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This Working group is tasked with following and providing the community's response to the development of new GTLDs.

ICANN’s communities have been working for years on the process by which new Generic Top-Level Domains will be introduced. There are currently only a few gTLDs (like .com, .net, .org) and the new process would allow the introduction of many, many more over the course of time.

Currently, the ICANN community is reviewing and commenting upon a set of documents detailing how the process of adding new gTLDs would work.

It is widely believe that the addition of potentially hundreds, or thousands, of new gTLDs will have important impacts on how Internet end-users interact with the Internet. The At-Large community has made many statements in the past about new gTLDs and is preparing to make further comments. You may find multilingual versions of previous At-Large statements at:]

You can find more information on the new gTLD programme at:

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  1. Comment from Danny Younger: The ALAC needs to start its work on the ‘robust’ objection vetting process called for by the Guidebook (3.3.2).  Can we count on receiving senior ICANN Policy Staff support in this endeavor?

  2. Comment from Danny Younger: Different topic, but related to Staff Support requests -- from the Guidebook (3.3.2) Funding from ICANN for objection filing fees, as well as for advance payment of costs is  available to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). Funding for ALAC objection filing and dispute resolution fees is contingent on publication by ALAC of its approved process for considering and making objections. At a minimum, the process for objecting to a gTLD application will require: bottom-up development of potential objections, discussion and approval of objections at the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) level, and a process for consideration and approval of the objection by the At-Large Advisory Committee.  Wiull need senior policy staff to develop a robust process.