The now archived At-Large Ad-Hoc Website Revamp Taskforce brought together cross-departmental ICANN Staff and Community to design and implement the At-Large website, launched in February 2016.


Staff Support Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Ariel Liang

Reporting Issues:

  1. You can report issues, bugs, and items for improvement on this page.

  2. You may also contact or to provide feedback.




NARALOAlan Greenberg
EURALOOlivier Crépin-Leblond
LACRALODev Anand Teelucksingh
APRALOAli AlMeshal
ICANN Policy Development Support Team

Heidi Ullrich

ICANN Policy Development Support TeamAriel Xinyue Liang
ICANN Product TeamChris Gift
ICANN Product Team

Steve Allison

ICANN Product TeamLaura Bengford
ICANN Product TeamJeff Salem
ICANN Software Development TeamSeveral members
Design VendorColumn Five Media

Key Deliverables

  1. Official Site: - Launched 24 Feb 2016

  2. Content Development Roadmap

  3. Information Architecture

  4. Project Charter 

  5. Site Map

  6. Style Guide

  7. Taxonomy

  8. User Story Map

  9. Wireframes

  10. Writing Samples

  11. Content Migration

  12. Accessibility Feedback

  13. ALS Application Tracking Page & ALS/Individual Members Database

  14. Website Metrics - 22 June 2016

Official Launch Check List

The At-Large Community was given the 'GO' for the new website launch during the ALAC Monthly Teleconference on 23 Feb 2016.


Action Items




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