on recording.

  Maureen Hilyard:this request supports something RALOS have been asking for aaaaages1

  Heidi Ullrich:The first workshop will be an information and capacity building session about ICANN and its role into the Internet governance ecosystem.The second workshop will be a round table discussion for marketing and development strategies for the ccTLD of .ps and .فلسطين through the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA).

  Ali Almeshal:HI Hedidi, the other one is Dot Palestinian

  Maureen Hilyard:Palestine is getting funding from other sources - but I am grateful for info about funding by IGF - we will pass this on

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:The propsoal does mention having SME coming to the event

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes I think they can get over 5k from the IGF secretariat and then ISOC global also provides funding

  Maureen Hilyard:Thanks Judith. I will pass this on to Nadira

  Glenn McKnight:I  think we  are  getting  proposals  that  are  diverting from the  ALAC  mandate

  Judith Hellerstein:APRALO could also send some one for a cropp funding trip

  Maureen Hilyard:They already hve ISOC event funding

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:ICANN provided some funding for East Africa IGF

  Judith Hellerstein:Dev that to me is more of a CROPP funding trip

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Nigel Hickson is Government Engagement & under GSE

  Glenn McKnight:@daniel  how much and for what did ICANN fund the  IGF in africa

  Judith Hellerstein:but that is not the IGF funding ISOC has a separate IGF fudning stream

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:It was to support the EAIGF - about the exact funds and support am not sure

  Glenn McKnight:If funded in the past  we  need details to pass judgement

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:We had different stakeholders support the EAIGF including ISOC, CIPESA, Ministry of ICT, NITA to mention

  Judith Hellerstein:APNIC should also be asked for funding

  Maureen Hilyard:and APRALO has only put forward applications from active ALSes.. and we are trying to encourage ALSes and their involvement

  Glenn McKnight:My point  the  IGF  funding details is critical to make a proper assessment

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:It looks like the costs are around $2000 US

  Judith Hellerstein:But Tijani Nadira is more active in the NCUC than in at large I think

  Maureen Hilyard:CROP - yes we definitely looking at having to extend this activity

  Maureen Hilyard:Actually Nadira is an active member of APRALO

  Wafa Dahmani:sorry but I have to leave

  Maureen Hilyard:@Heidi The funds requested are included on the application but I can't access it at the moment

  Judith Hellerstein:@allan I agree with you

  Judith Hellerstein:Why not use this as a CROPP activity

  Terri Agnew:goodbye Wafa

  Tijani BEN JEMAA:She is an ALS leader

  Judith Hellerstein:I do not think we should keep it in since we have rejected other similar ones

  Ali Almeshal:Just a note for ISIG the requested budget is $5000

  Maureen Hilyard:As for our applications (APRALO) the At-Large context?  even if organised by an ALS like ours are..

  Maureen Hilyard:If ours are rejected.. then we have to reject Euralo

  Judith Hellerstein:I agree with you Maureen

  Maureen Hilyard:Notice I don't say we are rejecting Olivier!

  Glenn McKnight:We are saying softer language

  Glenn McKnight:|This  was submitted last year

  Glenn McKnight:it was approved as  EURALO  but  we ceded  EURALO to have their event in Dublin

  Glenn McKnight:We were nice  guys

  Glenn McKnight:We are being prudent

  Glenn McKnight:We are being prudent

  Glenn McKnight:We had the impression that we would on the top of the que this year

  Judith Hellerstein:That is way to late.  We are overdue and should have it in PR

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:significant discord is an understatement

  Terri Agnew:I will be uploading a revised page, one moment please

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Indeed, logistics at an ICANN meeting would be easier

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:exactly  Tijiani

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:That is right Tijani

  Glenn McKnight:Mexico is a country(Ha ha)

  Glenn McKnight:Alan is hot today\

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:These will set after the Request has been approved

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:it doesn't make sense logistically to have it outside of an ICANN meeting

  Glenn McKnight:correct

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:yes, I am going to be quiet on this

  Terri Agnew:interpreters can stay until the top of the hour.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:thanks Terri

  Glenn McKnight:No it  uses your  phone

  Glenn McKnight:no extra hardware

  Glenn McKnight:no extra hardware

  Glenn McKnight:Just a app

  Glenn McKnight:Layar or  Aurasma

  Glenn McKnight:He has done alot of them

  Glenn McKnight:sure

  Glenn McKnight:a small pilot is fine

  Glenn McKnight:Alfredo can modify  it

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:lol

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Time alert

  Glenn McKnight:Sounds  like  Mission Impossible   This  tape will be destroyed in 60 secs

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr::-)

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:This calls for CROPP slots to be increased

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:@Hieldi

  Tijani BEN JEMAA:I have to leave

  Tijani BEN JEMAA:Bye

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:it doesn't look so, CROPP is regional travel - this looks like travel to ICANN F2F meetings

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:as  a pilot for the PR Meeting

  Glenn McKnight:As you recall they were the major sponsors at the NARALO showcase

  Taryn Presley 2:Agreed. Thank you, all.

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Thank you

  Ali Almeshal:thanks

  Judith Hellerstein:Some of us are waiting for dinner

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Bye

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Good night

  Kaili Kan:Thank you all for this learning experience also.  Goodbye!

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Take care all

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:bye

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