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  1. On RALO pages, change the title 'Organizing Documents' to 'Organizing Documents & Cooperation Agreements' or something more succinct. 

    Or create an individual section called 'Cooperation Agreements' 

    1. Silvia Vivanco: We will consider this for post launch.  Thank you.

  2. From Pavan Budhrani:

    • Standardize the size of logos on the ALS page 
    • Add slogans of ALSes
    • Add map to individual ALS pages? (Phase II) 
    1. We will consider this for post launch. Thank you Pavan Budhrani

  3. Did a run through.

    Quite Okay.

  4. Include Gunela Astbrink in the accessibility feature testing.


    • Hyperlink needs to be reduced as it may cause accessibility issues


  5. Make the wiki links non-mandatory for ALS pages.

    1. We will correct this before launch to ensure it is not a mandatory field AL-411. Alan Greenberg

  6. Add the social media accounts of ALSes to the ALS page. Display as icons?

    1. Regarding adding social media accounts of ALSes to the ALS page, we will relabel the 'website' field to 'web' so it can be more generic to accommodate either a website or social media link. Cheryl Langdon-Orr  AL-412 Thank you.

  7. Change the word 'Search' on the ALS page to 'Meet Other ALSes' 

    1. We recommend we continue to use 'Search' for standard and consistency purposes.

  8. Regarding Web Accessibility, Gunela Astbrink :  We are starting the Accessibility testing with Simply Accessible next week.  I'll reach out on the use cases in case you are are interested.  Thank you.

  9. Change the Hero Text on the homepage 'We are the At-Large Community. Help us shape the Internet's future' to something more enticing and understandable. Use the mission Statement of At-Large. 

    1. We will await for community feedback on a better mission statement.  Thank you.

  10. Feedback from Dave Kissoondoyal:

    1. Login button not working

    2. Sitemap missing

    3. Search engine referencing bad as simple words like ALAC or ALS give no results

    4. Social Media Logins (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc) missing. Facebook Connect is very popular in my country

    5. No commenting module

    6. No twitter feed module to display recent and live feeds

    7. No Facebook Fan Page module

    8. Contact-Us missing

    9. Wrong hyperlink for "Get Involved"

    10. Many hyperlinks not working default to alses beginner's guide

  11. When I click on map RALOS, website show me a map. Then, when I ask the map "show me ALS from Colombia" (for example).

     Website send me information about all ALS Worldwide. I expected that filter with arrows shows me a list to select any country, but just organize them. If I does not write on search field, filter doesn't work. 

    1. Juan Manuel Rojas This bug is in process being fixed. It should be working properly very soon. Thank you for pointing it out. 

      1. Juan Manuel Rojas: This bug has been fixed (smile) 

  12. I believe more useful that "Learn about At-Large" links to YouTube Channel than PDF file or even Academy Site

    "Get involved" is not linked yet. Maybe this can be solved creating a new page with extracted information from Beginner Guides.

    1. Juan Manuel Rojas The 'Get Involved' page is currently under construction and the PDF is a placeholder document for now. We are finalizing the mockup and a new landing page will be built. 

  13. Its better you have a landing page for the Learning Section. Then create a BOX for choice of information. You can either open or download pdf or video.

    1. Adebunmi Akinbo Indeed. You may be interested in checking out the mockups for this 'Get Involved' landing page here: https://community.icann.org/x/qaxYAw. It is still a working progress and newer version of mockups will be uploaded later on. 

  14. the today's presentation was very good and from my view the website is now great!! 

    1. Thank you so much Vanda!

  15. Link out to Beginner's Guide from 'Get Involved' while the page is under construction.

  16. Show all public comment, including the ones under ALAC consideration. Tweak the language and add a new status: 

    ALAC considering drafting a Statement and calling for penholder(s)

    1. Showing All Public Comment including those under consideration will require a minor modification to include a new status for 'Under Consideration' and some logic on the Policy Summary Search to select this status.  We will try to accommodate this before launch.  AL-416 Great catch!  Tijani Ben Jemaa  Olivier Crepin-Leblond

  17. Glossary on icann.org, https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/glossary-2014-02-03-en includes translations. We need to merge it with the in-line Acronym Helper and leverage it on At-Large website.  Should be able to cut and paste from Acronym Helper.

  18. Glenn McKnight: PDFs - Add links for mobile and review PDF Accessibility with Simply Accessible.

  19. From Dev Anand Teelucksingh: As a FYI, there is a wiki page about At-Large Calendar - it has details on how to subscribe to the calendar using different calendaring applications on desktop and mobile devices: Calendar

  20. From Nadira AlarajJust quick comment there is no direct link from https://newatlarge.icann.org/ to ICANN.org on Main page

  21. From Beran Dondeh Gillen: On RALO page, have next to leaders' names their beginning and ending of their terms.

  22. From Maureen Hilyard: Link to At-Large related ebook from Get Involved page and/or About page 

  23. Feedback from Glenn McKnight on Get Involved mockup


    My first impression is clicks to Twitter and FACEBOOK might be better replaced with a Feed from each, reflecting the conversation
    Can't test for accessibility but you can use www.achecker.org
    this is the W3 and WCUG 2.0 testing guidelines
    3. Links to PDF's if they are print version then the US vs European paper standards need to incorporated If for online use only the issue of Links and social media in the PDF needs to addressed
    4. How to Contribute. Not sure if this a right term. It often means Money. Perhaps How can I get Involved instead
    5. Grass Roots Support not sure on this term either
    6 I like the paths to involvement. Perhaps a decision tree or infographics
    7 Wow, Volunteer Opportunities great idea
    Searchable as well nice touch
    BTW the Get involved top bar. Can we replace the GLOBE Clip art with ATLARGE logo?
    Looks clean and well organized
    1. Lacks content to comment .
    Can use graphics and pictures

  24. Glenn McKnight  Social media feeds are fairly simple to apply and can be considered as the website evolves.  It's a question of balancing the real estate on the page, something for the community to weigh in on over time.  Accessibility report is being finalized by Simply Accessible so will post this when it is available.  The links are in the PDF viewer, not the actual PDF along with the printer controls for paper size but we are expecting Accessibility guidelines to come in on PDFs as well that will help provide guidance.  As Get Involved develops, the titles may and can change.  This is a "work-in-progress".  Thank you.