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This Working Group is for everybody interested in Security Issues affecting the Domain Name System (DNS) that fall within ICANN's scope. Among the issues covered are DNSSEC and DNS Exploitation Techniques such as Fast Flux Hosting.

It has been said by voices in At-Large (as well as others) that the issues which most concern the broadest community of Internet end users are those related to the security and trustability of the Internet.

For its part, ICANN’s mission includes as a core component ensuring the stability and security of the DNS and autonomous number system which is it’s remit. There has been a debate for as long as ICANN has been around about where ICANN’s mission begins and ends with respect to issues such as phishing, pharming, and spam.

More recently, ICANN’s communities have begun to ask how ICANN could work within its remit and have a positive impact to reducing activities which use the DNS in criminal or fraudulent ways, but where these activities go far beyond the DNS and autonomous number system, or where law enforcement agencies feel that action should be reserved to them.

Two recent discussions on security issues relate to Fast Flux Hosting (a practice whereby changes to the DNS entries for internet sites are made very rapidly in order to “hide” them from attempts to take down sites engaged in fraudulent activity), and to the implementation of DNSSEC, a technical change to certain DNS operations designed to make the DNS more secure from abuse.

The At-Large community has yet to make authoritative statements on these subjects specifically, or to state its views on the dividing line between ICANN’s mission and issues outside that mission.

The Working Group on DNS Security Issues is a continuation of the At-Large Summit Working Group on DNS Security Issues within ICANN's Remit, which was established prior to the At-Large Summit in Mexico City in March 2009.

Working Group Languages

Documents will be available in English, Spanish, and French, however the meetings of the Working Group will be conducted in English.

Active environments

Primary workspace is this wiki. Everybody interested in the development of documents and special issues should join the wiki and put all information, documents and questions here.

  • Email List: Those interested are welcome to join the mailing list for Working Group 5 at this URL.
  • Adobe Connect Room: Adobe Connect is an application which allows you to look at shared documents and present your computer screen to other working group members:

(If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before: Test your connection and get a quick overview)

During the At-Large Summit, Working Group members were using the following Adobe Connect meeting room, which is no longer active:

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