The At-Large Public Interest Working Group (WG) discusses issues related to public interest, in the context of ICANN and the manner in which end users are impacted.

This group may be designated a Cross-Community Committee (CCC) after ICANN60. 


Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

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Wolf LudwigChair
AFRALOBaudouin SchombeMember 
AFRALONkem NwekeMember 
AFRALOTijani Ben Jemaa
AFRALOMondher LaabidiCo-Chair
AFRALOWafa DahmaniMember 
AFRALOSeun Ojedeji
AFRALOIsaac MaposaMember, ICANN Fellow/At-Large Mentee 
AFRALOMontresor KonanMember
AFRALOHaroun Mahamat CherifMember
AFRALOFanny SalyouMember


Satish BabuCo-Chair
APRALOJustine ChewMember 
APRALOKaili KanMember 
APRALONarine KhachatryanMember 
APRALOSivasubramanian MuthusamyMember 
APRALOJahangir HossainMember
APRALONamrata KhetrapalMember
APRALOYeseul KimMember
EURALOAnnette MuehlbergMember 
EURALOOlivier Crépin-Leblond
EURALOAndrei KolesnikovMember
EURALOYrjö LänsipuroMember 
EURALOJean-Jacques SubrenatMember 
EURALOBastiaan GoslingsMember 
EURALOMatthieu CamusMember 
EURALOMiguel Perez SubiasMember 
EURALOMarjan KrisperMember 
LACRALOJuan Manuel Rojas
LACRALOMilo ParasionMember 
LACRALOAlberto SotoMember 
LACRALOAida NobliaMember 
LACRALORaitme Citterio
LACRALOHarold Arcos
LACRALORicardo HolmquistMember 
LACRALOCarlton SamuelsCo-Chair
LACRALOMartin Carranza TorresMember 
LACRALOGary S. CampbellMember 
LACRALOVrikson AcostaMember 
NARALOEvan LeibovitchMember 
NARALOJudith HellersteinMember 
NARALOAlan Greenberg
NARALOAvri DoriaMember 
NARALOHoward DeaneMember 
NARALODanny YoungerMember 
NARALOWilliam Michael CunninghamMember 
NARALOGarth BruenMember  
N/ARoxanne JohnMember
N/ANardine AlnemrMember
N/AJana MisicMember
N/ABrian TshumaMember
N/ACheng BoMember


Next meeting: 25 September 2017



DRAFT Thesis Paper on Public Interest

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  1. This working group seems important. it is necessary to discuss or even to assess the impact of ICANN's activities among end users. We even took the initiative to schedule three annual events to share with the public about the new directions of ICANN.

    I am involved and agrees to cooperate in this working group.

  2. Hello, I would like to work in this WG

  3. I also would like to work in this WG. I think it has a very important work.  

  4. Dear Baudouin, Alberto & Aida,

    Thank you very much for your kind interest. You have been officially signed as a member for the At-Large Public Interest WG.

    Kind Regards,

    Yeşim Nazlar

  5. Please note my interest in joining this WG.




  6. Dear Carlton,

    Thank you very much for your kind interest. You have been officially subscribed as a member for the At-Large Public Interest WG.

    Kind Regards,

    Yeşim Nazlar